41-40 Daily health

'So will you stop saying that 'saint'? People are already starting to copy it, though!

 Our No Life King teacher came to visit us again today.
 Well, I enjoy talking with him, so it's OK for him to come every day.

'I have a gift for the saint today,'

 I knew you wouldn't stop calling me a saint.
 And the souvenir?
 I mean, I've been getting a lot of stuff from the doctor and I'm starting to feel bad about it.

 What the hell is it this time?

"You've been there before, haven't you? He wanted a bird that would lay eggs. 'I was wondering if there was a bird-shaped monster that looked like that.'

 Yes, I said it.
 There are still a wide variety of missing things in my pioneering life.
 One thing that belongs in the food category is eggs.

 Eggs are delicious, aren't they?
 They expand the repertoire of dishes.

 Now that we have vegetables, meat and seasonings, eggs are definitely next.
 And in order to have a steady supply of eggs, we'll need a whole chicken to lay them.

 But this is a fantasy world.

 I doubt if there are any chickens I know of.
 I'm searching the dungeons to see if any of the monsters in the dungeons are similar to chickens.
 Like a monster horned boar that could substitute for pork.

 My wife Prathi and Veerle have also organized an expedition to enter the dungeon, not the unexplored world, in search of a chicken-like monster that may or may not actually exist.

 That's why they're not here now.
 I've been running around the dungeon for days now.

"After hearing that story, I was wondering if there is any monster on my side that would suit our saint's wishes.
In the teacher's cave dungeon?

 There are two dungeons adjacent to our settlement at the moment.

 There are two dungeons adjacent to our settlement, the cave dungeon where the teacher is the master and the mountain dungeon where Veerle is the master.
 If there are bird monsters nesting in these dungeons, they're probably in the mountain dungeons, which is why Prati and Veerle only search for them.

"There's something like that...

 And the teacher takes out the bird.


 The size, the silhouette, it's a true chicken!
 This looks very promising!
 ...but then I thought...

It's a monster called the Yoshamo. I'm sure that's why it appeared in my dungeon.

 I've noticed.
 This chicken-shaped monster called Yoshamo has some characteristics that can't be overlooked.

But, sir.
You do have a crucifix, don't you?

 It's the bright red thing on the head of the chicken.

 You would think it is natural for a chicken to have a crested ibis.
 I think so too.
 But a chicken with a crutch on its head is a chicken with a crutch on its head.

A rooster...?

 A male chicken, right?
 What I want is a chicken that lays eggs, and that's definitely a female.
 I mean, Mendry.

 As I was thinking about this, a chickadee called Yoshamo or something like that, suddenly turned back to look from me.
 ....Don't show your anus to me.

 But then something fuzzy and fuzzy suddenly comes out of the hole.
 It's a light brown and spherical.......egg?
 This guy has tossers and he laid eggs!

 If you think about it, the pseudo-creature monsters that arise from dungeons, being pseudo, have no ability to reproduce, and thus no distinction between male and female.

 So there's nothing wrong with having both male and female characteristics.

 If they don't need to breed, why would they lay eggs? Which begs the question, well, it doesn't matter!
 Trivial in the face of the fact that we now have a steady supply of eggs!

 As I was holding the eggs in my hands like a treasure, a Yoshamo came tsk tsk tsk.

 ..........................This chicken spider.
 If you look closely, it looks like a grappler.

 That Yoshamo suddenly kicked the claws!


 It wasn't aimed at me.
 To be precise, it's the egg I have that was born by him himself.
 With a sharp claw kick, the egg is cut in half and its contents spill out. Conveniently, the white and yolk spread neatly on the plate directly below.

''This is........!

 The yolk is so well raised that it is almost spherical. The color is orange rather than yellow.
 The white flesh is so clear you'd think it was fresh water.

You want me to try it?

 I asked, and Yoshamo nodded.

 I took him up on his offer and sucked the raw egg directly from the plate.
 I'm Japanese by nature, too.
 Raw eggs are usually good.


 Immediately, we decided to take in five birds from the teacher's dungeon.

              * * * *.

 The doctor returned home.
 At night, when Prati and Veerle returned from the mountain dungeon in a heap, they were devastated by the fact.

''I can't believe the one we were looking for was in the cave dungeon...! What did I spend my time doing, running around the mountain dungeon without realizing it?
Oh, my God! It's useless... a mountain dungeon! Isn't it because of our Lord's character?
"Oh? If that's the case, you're not going to eat a single square inch of my mountain square bore!

 They've become so close to each other that they can quarrel with each other...

 But I'm not going to let them eat the scrambled eggs made from these freshly-born Yoshamo eggs if they're fighting.


 They were a big hit.
 Even if it was a waste of time, I'm sure that Prati and Veerle must have been very impressed with the taste of it, as they scrambled through the mountain dungeons in search of it.

 However, when it comes to this, I'm going to want a special frying pan for frying eggs.