38-37 Four Heavenly Kings (self-proclaimed)

It's like...

 One of the anthropomorphic monsters that work for us. An orc I named Orcbo explains.
 My orcs and goblins have all grown in character and are now full of personality.
 He is like the leader of the ten orc-goblins.

''I eliminated the monsters that seemed to be miscellaneous soldiers and drove the remaining demon tribe to surrender. Fortunately, the demons didn't put up much of a fight and accepted their surrender, so I captured them like this.

 Thank you for explaining.
 I understand how you got to this point.

 But our monsters are strong.
 The pile of shattered bones over there. I thought they were chicken bone fragments, but they were all the remains of monsters called skeletons that had been smashed to pieces.
 I heard there were about a hundred of them!

 And then you wiped them out in the short time I was rushing in?
 There are only ten of us........ No, if you exclude Gobukichi, the goblin who came to report to me and rushed to the scene with me, there are nine of them.
 .........and they were killed in an instant.

I know you're all strong, but don't be too hard on yourselves. You'll get us all killed, and we'll be very sad.
I appreciate your concern, My Lord. We would be willing to die for you, my lord, if it were possible.


 We'll talk to them at length in due course, but for now, let's focus on the problem at hand.

''So, this is the demon tribe in question?''

 I'm currently sitting upright on the beach.
 I've got a goblin scythe at my throat, and if I make any funny moves, my throat is going to be puckered. This is the state of affairs.

 There were three demons captured in total.
 There's one commander, and the other two are my lieutenants, or more like attendants.

 And that commander-like demon tribe....

 ........was a beautiful woman.

 A different type of beauty than Prati and Veerle, a s*xy older woman.
 However, there were a few things that made her different from normal humans, such as long ears and a brownish skin color, which seemed to be the characteristics of the demon race.

 Their subordinates, the two lieutenants standing behind them, are both women.
 As expected, they had the characteristics of the demon race, but they were a bit younger than the most important sister.

''One of the four Demon King's Four Heavenly Kings, who called himself Astares of 'Delusion'.

 Maybe it's a nickname or something, but what is 'Mo'? Cows bellowing?
 ... oh.

'What do you see that convinces you! Because it's not like what you're imagining at all!

 It was instantly obvious that I was looking at a boob gun.
 I see, they're big tits like cows, so they're not 'Mo'!

''Delusional Astares. ........I've heard that name before.

 Prince Arowana, who ran up here with me, said.

It's a major figure in the Demon King's army. What's a big guy like that doing here?
"Of course, my little mermaid prince! What we demons were supposed to receive, we are going to receive!

 Prince Arowana's true identity was revealed at a glance.
 That's the Four Heavenly Kings, indeed.

Well, you're not... are you... are you talking about Platy?
Is that the name of the little mermaid, Princess Eliza? Well, it doesn't matter, but the princess was originally supposed to be brought into my demon tribe's camp. I was just exercising my rightful place.
"Bullshit? I thought that story was already settled! Even the negotiators on the demon tribe's side left in the end with their consent!

 It seems that the conflict is still going on.

 Anyway, the demon side couldn't agree and sent in their forces, and they were successfully beaten back by our own children.

''Don't underestimate the demon tribe. We always get what we want! And whoever crushes the face of our demon race will be punished. It's you!

 And Astares-san, the female demon race, stared at me.
 ''You mean me.........

''You're the saint, aren't you! You are a bride thief and we will never forgive you! You seem to be leading somewhat powerful orcs and goblins, but don't let that make you feel better! Our Demon King's Army also possesses large anthropomorphic monsters such as ogres and cyclopses!
''Powerful orcs? Goblins? Oh no, don't be embarrassed.
'I didn't mean it as a compliment! Anyway, there's no tomorrow for you who opposed us. No matter what you have to do, you will be killed...!


 A chill ran through me, and Astares-san's cursing stopped.
 This chill seemed to be felt by everyone here.

''.........Who said I would kill who?''
Hey, Doc.

 The next thing I knew, the No Life King teacher was here.
 The chills were his doing.

'Oh, by the way, did I mention that we've never met Prince Arowana?'

 They're our neighbors.
 But what brings you here?

I could sense a commotion. I'm worried about you, so I came here.
That's very polite of you...!
And apparently I'm not the only one.

 The sound of buzzing and flapping of wings.
 When I looked up, there was a huge dragon body that could cover the sky.....
 A familiar dragon body.........

''Veerle is here too...!

 I thought you were chasing birds around in your own mountain dungeon?
 He landed with a thud, shaking the sandy beach.
 His eyes are focused on Astares-san.

''You insinuated that you were going to kill me........? The little demon tribe. My master...!''
'What? Huh? Eh!

 As Mr. Astares, he would be in the middle of a nightmare.
 The two greatest disasters in the world.
 They are the two types of threats that could affect the survival of the entire demon race at either end. An undead king and a dragon, the two together appeared before you.

''By harming my master, you're making an enemy of me, aren't you? You are nothing more than a bunch of worm-like creatures. The daughter of the Geyser Dragon, the Grinzel Dragon, has no intention of putting up a fight with this Veerle...''

 A roar of fire breath rang out.

"I suppose you don't mind if the entire tribe is destroyed?

 Starting with Astares-san, the three demons lost their will to fight.
 They were so terrified that they were about to pee their pants.

 And the demon ship that carried them on board........there must still be some sailors left on board.
 Anyway, without bothering to leave Astareth and the others behind, they returned the ship's bow and fled to the open sea.