46-45 House Uproar

 I was suddenly challenged by the Demon King.
 The goddesses of salvation came back at just the right time.

''Saint-sama, we just returned from hunting!
'What a great day, Kirisaxica! We're hunting a Kirisaxica! Please make another sukiyaki with this!

 They had gone to the mountain dungeon to supply meat. They were the three daughters of the demon race.
 Batty and Verena were excited about the good hunting results, but Astares-san, the only leader of the group, seemed to have immediately sensed the abnormality.

''........Well, Demon King-sama! Why are you here!

 The Demon King was also greatly upset by Astares-san's appearance.
 These two people, do they know each other?
 Of course we know each other, right? Mr. Astares is the Fourth Heavenly King of the Demon King's Army. So he was the Demon King's confidant, right?

"So this is where I huddle up after all...! I couldn't find it even if I tried everything on all sides. There was only one place left, so........!
My Demon King, you're making me...

 What's going on with you two?

''I have failed and have been forced out of the Four Heavenly Kings' seat. I can no longer be of any use to you. If you continue to wait on me, you will give the reactionaries an excuse to take advantage of you...!
What do you mean? You're exactly the kind of person I need! I can't possibly lose you!
My Demon Lord...! Zedan-sama........!

 What is this atmosphere?

"Don't worry, I've already thought of a plan. "Don't worry, I've already thought of a plan, I'll get you back to the Demon King's Army as soon as possible, so just be patient...!

 After saying that much, the Demon King turned to me again.

'I'm sorry for taking you in. Let's compete once again, Saint Lord. Let's risk each other's holy swords and use all our deadly power.''
"For a holy sword?
That's right. The winner of this match, the one who wins will get the other's holy sword. I am sorry for my rude challenge and for adding more conditions to it. But I really need that holy sword!

 No, if you want the holy sword or something else without a fight, you can have it but....
 But I have no idea what the Demon King wants from a while ago.

"Demon King? Don't tell me you're planning to fight a saint?
"No way! This is too much recklessness! That's the same as committing suicide!

 And hearing the Demon King's decision, Batty and Verena started to make a scene.
 Hearing the commotion, Prati and Veerle also come over. Since the confusion was about to spread, they decided to restrain everyone here and rearrange the information from scratch.

              * * * *

 Anyway, I asked the demon king to come up to the house and listen to the story in detail.
 I led him towards the Western-style room and offered him some tea, as he may not be used to the rules of the Japanese room.
 I served tea to them, hoping that they would calm down.

I am truly sorry to have caused a disturbance to you, an originally unrelated group of people.

 And the Demon King.
 This guy is very polite, isn't he? At least, he's the most polite of all the kids who've come to our house so far.
 That's why I can't get angry when someone suddenly throws a challenge at me, telling me to fight.

I'll tell you my name again. My name is Zedan. I am the Demon King in the current Demon Clan system.
'Um, I'm sorry to ask another basic question, but...'

 Is the Demon King going to be replaced?
 Earlier, you were talking about "Inherited from generation to generation........"....

''Your husband is a summoner, so it's no wonder you don't know about that.
"The title of Demon King is one that our demon lord is permitted to wear. In addition to wisdom and courage, a demon with outstanding moral character will be selected to take his place.

 Prathi, Astares-san explains to me in turn.
 Naturally, even the demon race gets old as time passes, so when they decline, they pass the baton to the next younger generation.
 So the system is to elect a new demon king?

 I understand the definition of the Demon King in this world.

''Though the selection criteria are now a truism.

 The Demon King himself said in a self-mocking tone.
 Huh? Really?
 My definition of a demon king, quick fix!

''The pretense that the best demon race will be elected as the Demon King has already become a mere shadow of its former self. Nowadays, the Demon King is completely hereditary.
'What do you mean? It's true that Zedan-sama was born into the Aynroth inheritance family, but the entire demon clan knows that that's not the only reason why Zedan-sama was chosen!

 Mr. Astares-san was kind of excited.
 This is the person who loves the demon king, right? I can tell by his attitude.

You will be able to find out if you are a good candidate for the job. My father and my grandfather both wielded the Fiery Sacred Sword and fought with it as the Demon King.

 Is it that sword you pulled out earlier?
 Indeed, just by looking at the blade, it was emitting a terrific aura.
 Is it a demon sword? For a moment, I thought to myself.
 Strength as a sword, the evil holy sword I have? Was it? I think it's better than that.

And do you have that thing, Astares?
Of course. No matter how much I miss, I can't let this one go.

 Prompted by the Demon King, Astareth-san made his waist gossip.
 Then he took out a sword.
 However, it was a broken sword. It is broken from the base of the sword.

This is.........?
It's the Holy Sword Zexvais. It's a holy sword that's been in my family for generations.

 But it's broken.
 It's already broken.

Hundreds of years ago. My ancestors snapped it.

 The Demon King said gravely.

''In the demon society, there were five holy swords that have been confirmed to exist in the demon race. The five families that inherited those five sacred swords were considered the five most powerful families in the Demon Race. It is said that in the past, the seat of the Demon King was also rotated among those five families.''
"But then a civil war broke out to determine the true pinnacle of the demon race. The five families fought each other, and in the end, one holy sword smashed the other four to settle the battle.
After folding the four holy swords, the last one left was Einrath, the furious holy sword. From then on, Einrodt's family dominated the throne.

 It's like a history lesson.

''And the four defeated families henceforth pledged their allegiance to the Demon King family that possessed Ainrot. That was the birth of the Four Heavenly Kings.
''So, Mr. Astares, you're from a family that originally inherited the Holy Sword?''
''That's right. This sword has become a symbol of our family's devotion to the Demon King. Therefore, no matter what happens, even if it is broken and becomes useless, I can't let it go from my body...!

 Mr. Astares has lost the political battle and has fallen out of the capital.
 The fact that he continues to possess it despite this, he must be very passionate about it.

''This is how the holy sword is related to our demon tribe, but after explaining this much, I would like to ask you again.

 Yes, what is it?
 I mean, is this explanation connected to this case? You're not wasting your time, are you?

''Kakunarujo, let me ask you frankly. Sage Lord, will you hand over your Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz to Astares?