43-42 Chat with my brother-in-law

So I need to talk to my brother-in-law about it.
'It's me...?'

 I consulted Prathi's brother, Prince Arowana, who happened to be visiting.
 About the math of getting high-school clothes that would make Prathi happy.

 He was also a frequent visitor, second only to the teacher.

'We're Prathi's family home. If it was used by her before she got married, I'd have her bring in the whole dresser, wouldn't you?
Of course...!

 Is that the easiest way out?
 There will be another solution for the future, but is that enough to get us through the foreseeable future?

But as far as our mermaids are concerned, there's a big problem with their uniforms...!
What's that?
We don't produce any clothing for the lower half of the body.

 It was.
 I was the first to discuss the mermaid's lower body problem.

The mermaid country produces and sells mostly upper body clothing. There are only a few mermaids who like to change and move to earth. Any curious dressmaker who tries to make clothes for such a minority would be...!

 They say it's a no-brainer.

'So what are the sea pants Prince Arowana is wearing right now?
This one? This was given to me by some land-based fishermen before.
"When we went up to their ship. "They gave it to me, saying, 'When you transform into a land man, you must wear this. I understand that is land etiquette, and I must wear it.

 I'm sure those fishermen must have had quite a hard time finding a place to look.

 Anyway, even if we were to buy or barter clothing from the land of mermaids, we wouldn't be able to get a costume for the lower half of the body, would we?

 If you were to order one, it would be completely custom-made.
 The price would be prohibitive.

To begin with, I don't have any money itself...

 All there is is the actual thing, that's all.
 When it's this far out in all directions, should we suspend the clothing thing here and see how it goes for a while?

              * * *

'Oh, now that you mentioned the money...! I just want to ask you something.

 Something Prince Arowana says again.

''Doesn't Lord Saint have any plans to sell the things you make here and turn them into gold?

 What is grown here.
 For example, vegetables from the field. The processed food made from them. The manna metal hardware my teacher gave me. The clothes I sewed with my own lack of fashion sense.

 That's about it for now.

To be honest, what is produced here is unimaginable. First of all, the food is delicious. It's definitely good. It's delicious on its own. If you cook it, it's several times better. Even the food served in the royal palace is far beyond what you can get in the palace!
Oh, yeah.

 It may seem a bit too much, but it's nice to be praised, honestly.
 It's vegetables that I've taken care of and grown every day without fail...!

And the hardware you use in your daily life. What do you mean it's all made of mana metal? I can only assume you're out of your senses?
Is that how it works?
'Yes! It's still more real if it's made of all pure gold or something!

 I've always suspected that mana metal is a very valuable metal.
 It's hard to feel it because it's a metal that didn't exist in the previous world, but is it more valuable than pure gold, according to Prince Arowana's story?

 Sensei. You let me carry such a valuable thing as a gift...!

Well, you know, I'll leave the hardware aside, but it's still food! Saint Lord, would you be willing to share the vegetables you're growing, if you have a surplus? Of course I'll pay the price!
With our vegetables, I'm sure we can recreate our own unique taste in our own palace! Your father and mother will be pleased! By all means, please!

 I've thrown every single crop I've harvested into the pantry for the time being, but I wonder if there was any surplus?

 Our consumption has jumped dramatically since Oakbo and the others and Veerle started living here, so it's hard to read the storage safety line.

 However, we still predicted that there would come a time when we would be able to sell what we made in this settlement and convert it into money.
 To some extent, this is one indicator that the frontier can only be developed to a certain extent.
 Will we finally reach that stage?

I'll check the storage capacity and see if there is anything that can be divided. However, if we are going to sell it, it will only be a private transaction with Prince Arowana. Confidential.
'It's right after an incident like that. You don't want to be talking about this place again so soon.

 I'm referring to the recent attack by the demon tribe, Mr. Astares.

''It's true that if this place's vegetables are in the public domain, its reputation will be enhanced. It wouldn't be a good idea for this place to be in the news right after the trouble with the demon tribe.

 Prince Arowana seemed to be convinced.
 But are you sure you're going to get such a deserved reputation?

'For a while, the vegetables you gave me will be enjoyed by my family alone. Or rather, we'll keep them hidden as long as possible.
Are you sure?

 So let's talk about that....
 Do you have a priority food item you'd like to trade? I asked in an attempt.


 A quick reply came back.
 It's delicious.
 You can eat a lot of it, even if you're snacking.

But I don't know. But I'm in a bind.

 It's become a staple of my souvenirs when I go to visit the cave dungeon.
 I have to leave some of it for my teacher to give away.

''Oh no...! To think that your tastes match those of the No Life King...!

 Prince Arowana's face became heartily despairing.
 That much?

Hey, Your Highness. If I go to visit you, Master, would you offer me a takuwa for my tea?
'Don't be a bloody fool! Brother, don't be a bleeding heart!

 He's so friendly, it's easy to forget that he's one of the two biggest disasters in the world!
 Maybe the teacher would greet me with a smile, but I feel like that would throw the world out of order!

 I'll be growing more radishes from now on.