49-48 Oath Ritual

 Demon King, the wedding ceremony.

Seriously, it's done right now?

 I know it's better to hurry, but aren't you being too hasty?

You can't blame me. The only way to keep them quiet is to get it over with so quickly that it doesn't give them time to make a move! The sooner it's done, the better!
That may be true, but...!

 Zedan-san and Astares-san, the Demon King and his wife, are left with no choice but to stand by the dizzying nature of the situation.

''If it's true, marriage is only good if the parties involved agree to it, but that's not going to happen with these people!
'Because we have to get everyone to admit to the fact that we're 'married' to a giddy board! Only then can you silence the devious ones!

 Even Veerle got into a groove.

 What would set these girls on fire so much? Do you like politics?
 ...Oh, or do you enjoy being in a position where you can irresponsibly support someone else's love life?

'Yes! Dear Prati, I have a question for you!
Very good, Verena! Say it!

 Some girls were still excited.
 True, girls love to talk about love stories, short for love stories.

'What, exactly, is the way everyone agrees on marriage! What do you need?
That's a good question! Well, I'll tell you! What you need...!

 I hoard.

'We need...!'

 I'm still hoarding.


 I'll recapitulate it because it's important.
 The four people who are mainly excited are Prati, Veerle, Batty and Verena.
 The parties involved, Demon King and Astares, are stunned, unable to keep up with the situation.

The witnesses are the living proof that the ritual took place. The higher the social status of the witnesses, the more trustworthy the wedding will be!
"The higher the social status of the witnesses, the more trustworthy the wedding will be!

 And with that, you're trying to make the marriage between the Demon King and Mr. Astares a fait accompli?

'I see! Then this place is a treasure trove of first-rate witnesses!
"Dear Veerle the dragon and Prati the mermaid princess! And most of all, we have a saint!

 At such an applause from Batty and Verena, Prati waved her finger at Chi, Chi, Chi.......

'That's sweet. We need more goofy, strongest witnesses!
The best!
Is there anyone better than you?

 The story is getting louder and louder.
 Who is Platy going to be the witness to this?

              * * *

...it's me.

 The no-life king's teacher was deflated when he heard the errand.
 After being summoned out of the blue and bracing himself for what was going on, he said, "You'll have to be there for the wedding," so that's what he would do.

 Beside him, the Demon King was overwhelmed by the sight of his teacher.
 That's what happens when you meet someone for the first time, right?

''I had heard that the Sage Lord was not only accompanied by dragons, but also the No Life King, but when you actually see it, it's a different reality...!

 I don't obey.
 We're good friends in the neighborhood.

'But Prathi. You've gone to the trouble of naming your teacher. What's the big deal?

 I feel like it's rude to the teacher when I say it this way, but what is the point of calling this person, who was not involved at all this time, out of the blue.......?

It's important. Because you were an archbishop of a large church somewhere before you died, right?
"You don't need a clergyman at your wedding! God approve of the two of you pledging your love to each other! What is a wedding without this?

 If you ask me, that's true.

 From that point of view, the teacher has been undead and a clergyman for over a thousand years.
 No divine agent with this much authority has ever been able to do that!

 Can we have a full-blown vow ceremony in the presence of the teacher for now?

"Uh, excuse me for getting carried away, but...!

 The doctor said, as if it was hard to say.

It's fine to perform the wedding ceremony, but the bride and groom are the two of you, aren't they? You're a demon, aren't you?

 And the Demon King pointed at Astares-san.

''I was a human race before I became undead, but...!
The god they worship is also the goddess Zeus, the creator of mankind. I'm sure that's what the demon race is all about, isn't it? You believe in the Dark God Hades, don't you?

 There's a fundamental discrepancy!
 Does that mean it's that thing? Is having a teacher perform the wedding ceremony for the demon kings like inviting a monk to church?

Well, I'll see what I can do.

 The doctor waved his sleeve.

"Can you manage it?
"After living for more than a thousand years, you will learn a lot of things. Even though we have different religions, I have the same prayer rituals as Hades, the god of the underworld.

 Saying this, the teacher made some kind of a sign with his hand and began to mumble and chant.

 ........the weight of the air has changed somewhat blatantly.
 It's getting dim, even though it's midday.
 The atmosphere has become very unusual!

"This is your sanctuary, do as you please to purify it...!

 And as if the teacher's prayers were answered, a god appeared.

 The god of the demon race.
 The god of the underworld, Hades.