48-47 Holy Sword Revival

 A swing of a holy sword that was broken hundreds of years ago.

 The Delusional Holy Sword Zex Weiss.

 I don't know how many holy swords there are in total, but anyway, this one was broken and is dead as a sword.

 But with my hands. I'm sure the Bearer of the Supreme may be able to bring it back to life.
 The material that makes up for the loss of the broken sword is mana metal, which is pure mana concentrated and materialized.
 They are melted together with the remnants of the holy sword and the dragon breath of the Veil.

 Putting them together, I spent three days holed up in the forge that had been set up in a corner of my new home.

              * * * *

''It's done!''

 The Delusional Holy Sword Zex Weiss was revived here.

 The sword that was broken and lost has been beautifully restored, and the slender straight lines slither out.
 The aura emanating from the sword is so much stronger than the other holy swords. It was more telling than anything else that this delusional holy sword had been fully restored.

''The broken holy sword...!

 Both Astareth-san, the owner of the Delusional Holy Sword, and his counterpart, the Demon King, looked at each other roundly as if they couldn't believe their own eyes.

''No, that's never happened before, Master! Is it for real? How is it really possible!
''The fierce energy leaking from the new holy sword...! This is definitely a holy sword. A revived holy sword!

 Prathi and Veerle couldn't hide their surprise even though they were on the outside looking in.

Then, yes.

 No, Mr. Astares. Don't be so surprised.
 This is your holy sword from the beginning.
 It's because I had to reposition it for you to have it.

But..........! Are you sure? There is only one holy sword left in the world. No, two swords because the evil holy sword that was supposed to be lost was found in the hands of a saint? I even revived the Delusional Saint Sword here, so three strikes........?

 Anyway, he seems to be confused.
 It's a bother, so I pushed the sword to Astares-san as it is.

''You did it! Astares!

 The one who embraced her with joy was the Demon King-sama.

''Now your family lineage has the qualifications to compete for the title of Demon King alongside my family! There's no way we can leave such a prominent family outside of our sphere of influence! You can be reinstated right now!
Demon Lord. No, Master Zedan...!
Then let's get married right away! My heart was already set on it, and I'm sorry I let the Demon King's duties stretch the boundaries of my relationship with you!

 Demon Lord, you're really excited.

I won't repeat the mistake. "I won't repeat the mistake, so that you don't get separated from me again. I want to maintain a solid connection with you. Astareth. Will you be my wife?

 Wow, quick answer.
 Congratulations, but I wish I could have done it somewhere else.

"Yay! "Congratulations to Astares-sama!
''A great comeback victory from the Four Heavenly Kings disqualification!

 Batty and Verena were also happy as if it was their own business.
 Is this the end of the matter now?


 But then the javelin came in.
 Isn't that my wife Prati?
 We were just about to have a big party, and then what?

With all due respect, Your Majesty, may I ask you a question? Do you really think that your government's complicated political situation is so simple?
Well, who the hell do you think you are?
Excuse me. If I may introduce myself, my name is Prati, Princess of Mermaidland, who was about to be your sidekick.
''Side room?!''

 The Demon King was the most surprised when he was told.

How dare you think I'm not on your side? What do you mean, you haven't even found your rightful wife yet?
I knew it. I knew it. The negotiations with the mermaid kingdom were carried out by a group of demonic forces without your permission.

 Did you talk about your marriage to Platy?
 But that's why she's here, because it was ruined, and from there, Astares-san and the Demon King followed suit and came here, too.

It's hard to think of a number of people who would do whatever they want without telling their lord, the Demon King, about Astares's disqualification, or even here. Maybe one of them is the root of the problem. Maybe it's one of the other four Heavenly Kings...!
Is that a category in which you can kill him?
'We'll consider it. But I don't want you to be a bother to your husband.

 Veerle and Prati have told me some scary things.
 ...as peacefully as possible?

But what I'm trying to say here is that things aren't going to be so easy. There are people who disregard the Lord's order and do whatever they want here. I'm sure they'll try any kind of quibble and try to prevent you from getting married.
''Yes, the idea of more holy swords might be a weak political card.

 A serious and ruthless word, even Ville.

''If the Holy Sword is so important to the Demon Clan, one might argue that it should be taken away from the disgraced Astareth. If the family that holds the Holy Sword is qualified to be the Demon King, then their relationship with the current Demon King family could be tenuous.
It would mean that the strictest possible route of succession would be confused. At worst, it could lead to a split between the old power and the new, which could lead to a civil war.

 I don't know about you, but what's the hard part?

"So, what do you want me to do then...?

 The demon king asks confusedly.
 It's a good thing that you have a personality and a bold personality, but I've heard that you're not very good at this kind of scheming.

I think there's only one thing to do.

 And he is a flippant Prati.

'If they're going to try to side-step you, just settle everything quickly instead of playing such tricks!
'Well, does that mean...?'

 Prathi said.

'Just marry her right here and now!