35-34 Holy sword grunt

 I am Drei Schwartz, the evil holy sword.

 The Holy Sword by God.
 Has it been over a thousand years since I last saw it?

 There were a total of seven holy swords created at the same time with me, including myself.

 The Angry Sacred Sword Einrodt.
 The Devouring Sacred Sword Zweibrau.
 The Evil Sacred Sword Dreischwaldt.
 The Fallen Sacred Sword Fiagelp.
 The Grudge Sacred Sword Humphviorette.
 Zexweiss, the Sacred Sword of Darkness.
 The Massacre Sacred Sword Zweibengruen.

 The God who created us told us.

''Go ahead and fight. I will recognize the last remaining swing as the true holy sword.

 And so we were released into the earth.
 To fight our own holy sword. We will fight our own holy sword on earth.

 This is a test.
 This is the ultimate supreme holy sword that God requires.
 It was not completed just because it was created by God.
 It must also be forged through the wars of war, and forged in the middle of a battle. This is how the ultimate holy sword is completed.

 I, the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz, am the enemy prepared to become the true holy sword.
 That's my brother, the other six holy swords that should be called my brothers!

 But it's the same for the other holy swords.
 We all fight and kill each other to become true holy swords.

 I've never felt sad.
 We are weapons. Weapons are weapons. We kill our enemies by crushing them.
 Then it's rather nice to be given something to destroy.

 Look around, my brothers.
 I'm going to break every single one of you and become the true holy sword approved by God!


 I had to devise a plan for that great goal.
 First and foremost, we need a wielder.
 A swordsman.
 Because I'm a sword.
 A sword can only be as powerful as the person who holds it and wields it.
 Don't you see the old saying? Weapons are useless if you don't equip them, right?

 So the first thing I want is for myself to be the one to wield me.
 I wonder if there are any good swordsmen out there? And I looked for it.
 It's not enough to be just some random guy.
 An expert swordsman who can bring out 100% of the Holy Sword's cutting power. I'm not worthy of that.

 Basically, the abilities of our holy swords are on par with each other.
 If that's the case, the match between the two holy swords will be decided by the skill of the user first and foremost.
 If you compromise and are wielded by a bumbling swordsman, the other holy swordsmen will break your sword in a heartbeat!

 So I have decided to be very careful in choosing my messenger.
 I was released to earth and arrived in the kingdom of the tribe of man.

 I was enshrined in some sort of solemn cathedral as a gift from the gods, and I'm not kidding.
 If you keep doing this, you'll never find your ideal user.

 I invaded the spirit of the high priest who lived in the cathedral and forced him to escape with me.
 The high priest took me with him into the dungeon, where I was turned into the undead.

 I didn't expect him to go that far, but it might be more convenient.
 Because if the No-Life King occurred, it would be a national crisis. The best and brightest will be sent in to take down the No-Life King.

 Those strong enough to defeat the No-Life King are the best users I can find.
 I'm sure they'll bring me back as a trophy, so this is a situation I can't hope for!

 Now come on! O top-notch defeated people!

 ...How many hundreds of years have passed since we were so enthusiastic about such things?

 I feel like they all attacked us a lot in the beginning.
 But none of them were able to win against that monsterized high priest.
 Most of them were killed in the blink of an eye.
 Only a few survived the first attack, but they were lucky to have survived and fled at once.
 While I kept doing that, no one came to the dungeon.
 The No Life King is too strong.
 Your passing standards are too high!
 As expected, I didn't plan for this. The humans seem to have given up on the dungeon, and I'm just going to sit in the depths of the cave, rotting away!
 I'm going to end up here with this old, dried up man?
 We're stuck here! And the old man, by becoming undead, he's developed a mental pollution resistance and won't accept my takeover!
 To drop out of the Holy Sword War in this way, of all things!

 No! I will not let that happen!
 Someone come and get me!


 I think it's forgotten that there's a dungeon here any longer, and it's starting to seem that way lately.

 I had almost given up on it.
 I'm going to continue to decay and fall out of the dungeon, rotting in the depths of the dungeon without even fighting the other holy swords, I thought.

 With that in mind, it's like an intruder in a dungeon for a long time.
 Last chance!

