51-50 The Maou and his wife stay


 What are you talking about, Mr. Astares?
 Or Mrs. Demon King.

'I've been made acutely aware of this series of events. That I am still inexperienced. I'm not thoughtful enough, and I'm not compassionate enough. That's why I fell for the tricks of those petty people and caused Zedan-sama a lot of trouble...!


'So I want to stay and retrain myself. I believe that if I work steadily under the saints, I can leave my foolishness behind and become a new me.
How about that?

 And me.
 This isn't some kind of enlightenment seminar or anything like that, is it, my home?

In that case, might I be allowed to stay here for a while?
"You're a demon king too?

 Don't you think that's a bad idea?
 I mean, if you're the Demon King and you don't return, won't your demons be in trouble?

Well, the war between the demons and humans is in chaos right now. It's a spontaneous truce.
'What? Really?
Yeah, the dragons that have suddenly arrived on the battlefield have scared the crap out of both camps. Both sides are unable to move their troops until they have more solid information.

 My eyes were on Veerle.
 He whistled badly.

I've been glued to the front lines, and this was a good thing, because it made me aware of what was going on. Also, for the first time in a long time, I can afford to relax and spend time with Astares.
Master Zedan.

 It was the look of a female that Mr. Astares was completely in love with.

'Of course, if the saintly lord will allow me to do so.... What do you think? Will you allow my wife and I to stay?

 In short, you want to make out here during the most lovey-dovey time right after the honeymoon?

Very well.
''Quick answer!

 I'm sure that when they return to the demon tribe's headquarters, they'll be too busy with political affairs and political battles to make out with each other.
 It's a good idea to reach out to such lovers.

Well, if the master is okay with it, we're fine with it, but...!
'But it's okay? If you listen to what I'm saying, there are people in your camp who ignore your heads and move around on their own. Leaving the center of your camp unattended is like asking me to plot the wrong thing.

 Prathi, Veerle even thinks about political matters for a very long time, doesn't he?
 When this was pointed out to him, the Demon King looked like he was going to have a difficult time.

"Don't worry about it. ........it's more of a calculation.

 He smiled fearlessly.
 I'm scared, I'm still scared of the Demon King.

              * * * *

 Thus, I noticed that our settlement was to welcome the Demon King and his wife.
 We decided to extend the mansion for the Demon King and Astares' stay.
 We decided to build a detached house off the main house, and the Demon King and his wife would sleep there.

 Because they're newlyweds.

 You can't hear or be heard........hey?

 The construction of such a detached building was mainly left to Okubo and his team, but then the Demon King himself joined in to help.
 I thought it would be too much to ask, but the demon king was surprisingly adept at erecting the pillars and hammering the nails in place.

 Thanks to that, the separation was completed in less than a few days.

 Isn't it a little too soon to be able to do that?

 But the Demon King and Astares have been giving off a pink aura for a few days now.
 Probably has a lot to do with the rapid pace of construction.
 Because there's no better motivation than erotica.
 What's the harm in a couple making a baby, and I hope they're encouraged to do it well now that they've got a bunk.

 As for Ms. Astares, she has taken a break from farming and hunting to follow me and start learning how to cook.
 She said that cooking is a necessary subject in order to be a good wife.

 But since Astares-san is the wife of a demon king, in short, the queen, she should have a special servant to cook meals for her, shouldn't she? I pointed out that it's not good enough, apparently.

 She's someone who strives for perfection in everything she does, my husband, the Demon King, and even Batty and Verena's prefects gave me an enlightened look.

 It seemed that the main motivation for Astares-san's decision to stay here in the first place was to learn to cook from me.

 I hadn't had a chance to find out until now, but this gave me an insight into the culinary situation in this world.
 It seems that in this world, there is no concept of seasoning.
 If there is, it's salt at best. It's not to add flavor, but to preserve it.
 There is no such thing as spice itself.

 That's why Prati and Veal both gobbled up my food, and that's why they ended up living here.

Unlike Mr. Astareth, you don't show any inclination to learn.
It's okay, we're good!
'Yes! Why do you have to make it yourself when master can make it for you?

 These guys..........?

 Now that we've found out another thing about this world, then maybe we can get more diligent about making condiments.
 Establish a mass production system?