40-39 Girl's murmur

 My name is Momoko Akesaka.

 An ordinary high school girl who can be found anywhere. .........was.

 One day, I was suddenly summoned to a different world.
 It was like a manga or game, but it was the unmistakable reality.

 This world is on the brink of war with the demons, and for that reason, it needs war power. So it seems that they have summoned a hero from another world.

 Because the gods give skills to the heroes who are summoned from another world.

 The skill that came with me when I was summoned was 'Goddess Scythe +2'.

 It was an excellent skill, derived from Athena, the god of war.
 Its effect was to make any opponent die in one blow, although conditionally. Regardless of the target's characteristics and affinity, it was said to be effective even against immortal beings.
 Conditional, means that it only works on those who are lower level than the user themselves.
 In other words, it won't work on opponents stronger than me.
 However, my 'Goddess Scythe' has a '+2' auxiliary effect.
 Thanks to this auxiliary effect, one-shot death can be activated even against opponents of a certain rank.
The "+1" auxiliary effect is sometimes seen, but the "+2" is rarely seen, he said.

 Thanks to this skill, I received more than enough welcome in another world.

 Everyone I met, including the king, praised me as a brave man.

 That's why I will fight hard in this world.
 I want to save this world and return to my own world someday.

 With that in mind, I began to fight, but life in the other world was far harsher than I thought it would be.
 More than anything else, this world was much less civilized than the one I was from.

 It wasn't about the lack of electricity or smart phones, or any other dimension.
 The food I ate, the things I slept in, and the clothes I wore were unimaginably poor.

 The staple food of the average person in this world is bread.
 But it is incomparable to the bread I knew and ate in the world before.
 It was so hard that it looked as if it was a hardened mirror cake, and if you ate it normally, your teeth would chip.
 We had no choice, so we softened the bread with the water served with it before eating it.
 Tea, coffee, and other fancy things don't exist in this world.

 Filthy, flea-flying bedrooms.

 The pants and bra I wore from the original world have long since worn out and become trash, and the clothes from this world that I wear instead are so rough the fabric is mistaken for a jute bag.
 It always stings when it comes into direct contact with the skin.

 It is said that most people from other worlds cannot get used to such a harsh environment and will soon become emaciated and die.

 When I was summoned to this world, there were about ten people who seemed to have been summoned together with me, but how many of them are still alive today?
 After being summoned, they seemed to be sorted into various places according to the skills they each possessed, and I haven't seen them again since that day.

 Come to think of it, what happened to that one old man who was diagnosed as 'unskilled' among them?
 I knew he was dead already, didn't I?

 I must always be aware that I am blessed to be in a very limited and privileged environment with excellent skills like I am and cherished by the kings for it.

 I have to fight and fight and fight through.
 For the sake of the people of this world.
 Because I'm a brave man chosen by God and given skills!

              * * * *.

 A shocking event occurred that shattered everything about me.

Thanks to the Scythe of the Goddess +2 skill, I was certified by the kingdom as a first-class hero, and in order to fulfill my duties commensurate with my title, I had gone to the front lines of war.

 The enemy is the demon tribe.
 The enemy is the demon tribe, and the monsters they present to us are cut down left and right.

 The number of monsters was inexhaustible, and no matter how many times I slashed at them with "Goddess Scythe +2", I never felt like the end was in sight.
 A battlefield of chaos that seemed to last forever.

 That chaotic war suddenly stopped.

 The human race, the demon race, and even the monsters suddenly forgot to breathe as their spirits were stolen by something that flew in from the sky!


 One of the two greatest disasters in the world, one of which I have been taught many times by the people of this world.
 They have even said that if you see it, you must be prepared to die. A monster among monsters.

 Why is it on the battlefield between the demon race and the human race?

 The supremacy, or rather the spirit, that the dragon emitted made everyone in both camps unable to move and stiffened.
 They couldn't even escape, let alone fight.
 This is the power of the world's most powerful creature, the dragon?

 I'm a brave man, and I know it. I can tell just by looking at it.
 Even I, who has the 'Goddess Scythe' skill that can kill a target in one blow, can never kill that monster.
 The difference in power is just too great.
 Even if I had a '+2' assistance to fill the level gap between me and the target, no, even if I had an unbeatable '+100' assistance, it would still not be enough for me to kill that dragon.

 I can at least be the strongest in this world thanks to the skills God has given me. I thought there was hope for that.

 Are you telling me that the elevation of the strongest in this world stretches much higher than I can imagine?

"...to all the lesser races present on this battlefield...

 Is that the voice of a dragon?
 Is that a talking dragon?

"I am the daughter of the great dragon king, Gazer Dragon. Veerle the Grinzel Dragon. I am now the lord of Saint Kiddan.

 Daughter of the Dragon King?
 Lord of the Saints?
 What does that mean? Are you saying there's more than just that dragon? And he's not the only one!

I have sent that rude bastard back to you today for questioning my Lord. He's not dead. My Lord has mercy.

 Saying that, the dragon threw about three people from his hands to the ground.
 Is that a demon race?

"'Now, let the lower races know. "regardless of race, demon or human. My Lord is kind enough to forgive a little disrespect, but not me. "Disrespect to my Lord is disrespect to me.

 And the dragon breathed fire.
 Not to the ground, but to the sky.
 But the flames were so large that they covered the entire sky, and the hot air generated by the aftermath sent hundreds of soldiers of both the human and demon armies flying away.

 It was only a breath towards the sky, but if it had hit the ground, the two armies here would have been wiped out five times in total.

''If you show disrespect to my Lord again, I promise that this breath will hit your most populated city. My Lord's name is Saint Kidan! Take that name to heart and remember it! The enemy of the saints can be this Grinzel Dragon, the enemy of the Viel!''

 And so the dragon left.
 With the flap of its wings, creating a tornado-like storm.

 After the dragon left, I was left alone and unable to move for a while.
 Like tens of thousands of other warrior-soldiers.

 I was conceited.
 I was conceited that I could be the strongest in this world just because God gave me a little good skill.

 There is a wall in this world that is too high for me to cross.
 One of the absolutes on the other side of that wall is probably that dragon.

 And who is this saint who can even follow the dragon?

 A saint, Kidan the Saint.

 Since that day, I never forgot that name, not even for a day.