53-52 Magi Court Struggle

 You may tremble at the mention of my name.

 I am Laviglian, the Devourer, the fourth heavenly king of demons.
 I consider myself the wisest man in the world.

 It is only through my wisdom that the Demon King's Army is able to repel repeated invasions by the human race.

 But that's not all, of course.
 I'm a true master.
 False wisdom is consumed by your own.
 I'm a genuine person, and I'm always careful not to get arrogant.

 The fact that we demons have been able to resist the human armies that are so quick to send in heroes is by no means the result of my wisdom alone.
 The biggest reason for this is the power of this generation's Demon King, Mr. Zedan.

 That man is Yingmai.

 As the eldest of the Four Heavenly Kings, I have served the previous generation and the previous demon kings, and I have witnessed so many demon kings, which makes me even more aware of the greatness and dexterity of the current generation.

 However, the fact that this generation is so capable also causes some problems.
 One of them is the issue of marriage.
 Because of the current Demon King's ability, there are many people who try to get in touch with him to confirm his status.
 I am one of them.
 Fortunately, my wife gave birth to a good-looking daughter between us.

 She is beautiful.
 She's just as beautiful as my wife!

 My ambition is to make this beloved daughter the Demon Queen, to become the Demon King's father-in-law and to take control of the Demon King's army.
 In addition to my daughter's bloodline, she is beautiful like my wife, and wise like me, she deserves to be the best groom of the demon tribe.
 I'm not a stupid parent!
 I am the wisest demon in the world! Your analysis of the situation is top-notch!

 Therefore, I'd really like Demon King Zedan to make my daughter the rightful owner of the room, but then a powerful obstacle appeared.

 Astareth, the Four Heavenly Kings of Demons, "Delusion".

 It's abominable that a little girl with a blue ass is on the same level as me.
 And what's even more annoying is that this little girl is the Demon King's favorite.

 The little girl and the king of the world are childhood friends. That's why the two of them love each other so much and have pledged to each other for the future.

 As a man, I can't help but understand the attribute of a childhood friend.

 But if we don't back down now, there's no way we're going to have a court martial!
 Overcoming the disadvantage of attributes, I will make sure that my daughter will be appointed to the Demon King's rightful place!

 But my lord Zedan. He seems to be very fond of the little girl Astareth, and even said that he would only take her to wife.
 The demon king won't even take a vassal.
 It's not that we haven't seen this before, but it doesn't make me very happy.

 I can't even hope for a moment that my daughter will be favored by the king.

 Then I thought to myself.
 I'm the wisest of the demon race.

 The mermaids, one of the basic races along with the demons and humans, are said to have a brilliant princess.
 This information led me to believe that the mermaids have a princess with talent.

 The king of the mermaid race is equal to the king of the demon race, the demon king.
 If you want to marry the princess, even the king of demons can't say no to you.
 But that doesn't mean he's going to give up on the marriage with Astareth, so one of them will have to take a place on his side.

 What's the point in doing so, a fool might think.
 However, the Demon King is the one who says, "I don't take a vassal. But if you want to marry a mermaid, you'll have to backtrack unless you give up your marriage to Astareth.

 Demon King, side room OK.
 And two or more side rooms are OK.

 There are plenty of ways to get my daughter into that. That's what I'm trying to do.
 I don't care if it's a lady's room or not, as long as the Demon King marries my daughter in any way possible, I'm all yours.

 My daughter, she's a charmer, she's a natural.
 Hence, if only we could marry, the Demon King would be enamored of my daughter, and he would be sure to push Astares and the Little Mermaid to the status of full wife!
 I'm not a f*cking idiot!
 That's a solid analysis of the situation!

 With the Victory Road to success in sight, the eagle immediately makes a full effort to negotiate with the mermaid kingdom.
 The humans have gotten wind of it and have joined the negotiations, but they are arrogant and arrogant, thinking they are the best in the world, and their diplomatic skills are at the level of children.
 As a competitor, they're no match for us.

 And then, just when everything seemed to be going smoothly, trouble arose.
 The mermaid princess has married off to an unknown partner.
 And that opponent is a saint? Who's that? But I'm disappointed that the plan that was on the verge of going well is now aborted.

 The foothold in pushing aside Astareth and making my daughter the Queen of the West is now gone.

 But wait, it's not too early to give up.
 The wisest person in the tribe of demons can repair the aborted plan and turn it into a new secret plan.

 If it comes to this, I'll have to negotiate with these mermaids and turn it into a muddy diplomatic issue.
 And how about you blame Astareth for all of this, and unseat him?

 Surprisingly well done.

 Little Astares, not realizing that he was being tricked, followed my instructions and went to kidnap the mermaid, and he failed miserably.
 And she screwed up spectacularly!
 If she succeeded, she would be accused of causing a diplomatic problem with the mermaid kingdom and disqualified.
 If he fails, he will be blamed for the failure and disqualified.
 It was set up to be a problem whichever way it went, but it turned out to be the best thing that could be expected.

 I thought that I would be responsible for the story about the mermaids, which is at the root of the problem, since it was my idea, but I was able to gloriously avoid it.

 It seems that I was not the only one who was bothered by the little girl Astareth, as the other Four Heavenly Kings also got rid of her.

 With this, Astares was dismissed as the Fourth Heavenly King. I even succeeded in expelling him from the Demon King's army.

 As planned, we were able to get rid of Astares, and all we have to do now is to start the campaign to get my daughter married!

 ........Just as I was thinking, the Demon King, who had remained at the front line for a long time, returned to the Demon City for the first time in a long time.

 It seems that the battle lines were brought to a standstill due to the confusion caused by the appearance of the dragon.

 And when he learned of Astares' expulsion, he was furious.
He declared, "I'll deal with you guys after I bring her back," and then He disappeared from sight.

 Isn't this a bad idea?

 On top of being in the opposite direction of the Demon King, the Demon King is missing.

 The ceasefire with the human army could collapse at any moment.
 If the battle resumed without the Demon King and one of the Four Heavenly Kings, my Demon King's army would fall apart in less than a month!
 The wisest man in the demon tribe predicts that!

 And even though he's in such a difficult situation, one of the other four Heavenly Kings is trying to rebel!

"With the Demon King nowhere to be found, this is our chance to conquer the world! Not that. Read the air!
 If a civil war breaks out at a time like this, the human race will attack us at this moment!

 I'll do my best to get this under control, but please, my Demon Lord! Please come home soon!
 It was my fault for scheming!
 My Demon King!
 Demon King Kumbaaaaaaaack!


 ...but I digress.
 While I was being strangled by my own stupidity, one of my confidants came to ask me for some advice.

 He was the son of a friend of my friend on stilts, and when my friend was killed in battle against the humans, he asked me to bring him up.
 He was trained and nurtured on behalf of my late friend, and he has grown into a gem of a player, so much so that I can say that he is now my right-hand man.
 I'm sure that my friend, my late father, is very happy to see me in the underworld.

 And what happened to that confidant of yours, how did he suddenly change his mind?
 You want to marry my daughter?

 We've been together for years?
 You're lying?

 My daughter just stormed in and said, "If you don't marry him, I'm going to die! I'll go so far as to say.

 ...Okay. I get it.

 I thought marrying into the hands of the most powerful and armed member of the demon tribe would make my daughter happy, but I was wrong.
 I never realized until now that the man who would make my daughter happy is so close by.

 I am the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings, the Laviglian of Greed.
 I used to call myself the wisest member of the demon tribe, but it seems I'm the most foolish member of the tribe.

 Please don't apologize to me, my right hand man.
 I'm sorry, my son.

 Take care of your daughter.