45-44 Demon King

 Thus, Astareth and his two lieutenants settled down in our settlement.
 It's time for the two lieutenants to call their daughters by their first names.

 One of them was Batty, and the other was Verena.
 The other is Verena.

 Including Astares-san, I let the three of them work on the farm along with Gobukichi and the others.
 I thought they would make a noise right away, but surprisingly, they worked hard.

 It may be that the obsession that there is nowhere else to go if you are kicked out of this place makes you do it, or it may be that you become desperate.

 By the way, what kind of existence is the demon race in this world?
 An evil race?
 A human enhancement system?

 The answer is that it's a different race created by a different god.

 The human race is the god Zeus.
 The demon race is Hades, the god of the underworld.
 And the mermaid race is Poseidos, the god of the sea.

 They were created by different gods, so they are different species. Other than that, they're not particularly different.
 There is no difference between the races, no difference between superiority and inferiority or right and wrong, the only difference is the origin.
 It seems that they've been fighting over this alone for thousands of years.

 It doesn't matter to me, so anyone is welcome to my settlement as long as they don't fight with me.

'Sir I'm sorry for what I'm going through.

 It was Prathi who suddenly apologized to me.
 I was trying to time it with just the two of us where no one witnessed it.

''Well what are you apologizing for?''
Because most of the problems we've been experiencing lately have started with me. I'm sorry...!

 It was an auspicious line, which was not like Prathi.
 That kind of awe-inspiring attitude doesn't suit her.

'Trouble is good sometimes,' she said. Peace and tranquility are basic, of course, but you need at least a small incident to make it worthwhile.
'Of course! That's how I feel about Attah, and I'm supplying your husband with trouble!

 But as soon as I thought that I was, I got on a roll.

 It was when I was living my life like that.

              * * * *

 Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.
 As expected of Astares-san and the others, they are the most skillful in combat matters as they are former elites of the demon race.
 So naturally, I entered the dungeon and left them with the task of hunting monsters.

 Today, we will head to the mountain dungeon early in the morning and bring back a lot of beast monster meat.

 Other than that, Prati is holed up in the brewery as usual, researching and making potions and fermented foods.
 Veerle is also lounging in his room as usual.
 Goblins, including Gobkichi, will be doing their daily work in the fields.
 And I, along with Okubo and the rest of the orc team, have begun planning to build a large pottery kiln.

 It was in the middle of all this that our guest arrived.

"A guest?

 When I think of the guests who come here, I can only think of two.
 The teacher from the nearby cave dungeon, or Prathi's brother Prince Arowana.

 But this time the guest was neither of those.

 It was the first time I'd seen him.

'I've never seen you before.'

 One look at him and you could tell he was no ordinary man.

 A great man, shall we say.
 A man big enough to look up. He was muscular and muscularly strong.
 And yet there was no intimidating feeling that oppressed the viewer, but instead a deep dignity that engulfed the viewer, as if to say.

 The biggest difference between him and the visitors who had come before was that he didn't attack you as soon as he appeared.
 He was extremely polite and showed no rash hostility.

 That's probably why the goblins, who first approached me, were able to easily lead me down the hall without too much trouble.

I'm sorry for barging in on you without asking in advance. Since our side is also busy, we had to hurry this time.
What the...?
Let me check first. Is this the place of Saint Kidan, sir?
Yes, yes, but...?

 What is it, this feeling of being pushed down one by one...?

"I am Zedan, the demon king.

 Demon King?
 Did you say demon king?

''Um..., I'm sorry to ask this basic question, but a demon king is a great person, right?''
The title is given to a champion who leads the demon race. That's the Demon King.

 I knew it!
 Right! It's not like the Demon King isn't great!

But it is not a sign of my own greatness. The title of Demon King has been elevated by our predecessors who have passed it on from generation to generation. I'm just a young man who has just inherited this heavy responsibility.

 And a personality!
 Even though I am in a high position, I am never proud and humble!

If you call it great, there is someone who is truly greater than this demon king. Saint Kidan. It's you.
With the Dragon and the No-Life King, two of the world's most fearsome menaces, and carrying the lost Sacred Sword of Dryshwartz, you are the greatest threat to the world.

 It seems that my reputation in the world is in a different dimension.
 Is this because of what Veerle did out there?
 I heard that he threatened her very loudly. My bad name is roaring through the world.

No, but wait? Just because this is the dwelling place of, you know, a saint, doesn't mean I'm that saint...!

 I thought it was a waste of time, but I tried to talk my way out of it.

'No, no. I'm pretty sure you're the saintly Kidan.

 It was still no good.

''Because they resonate with each other. Your evil holy sword Dryashwaltz and my raging holy sword Einrodt My own raging holy sword, Einrodt.

 The sword is pulled out of its sheath at the waist and released.
 The aura, or rather the aura that emanates from the blade is........ I feel like I've seen this somewhere very familiar.

''Saint-dono. It is a rude request, but I hope you will accept my challenge. My angry holy sword and your evil holy sword. Let's make it clear here, black and white, which one will win.