44-43 The Demon Race Again

 And so, while I was busy making clothing, a new trouble came to me.

 Ms. Astares.
 She's the sister of the s*xy demon tribe and a high ranking member of the demon king's army.
 She came to our house again.

''You guys, you never learn...!

 As expected of Prathi, she was disgusted by their persistence.
 After being beaten up so thoroughly, it's because they're reappearing before the heat has even cooled down.

 However, today's visit was somewhat different.
 They didn't bring a lot of monster soldiers with them like they did last time.

 It was a one-man visit.
 There was something tragic about his appearance.

''No, it's not!''
I have not come here today to harm you! Please, please listen to me!

 It wasn't Ms. Astares herself who complained that way, but two women who followed her in the manner of deputies.
 Since her boss, Ms. Astares, is a woman, does her subordinates have a unified gender?

If you have a problem with that, I'd like to hear it.

 So, Veerle.
 Stop your dragon form and take human form.
 Stop appealing to me that I can spit breath at any time, I'm scared too.

"Are you sure you're ready, Master? These idiots will take advantage of you if you're soft on them, right?'
You can't judge until you hear why.

 You can tell just by looking at them that they didn't come here for the purpose of fighting.
 There must be a very good reason why you came back to a place where your heart was beaten so badly that it was broken, without the will to fight - that is, without the purpose of humiliating yourself.

''Actually, we........''
I was chased out of the Demon King's army!

 The two lieutenants take turns confessing, and we're baffled by their confessions, unable to swallow their meaning.

'....No, no.

 There, Mr. Astares himself also argued.

I'm the only one who was chased out of the Demon King's Army. I was the only one who was chased out of the Demon King's Army. If I had stayed with the Demon King's Army, they would have prepared a new post for me and I could have stayed in peace.
What do you say, Master Astares!
We are sworn to serve Master Astares for the rest of our lives!

 The second-in-command's children are quite healthy, but the bottom line is this.......

''You were fired from the Demon King's Army?''
Is that our fault?

 Last time they came here, he did whatever he wanted to them.
 He wiped out all the monsters they brought with them, and when they were frightened, Veerle, who had been turned into a dragon, took them to the battlefield and did all sorts of flamboyant things.

 Is it any wonder that Astareth-san, the executor, bore the responsibility for that all by himself?

''Right after that mess, there was a court martial in the Demon City...
''It was a one-sided denunciation of Astares-sama. You failed in your mission and said it was sinful to bring even the dragons into the battlefield to confuse them........

 Mr. Astares was stripped of his title of Four Heavenly Kings and exiled from the Demon Kingdom.
 He came here with nowhere to go.

''It's ridiculous, such a decision! Master Astares-sama has worked so hard for the Demon King's army until today!
'The court martial itself was a strange thing! Start in a big hurry and finish in a big hurry before the Demon Lord returns from the front line! It's as if he was doing everything he could to bring Master Astares down!
'I thought so! Wasn't it Lady Lavilian who was behind the conference?
The Four Heavenly Kings always seem to be up to something. They're definitely up to something!

 The two lieutenants were reminiscing about the situation at the time and were enraged by the remembrance.

''No........it's not about who's to blame. In the Demon King's Army, strength is everything, competence is everything. It's my fault for not being able to accomplish the mission I was given, my inertia.

 Mr. Astares has blamed himself, but it seems to be confirmed that the incident was the catalyst.
 I'm starting to feel bad about it.


 Veerle made a sullen sound.
 That scared the hell out of me, but I'm not going to pull back and flatter him.

'It's hard on my conscience to overlook someone in need, no matter the ramblings of the past. So, if you want to stay here, you can stay as long as you like.

 That one.
 A bird that jumps into your bosom, even a hunter wouldn't kill it or something like that.
 We'll follow their lead.

"But while we're here, we're subject to the rules. No bloodshed. Don't eat what you don't work for. You must do everything I tell you. If you follow these three points, you're in the right place.
Master, you are being too soft.

 Veerle reveals more discomfort, but the human (demon race?) who came to rely on me, weakened to the limit. I was also the one who couldn't be very good at turning away the

All right, I'll do whatever you say. I will do whatever you say. I'll take care of you now.

 Mr. Astares-san rubbed his forehead on the ground and assumed a platitude pose.
 I thought there was no need to get down on my knees, but this is the same man who attacked us last time to kill us all.
 This is the least you can do to make up for it.
 Well, she's been so overwhelmed by hardship that she can no longer carry her pride.
 There's no way I could ever feel anger or hatred towards her, and I don't have the energy to do anything dangerous. I think it's safe to say.

'There's one thing I'd like to ask of you, Saint!

 But then the two second-in-command girls jumped out.
 ........what is it?

Couldn't you excuse Mr. Astares from the night's work?
Instead! We'll both do our best to serve you! I will endure any play and make the saints happy! So, only Master Astares! Please!


'That's not what I meant when I said absolute obedience!