50-49 Kamisama ceremony

 A being that clearly transcends humanity has appeared before us.

 A god.
 Maybe that's what it is.

 It looks like an old man with a beard long enough to reach the ground, far larger than a human, although it takes the form of a man.

 Is this the god of the demon race, Hades?
 I mean, why would God be in front of us?

"...in a fit of pomp and circumstance, you've conjured up the gods.

 I knew it was your fault!

I was going to start off by praying to create a sanctuary to perform the marriage ceremony. It's a good idea to have a prayer in order to conduct the marriage ceremony. This is the first time I've ever heard of it.

 We don't have time to be so carefree, do we?
 He's calling out for God!
 If it's a manga or game, the main character's side should use all of their strength to stop the evil gods from descending!
 Are you sure you want to make this happen so easily?

...materialized on earth. It's been a long time since I've seen this happen.

 Mr. Hades has started talking...?
 His voice is divine, calm and commanding.

'When you came out before ... well, when you annihilated the destroying angels unleashed by Zeus' idiot? What is this summoning? 'Has the Zeus family finally launched the final war?'

 That would have been a question for us.

 What do we do?
 You think you can fool me and get me off your back early?

No, sir.

 If you were thinking about it, there was someone who was the first to step out.
 Demon King Zedan.

The conflict with the human race is still continuing. Although the situation has been stepping back and forth, we have not yet reached the point where we can put our trust in the Dark Lord.
"Mm, superimposed.

 God nodded.

'Then what did you call me for? "Who are you to serve before me?
With all due respect, sir. "I am Zedan, the Demon King. I am Zedan, master of the demons born to you in this life.

 Demon King, you're talking to God! 

 Ordinary humans can't even breathe properly under the pressure of the gods.

 Even Batty and Verena, the two lowest-ranking members of this room, are about to pee their pants!

I have decided to take a wife. I have decided to take a wife, a woman whom I sincerely want to make happy for the rest of my life.

 You say it so clearly that Mr. Astares is blushing.

"Therefore, I wished to formally raise the candlelight ceremony and ask for the blessing of the Underworld God for my husband and wife, but due to a mistake, I personally summoned the God's Jade Body. I am very sorry for disturbing your mind.
The Immortal King.... ''The Immortal King........and he has lived for over a thousand years? So it's obvious that his technique can reach the gods.

 The teacher bowed his head as if to say, "Sa-sen.
 As expected of the Immortal King, even the Immortal King would be scared of God.

''Very well, if you are the king of the demon race, you deserve my blessing in person. But first, let's get this straight. Unlike Zeus and Poseidon, I am a god who has chosen to have only one wife. If you take that blessing in person, you'll be following in my footsteps.
'I wish! My, my dear, one Astareth is enough for a lifetime! I don't need a side room or a mistress!
'Very well. To the Demon King Zedan and the Demon Queen Astares, I give you the blessing of a husband of the God of the Earth. Congratulations on your wedding.

 The light emitted from Hades' hand gently enveloped the demon king and Astares.

''We're done with this. I shall sink to the depths of the gods. I'll sink to the bottom of the gods.

 With that, the Dark God Hades disappeared like a haze.
 The sticky, dense air returned to normal.

''He was unexpectedly nice...?''

 He blessed me with a normal marriage blessing.
 He called me a dark god and I thought he was some kind of evil god on his own, but he's just a normal saying god.

              * * * *

 It is said that the couple who have received a direct blessing from God will receive a powerful blessing thereafter.
It's called the "Blessing of the Husband of the Mother of Earth" and is the highest level of blessing that can be given to a married couple.
 Moreover, it's at the level of once every several hundred years.
 It's easy to check if you have magic that can look into the parameters, as well as the blessings such as good health and safe births, and those who try to forcibly tear them apart will be punished by the gods accordingly.
 It would have been the best proof of the love that Demon King and Astares-san would show towards their demon brethren.

''Lord Saint, I really can't thank you enough.

 The Demon King and his wife, who are now united as one, express their unreserved gratitude to me.

"Thanks to you, my marriage to Zedan-sama, which I had given up on as a dream, has come true. I will never forget this debt of gratitude for the rest of my life.

 Astares-san, who had become the Demon Queen, bowed her head with tears streaming down her face.

''No, no, I didn't do anything in particular. It's more of a credit to the teacher who summoned a god in the flurry of things...!

 When I looked at him sideways, the teacher sighed, ''I'll be more cautious the next time I form a prayer-based jutsu style.

''........But if I can get this much ironclad blessing, would the holy sword I repaired have gone to waste?''
'No, it's not! Another holy sword resurrected in our Demon Clan's camp will surely help flatten the hearts of the Demon Clan!
''With the conjugal swords of my delusional holy sword, Zexweis, and Zedan-sama's angry holy sword, Ainrot, I swear to keep the peace of the demon race!

 For now, I'm confident that the future of the demon race is safe.
 It's a mystery though whether that's enough for the human race.

 So what are they going to do now?

"I will naturally return to the demon stronghold of the demons, accompanied by Astareth. And then I will unveil my mate to the entire demon kingdom.

 Yeah, that would be good.

''Please make sure that the people who made the series of conspiracies are also roasted and purged. I don't want to get in trouble over and over again.
I'll burn the whole city to the ground if I have to.

 Prathi and Veer are also trying to send them off with warm words.

 When they became husband and wife, the home of the demon race - or is it called the Demon City? It would be a perfect place for them to live together.
 Let's celebrate the beginning of their lives together.

... no.

 Just when I thought it was a good idea, Mr. Astares, who had become the bride, said the most extraordinary thing.

'If you'll allow me, I'd like to stay here for a while longer.