47-46 Demon Love

''If you've read the history of the Demon Race, you understand how important the Holy Sword is to the Demon Race!
''With the transfer of the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz into Astareth's hands, her family lineage can once again climb to the position of the Demon King! The Senate can't ignore her like that and can only make the decision to recall her!

 In other words, the final objective of the Demon King is...!

'There is no longer any other way to save Astares. All other political means have been preempted and blocked! ...please!

 The Demon King bows his head to me so deeply that I can see the back of his head.
 The king of demons, who stands at the top of the demon race.

"Zedan-sama........! That much for me...!

 Mr. Astares was sobbing with tears of joy at the sight of it.

 These two guys are sure........!

 As I was guessing things, he tugged on the hem of my choicest hem and I turned my head to the side to see what was going on.
 It was Batty and Verena.

 Oh, what's the advice?
 I don't know what to do, so please, help me out.

"The Demon King and Master Astareth love each other very much.

 I can see that.

And we've known each other since we were kids.

 Are you going for a tally?

They come from prominent families and have known each other since they were young. They found each other immediately and promised each other a future.

 I want to tell him to explode.

''But Master Zedan is a Demon King. And he's been brilliant since he was a child, and it was said that he would beat his brothers to the title of Demon King.
"That's why the other Four Heavenly Kings also sent a maiden of age to establish a relationship with Master Zedan. But Master Zedan had no one else to penetrate his heart but Master Astareth.
"In addition, Astareth-sama went to the battlefield to become worthy of being the wife of a demon king, and after realizing that, she was officially hired as the Four Heavenly Kings...
''If she takes the Demon King's wife, Master Astareth's power could reach an all-time high. The other four heavenly kings were afraid of that...''

 I tried to get rid of him before that happened....
 Mr. Astares was put on a mission that would have caused problems whether he succeeded or failed, and he was disqualified for being subjected to the responsibility.
 That's what happened the other day.

''Are you saying that Atashi and the others were used as a dupe for the demon race's political disputes?''
Shall I destroy you, demon?

 Prathi and Veerle were angry, but we'll let them hold it here.

''I, too, should have realized this earlier. But lately the human army has been attacking so hard...! Because a new powerful hero had appeared and was glued to the front line in dealing with it........ No, is that an excuse too?

 The Demon King mocked himself.

''The purpose of the battle I just challenged Saint-dono to fight was more about the Holy Sword than Saint-dono himself. He wanted to win the battle and take away the Evil Holy Sword...''
"This is not fair, Master Zedan!

 Astares-san yells at him as if scolding him.

''How could you, Anata-sama, not be able to estimate the saint's abilities! Even if you are the strongest of the demon race, Anata-sama, if the saint-sama gets serious, you will be killed in the blink of an eye!

 Huh? No. Oh, no?
 Even though I look like this, I'm just a regular guy who can become an instant expert with the effect of the supreme bearer.
 Even if he can reach a level where he can compete with the Demon King... there's no way he can beat him, is there? You don't think so?

"Do not despise yourself. You are the demon race because you are Zedan!
'But, O Astares,' he said, 'I would rather live than lose you. But Astareth, I would rather live than lose you. I would rather die at the hands of the most powerful man in the world than lose the Evil Sacred Sword!

 It's fine for the two of us to have a good time together, but I'm not going to kill him.
 I'm not going to get caught up in something that might leave a disaster like that.

''If there's a situation like that, I could at least give you the holy sword...!

 I didn't even want this thing to begin with.
 But it's probably not possible.

 When I was about to hand it to the Demon Lord, the Evil Sacred Sword stuck to my hand as I thought it would, "Ngigii-gii-gii.......! I was like.

"What the hell? I'm not letting go!
I'm not even gonna try to let go of it like this.

 What's going on?
 For me, half of me wants to explode now that I've figured out the true intentions of this barging couple.
 The other half is the desire to bring their love story to fruition.

 The broken holy sword was reflected in my vision.
 It was the one Astareth had in his hand.
 Hundreds of years ago, it was smashed by a demon king of that era. Since then, Astares-san's family has taken this broken sword as a sign of defeat and resigned themselves to the position of the Demon King's entourage.

 In the Demon King's lineage, if a proper holy sword instead of the broken holy sword fits into Astares-san's hand, his family status will rise and he will become an indispensable figure to the Demon Clan.
 Using that as an excuse to restore Astares-san's disgraced position.

 It may seem like a somewhat rough plan, but it's probably because I'm confident that Astares-san will never betray me, so I can execute it.

 I took the broken holy sword in my hand.
 ........What did I say the inscription was?

 The Delusional Holy Sword Zex Weiss.

''Master? What's going on?

 For now, he doesn't respond to Prati, but focuses his attention on the hand holding the hilt of the Delusional Holy Sword.
 I don't feel anything.
 It's a completely different feeling than when I held my evil holy sword. After all, this sword must have died when it was broken.


 He ordered one of the orcs who was waiting nearby.

'Bring as much mana metal as you can hold from the storeroom to the forge. And fire the kiln.
'Master? What are you going to do?

 In short, it would be enough to put the holy sword in Astares-san's hands.
 And any kind of holy sword will do.

"I'll revive this delusional holy sword. I'll revive this delusional holy sword with my own hands.