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 It's been a long time since I moved to this settlement.
 A house has been built, and the variety of foodstuffs available to us has increased.

 We have a house and a wide variety of foodstuffs to use.
 People's greed has no end, and as soon as they have enough, they want something new.


 That's the mark of a civilized man. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the clearest difference between man and monkey.
 I've been neglecting this clothing business for so long.

 The nylon shirts and trousers that were summoned with me from my former world had long ago become worn and ragged.

 I did a lot of outdoor work.

 In anticipation of this, I had bought a large amount of clothing in King's Landing, but it was getting worn out and reaching its limit by now.

 More than anything else, there is an overwhelming lack of lower body clothing for my wife Prati to wear.
 No, I would say it's extinct.

 Because she is a mermaid by nature.
 The lower half of her body is essentially the tail fin of a fish that swims freely in the sea.
 In that state, of course, there is no need for clothing. Rather, it is in the way.

 So for mermaids, pantsboned skirts were a non-existent concept.
 However, it is not possible to do so on land.

 Mermaids on land change their lower body from a fish to a human-like one according to the environment.
 The bottom half of a mermaid's body, which is naked in the sea, is also naked on land.

 The result is a hapless spoonful.

 The only thing I could do to prevent it was to press my pants on.

 At first, Prathi had complained that they were too tight and tacky, but now she's gotten used to wearing them.

 However, I am not confident that her adjustment is not good for me.
 It's the fact that he is forcing his beloved wife to put up with it.

 On the surface, she says she's used to it, but she's a girl in her prime.
 You might want to dress her up in more sunny pants and skirts.
 That's the frustrating thing about being a man. And she shares it with me, her husband.

 I want Prathi to wear her own beautiful skirts and trousers and dress in splendor!

 So we decided on what to aim for next.

 I've built a house, I've accumulated food, and the next thing I'm going to get is clothes!

              * * * *

 That's why I decided to make clothes.
 With the "Supreme Bearer" gift from the God of Hephaistos, I should be able to make it just like all the food, hardware, and houses I've made so far.

 I've also used the mana metal my teacher gave me to make the necessary tools, such as scissors and needles.
 In the process of building the house, I found it necessary to prepare a set of bedding, so I grew cotton, harvested it, and found an abundance of cotton fabric that the goblins had woven by hand.

 I decided to make as many clothes as I could from these materials.

              * * * *

I got it!

 A few pieces of clothing anyway.
 A simple pair of trousers and a shirt.
 Not only did I make some for the platies, I made my own clothes, and some for Okubo and the others.

'Oh! It's a perfect fit!
Thank you, my boy! Now we can work in the fields!

 Okubo and the others only wore a crude loincloth when they migrated from the dungeon.
 That loincloth itself is a mystery as to where they got it from, but now that they have arranged their crisp top and bottom clothing, they look like rather ordinary villagers.

 I feel refreshed with my new clothes.

 I hope this makes Prati happy.....

"The design is not good.

 Prathi, holding the cotton skirt I gave her, has a somewhat subtle expression on her face.

''Ah! Don't get me wrong! I'm happy for you! I'm so happy to have my clothes handmade by my master! 

 A grave fact has been revealed.
 The gift 'supreme bearer' that seemed to be perfect. I can't even cover the artistry of the creature.

 I had no fashion sense........!

 This is not going to prepare an outfit that will please Prathi, the naive youngster...!

By the way, how does Veerle get dressed?

 Prati asked Veerle, who was standing next to her.
 It's true that when she goes from dragon form to human form, she wears normal clothes.

'Of course that's made by magic. Don't lick a dragon's magic.''
Oh, aren't dragons just another dimension.

 Even if I had a 'supreme bearer', I knew I couldn't make chalet clothes for my lack of fashion sense.

 So what do we do?

 Do we have to outsource this place to someone else?