37-36 demon welcome

 My name is Astares.

 One of the four great generals who shine brilliantly in the Demon King's army. I'm also commonly called the Four Heavenly Kings.

 Speaking of Astareth, the great executive under the Demon King's direct control and the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings, "Delusion," if it were the battlefield, even his allies would tremble with his prestige.
 On the battlefield, you can't help but feel your bloodlust increase.
 I'm trying to learn how much to take, just like the Demon King said, but I usually end up taking it too far.

 The order I was given this time was different from what I would fulfill on the battlefield.

 As they say, go and capture a foolish mermaid who has disgraced the dignity of the demon race.

 I'm the type of person who doesn't care about politics and just wants to flail about on the front lines, but on the other hand, there are those who are conspiring with their mother-in-law to conspire with their own hands.
 However, there are some people who are not so keen on conspiracy tactics, and they have a plan to attract the mermaids to their side.

 They are in a different world than us who live on earth - the underwater dwellers have been neutral for a long time, but if we embrace them and surround the mermaids from both land and sea, we will be able to put an end to this long-lasting war.

 To that end, our demon diplomatic corps has proposed to marry some kind of mermaid princess into the demon tribe.
 That's why our enemies will not remain silent.
 The mermaids also got wind of it and offered to marry some kind of mermaid princess to the royal family.

 So the demons and the hated mermaids were once again at war with each other over a female mermaid.

 But the diplomatic battle.
 The winner's crown was not shining on either side.
 The mermaid had married into someone else entirely.

 Both the demon race and the human race had their faces completely destroyed. The negotiator is said to have withdrawn quietly, but there are those who have lost patience with these mermaids' cocky behavior.

 So, on behalf of such a faction, I have made a move.

 I soon found out who the mermaid princess was married to and where she was hiding.
 You peace-loving mermaids, you underestimate the demon tribe's intelligence network too much.
 Well, the dumb mermaids will not be able to expose them, even if they spend their whole lives. That's why I'll be able to outwit them.

 My role is to make an example of the "saint" who kidnapped the mermaid princess from our demon tribe and slaughtered her.
 I was told to go get the mermaid in question.

 They said I could kill all of them except the mermaid. I see, it was a job for me.

 It's a bit of a run-of-the-mill job for the Four Heavenly Kings, but if they say I can do what I want, I'll put up with it.

              * * * *

 Is this the place called the mermaid's hiding place?
 I came here by the sea by the boat, but it's a very lonely place.
 There was no sign of human life at all.

It is said that the Little Mermaid married a saint who was separated from the mundane world, so I thought it fit the description of this place.

 The first officer who landed with me advises.
 I see.
 Then it's not going to be a very spectacular tragedy, is it? I brought a hundred skeletons with me so that not a single one of them would get away, but all in vain, huh?

 Oh well.
 Then let's just find that saint and kill him.

 But just as I was thinking, someone appeared from inland.

 Orcs and goblins?

 A native stray monster? From their appearance and atmosphere, one could tell that they were not monster soldiers belonging to the Demon King's Army.
 But a mere ten or so?

 Those orcs and goblins are staring at us with suspicious expressions.

''Who are those guys?''
A boat landed by sea?
'Sounds like an undesirable visitor from the indications. Gobukichi. Go and warn my lord.

 Did orcs and goblins just talk?
 Did I mishear you?

Who are you people?

 The orc spoke up.
 I didn't hear it wrong after all!

This is Saint Kidan's settlement. We are his servants. We are under orders from you to welcome all visitors and eliminate any enemy attacks. We'll decide if you are an enemy or a guest, so identify yourself.
A talking orc is a rarity. But don't get your hopes up. An anthropomorphic monster would be so rude to ask the name of Astareth, one of the four demon kings, 'Delusion'.

 A deputy by his side said, "Master Astares! I ended up using my name! I'm going to tell them, but, well, cut me some slack.

I'll tell you what you need. I'm here to kill this saint, and I'm going to take the mermaid that he married. "I'm here to kill this saint, and I'm going to take the mermaid whom he has married.
What the f*ck...?
I'm going to kill you all while I'm at it.

 When I give the signal, the hundred skeleton soldiers led by me take up their weapons.
 Good for them.
 You've had your chance to make your mark.
 Let's sack those stray monsters!

Gentlemen, did you hear that? They are avengers of the saints, it is said. Then we must eliminate them. Go!

 It was that moment.
 Several goblins flew out of the relative group of stray monsters with tremendous speed.

''What was that speed?

 I've never heard of a goblin that agile before!
 This is a speed that surpasses even the upper echelon of the Demon Race!

 The fleet-footed goblins jumped into the line of skeleton soldiers with their speed.
 At the same time, a high-pitched sound of something dry being cut open can be heard.

 Thump! Zan! And.

 The skeleton soldier's white bones were being severed in an instant.

'What! What's going on!
'The goblins that jumped into the ranks seem to be slicing through the monster soldiers on our side one by one! This one is too many to deal with, as they are confused and slow to deal with any gaps in the ranks due to their large numbers!

 My deputy will explain it to you, but if you have time to explain it, deal with it!
 The skeleton soldiers on our side were cut down one by one and collapsed on the spot.

 Skeletons are the only monsters in the undead system that can accept instructions from our demon race.
 Because of its bone, it is light and was chosen because it is convenient to carry it on a ship, but...!
 Did you choose wrongly to fall behind in the goblin wind?

 And then.....
 Now the orcs have arrived.
 They are equipped with a really thick axe, and they swing it straight down.


 The skeleton soldiers defend themselves with shields provided by our Demon King's army.
 But their axes are as good as none, and both shields cut off the skeleton's body as well.

 The goblins confuse them with their speed, and the orcs crush them with their overwhelming power.

 Our skeleton soldiers are decreasing in number like that.

''Astareth-sama.......! See!
What is it this time?
Those axes those orcs have in their possession... Aren't those axes made of manametal?

 The strongest mineral on earth, found only in dungeons?

And those scythes those goblins use. Our monster soldiers can't match those things!

 Why would they use such a thing on an axe or sickle?
 Isn't it usually a sword or a spear?
 It will surely be a great sword and spear worthy of being carried by our Four Heavenly Kings!

 While we were escaping reality, it was all over.

"All that's left is you two.

 The hundred skeletal soldiers they brought in were instantly reduced to a pile of bone fragments.

I'll leave the decision on what to do with you to you. If you don't approve of it, then go ahead and flail. I'll help you pass the time until you die.