39-38 Those who can follow the disaster


 A single figure jumped down from the dragon form Veerle's shoulder.
 'It's Prati.

''Thank God! You're safe...!

 He runs to me in a straight line and hugs me.

'I'm sorry! These demons are here because of me, aren't they? I'm sorry it was my fault...!

 Prati is unusually limpid.
 Is that how responsible you feel for this situation?

He'll be fine. I didn't need to leave, but Okubo and his people took care of it. Prince Arowana was one of them.
'What? You're here, brother?

 At this point, Prati finally noticed her own brother standing next to her.

'What do you want at this time? It didn't mean much to me anyway.
"That's terrible, my sister!

 She really is.

 The Astares-san and the others in question were bubbling and fainting, as if Veerle's blackmail had been too effective.
 The same goes for the two first officers.

 The ship that had brought them to us also got spooked by Veerle and ran away.
 It's terrible to leave your commander behind.

What do we do with the unconscious demons...?
"Why don't you kill him and bury him?
That's just...!

 I couldn't follow Veerle's clarification for a moment.

              * * * *

"They are mutating, sir.

 The teacher told me with a glance at our Orcobos.
 It is said that on rare occasions, monsters can undergo a sudden change and change their species. I've been told that these are called mutants, and in most cases they are much stronger than their original species.

The Orcs are now Willian Orcs. The goblins have mutated into spartan goblins. They're very powerful monsters, and one of them can change the course of a battle.

 My children are such a big deal.
 Is this also because of the "supreme bearer"? Did you become super-advanced just because I touched you?

 They are now asking for the remnants of the skeletons they have defeated to be cleaned up.
 Would it make a good fertilizer if they spread it on the field?
 Things have already died down, and the only problem that remains is the cleanup.

"What do we really do about these guys?

 It was the demon tribe's Astares-san and his two lieutenants.

''So why don't we just kill them and bury them with the bones over there...?
No, no, no...!

 Veerle was in the school of being thorough, but I can't be that cold and ruthless.
 If it's a normal monster with no will, no soul, it's still a bit of a guilty pleasure to kill someone who can properly understand the language and is dressed almost exactly like a person.
 And even if it's in the middle of a conflict, the winner is completely determined.

''That's sweet, Master.''
I won't take your life, but I will take some responsibility for it.

 Mr. Astareth, who is nowhere to be found, seems to have never lived.
 After all, he has been the world's two biggest disasters since he woke up. He was sandwiched between the No Life King and a dragon.

''Hi, hi, hi........?

 The Four Demon Kings can't stop trembling all over.

"I may be strong, but I'm only among demons.
''No matter how much the insects jump through, they will never reach the realm of dragons! Except for the master, though!

 I see.
 We're not getting anywhere, so I'm going to negotiate with her directly.

'Mr. Astares. What do you think? As long as you guys promise not to antagonize us after this, you can go on your way.
'Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh, no insults! I am one of the four Demon King's Four Heavenly Kings, Astareth of the 'Delusion'.......!

 Even if you are terrified with such a wobbly trembling.

''d*mn it! Pull yourself together! This would disgrace the Demon King's prestige!

 I regained my spirit and arranged a large number of people.

''Alright, then I have a proposal for you!
'You're what they call a saint, aren't you? You're going to have to fight me! If you win, I'll do whatever you say. I'm willing to take the terms you just gave me!

"Shall I put out the charcoal after all? He made eye contact with Veerle, who appealed to him with his gaze.

'All right, I'll go out with you if that makes you feel better. If it makes you feel better, I'll go out with you.

 Mr. Astares instantly regained his energy.

'You're early! No matter how powerful your household is! You saw yourself as just a man! As long as we hold you down, we can get through this situation!
Mr. Astares. Mr. Astares.

 Prathi, who is the most softly told of all of them, speaks to him, as if he thought it was too pathetic.
 It's odd that he's the one who originally came to take her away.

'Since you don't seem to understand, let me tell you something, no-life kings, dragons, mutated orcs and goblins. They all follow him. Do you know why?
'Don't demons do that too? You will obey those who are stronger than you, right?
So that means...

 I think that means the game is on, right?
 I drew the holy sword from my waist with a shank.

''........Oh, is that the Holy Sword? If it is the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz, which was believed to be missing for a thousand years and even said to be a lost holy sword...?

 Without needing to strike each other, Astares-san got down on his diving knees and became my uncontested victory.

              * * * *.

 Thus, Miss Astares was to return safely, but, alas, there was no means of transportation for her return.
 The ship she used to get to the city is gone now, as all the sailors have fled, spooked by Veerle.

 It was decided that Veerle, in his dragon form, would give them a lift to a suitable location.
I reminded them not to treat me roughly, but when they returned, I heard that they were dropped off in the middle of a battlefield where the demon king's army and the human army were clashing.

 In addition, he spat out a breath of fire and said across the battlefield, "The next time you make a joke, I'll smash this into your capital city".

 Thank you for your efforts.