 The moment I sensed the intruder's presence, it hit me.

 The person who just invaded is the 'supreme bearer' worthy of wielding me!
 I mean, anyone who can take me out of this dungeon at this time!

 This is where it's at! Show me your guts!

 I wrestled my way out of the treasure room at the bottom of the dungeon!
 I crawl and move across the floor cheating with just my own sword blade.
 Normally you would never be able to do this, but now is the time to give it more than you really mean!

 As I made my way up to the upper echelons of the city, I found a group of targeted intruders.
 A man and a woman.
 It's the guy who's been hitting my sensors.
 I knew at first glance.

 I knew at first glance that he was the one who was worthy of being my "supreme leader.

 And conveniently, he didn't have a weapon.
 Isn't it stupid to be unarmed to enter a dungeon? But it works for me, so there you go!
 Because your weapon is here!

 I crawled again with deadly force and reached that man's feet.
 That man noticed me too.

 He picked me up right away, as if I were a Buddha in hell.
 And as soon as he grabbed me........

 What is this?

 As soon as this person held it in his hands, my happiness as a sword went even higher than the climax of my life!
 As a holy sword, my entire performance was instantly brought out of me.

 After all, he is the 'supreme bearer' I've been seeking for over a thousand years! I've been waiting all my life for this man to shake me!

 Now, my lord, shake me and fight to the hilt!
 The monsters are clattered and reamed down to the lowest level........the lowest level?

 No, wait. The bottom level is where he is.
 It's not good enough for my master, but it's not good enough for the No-Life King. Let's go home. If he comes after you, and he kills you, you'll go from hope to despair.

 So, okay? I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm a treasure. Take a safe strategy and return to the surface......What's the door to the lowest level open?

 The dried up old man who's kept me here for more than a thousand years, aaaaaaaaaaah!


 My Lord, the dried up old man has won.
 How can a person single-handedly defeat the No-Life King? Even with the help of my holy sword, he's still the best.
 A supreme swordsman worthy of wielding my sword.


 The Holy Sword originally belonged to a dry old man, so should I give it back?

 You're kidding me!

 Do you know how long I have been waiting for this moment?
 Veto. I'm already yours in body and soul! I'll never leave you! I'll use the full power of the holy sword to suck you into my palm!

 I won't let go!
 This is the moment of truth!


 My Lord realized that I would never leave Himself and reluctantly took possession of it.
 ........why 'reluctantly'?
 You've got the most powerful holy sword in the world now. You should be prouder and more joyful.

 Well, now that a powerful warrior like you has become a wielder, it's been decided that I will break all the other holy swords and become the true holy sword!

 Come on, my lord! We're off to war!
 I will crush the other holy swords the Hapless Swordsman will be wielding as soon as I find them!

 ....What? Do you want to go?
 A leisurely frontier life here? Is that what my Lord wants?


 You've got all this power and you want peace.
 But I have my own reasons for doing so. In order to destroy the other holy swords, I'll be able to use the mental pollution that drove the old dried up man crazy when he was a man for a long time!

 That's right, you want to fight. You want to cut the living dead into pieces.
 It's not working.
 What is this?
 Is my Lord blessed by God? Doesn't that make all kinds of curse and mental interference work?

 And while you're doing that, my Lord is treating me, the noble holy sword, with a great deal of coarseness.
 If I say the weeds are overgrown, he uses me to cut them down.
 If I say I need firewood, you use me to chop wood.
 You have to use me to take apart a beast monster.

 What are you doing?
 I'm not a household item!

 I am one of the holy swords created by God, the evil holy sword Dryshwartz. The sword that rules the battlefield.
 Watch me!
 Someday, I'll motivate this master and I'll make him rain blood all over this world!

 .......................What now, My Lord?
 You want a flat stone to use as a blacksmithing block?
 Well, then it's not my place! With my cutting ability, he could slice through a stone on the beach with a mirror-like cutting surface!

 Huh? Convenient?

 I know, I know, right! My Lord can count on me more!

              * * *

 But I digress.
 My Lord now says he's going to give me to the dragon.

 I won't let him give me to you!
 Stake it out! Stick it on!