36-35 Demon Appears

 Prince Arowana has come to visit again.
 I'll show him to his new home as soon as possible.

"Whoa! It's huge!

 As expected, Prince Arowana was overwhelmed by the sheer size of my mansion, which made it all worthwhile.
 As expected, Prince Arowana was overwhelmed by the size of my mansion, which made it all worthwhile.

"I never imagined that you would build such a magnificent house...? And in such a short period of time. Does Saints have some special power from God?

 As a matter of fact, though, it is.
 I'm going to invite you indoors in earnest.

 ... oh, brother-in-law.
 You have to take your shoes off there. That's the rule in our house.
 Aren't you wearing them?
 Well, it's true. He's a mermaid. When he came out of the sea, his tail fin was designed to change into a human foot, and there was no way he could wear shoes in that order.

 He still wears just a pair of sea pants underneath his body.
 And it's the boomerang type.

 Then please have your feet wiped with that rag there.

 Well, here you are.
 How about a cup of green tea that you've recently tried growing?

I've been talking to my father about marrying you to my sister, Prathi.

 With the greetings out of the way, let's get down to business.
 By the way, Prince Arowana's father is the king of the land of mermaids.

My father was baffled at first, but then I told him about your personality and strength of character, and he agreed with me. "My father was not pleased at first, but I told him about your personality and your strength of character, and he agreed with me, especially the fact that you are not a member of any group.
I know.

 The Mermaid King's daughter, Prati, is not only good-looking but also a super genius.
 She is well versed in the unique potion used by mermaids, and her reputation resounds not only under the sea, but also on the ground.

 To that extent, one could just say 'great', but things can be bad if they go too far in everything.

 Demons and humans living on earth have asked Prati for her hand in marriage.

 The matter goes beyond the marriage talk and develops into a diplomatic issue between the races.

 It developed into a discussion of a military alliance with the race that Prati had married.
 In other words, they made a war with the one they didn't marry.

 For a long time, the mermaid race has remained neutral in the war between the demon race and the human race.
 When their neutrality was shattered, there was a huge uproar.

 Platy himself may or may not have been aware of this predicament, but he ran away from the mermaid kingdom and disappeared.
 And then he joined me.
 And here we are now.

"Demon race, human race, mermaid race. Since Prati has married into your family, which does not belong to any of the three, it seems that the mermaids will be able to remain as neutral as before. Most importantly, Prathi herself likes Anata. The best thing is to marry into someone that she liked.

 I don't know how to reply, so I can only fool myself with an affectionate smile.

''Anyway, didn't the demon race and the human race get angry with such a result?
I was angry.


It seems that both the demon tribe and the human tribe took this opportunity to form a coalition with the mermaid tribe to completely crush the opponent. Both sides are furious because their plans have gone awry.
Oh, no.
"Then my father, the Mermaid King, said. "Then my father, the mermaid king, said, 'My daughter, Prati, has been married to a saint. 'It is only natural that I should marry my daughter to the one who will be the best husband.'

 You've given me a big lift, even if it's just to get away with it.

'And that convinced them?
In a manner of speaking. It's a shame we can't get the platys, but in light of the fact that your opponents are trying to kill the platys, they've decided it's better to keep it that way.

 If by mistake, Plati marries into the enemy's hands, the worst thing that could happen is that they would be surrounded by a coalition of enemy forces and mermaid nations.
 The battle over Plati is a high-risk affair because of the high return on investment.
 If you are willing to take that risk, it is not a foolish choice to say that you will have to settle for good luck.

I'll do everything in my power to avoid any inconvenience to the saint. I'll do my best to avoid any inconvenience to you, so please take care of Prati.......
Of course it is,

 Prati and I intend to live here in harmony forever with Prati.

That's good to hear. ...By the way, where is the dearth of Platy?
He's in the mountain dungeon with Veerle.

 Today, they are again running around the mountains in search of egg-laying bird monsters.
 Like Veerle, their obsession with food is immense.

 If I had known Prince Arowana was coming today, I would have let him stand by without letting him out.

I see........I'm relieved to see that he's having a good time here too.
'She's helping me too, you know. Oh, yeah. Would you like to try this? It's called Miso, which I made in cooperation with Prati...!

 The combination of my memories and Prathi's knowledge of Potions finally made miso.
 And soy sauce.
 It's like, "Now I've expanded the range of dishes I can make again,
 I immediately tossed the miso with the chopped scallions to make leek miso.

"Ho! It looks like the jalapenos inside a crab!
Crab miso.

 It's true that they are similar.
 I guess that's why they call it crab miso.
 Prince Arowana, who grew up on the sea, didn't seem to be very picky about what he ate.
 He must eat sea urchins and sea cucumbers as he's a royalty, and he must eat those fancy food items like sea urchins and sea cucumbers on a daily basis.

Back off.
You won't stop licking it.

 And so, Prince Arowana and I were licking the green onion miso and assessing its taste.
 And then a panicked voice comes from outside.

"My Lord! Report!

 I believe it was one of the goblins working on our farm that ran into the yard.
 He's probably in the middle of working in the fields right now, but what the hell is going on?

There's a strange ship on the beach!

 That had never happened to me since I started living here.
 A boat.....
 Who the hell is on board?

The ship is beached, and a large number of monsters have come ashore from inside. We think it's led by demons!
"Demon race?

 Prince Arowana reacted to this.

"Don't tell me the demon tribe found out about this place? I'm a first-class state secret!
We won't know what's going on until we find out.

 We'll only draw conclusions after we try to understand the situation.

 I instructed the goblins to head to the site where the demon tribe had landed.

 What I saw there was........!

              * * * *.


 It was an orc belonging to my farm, a demon tribe that had been overrun by goblins and held captive.