54-53 What is magic

 This is how my frontier welcomed the Demon King and his wife, but are you sure you don't want to go home, Mr. Demon King?
 Aren't your guys going to be worried?
 I asked the demon king many times, but his answers were always generous.

"It's okay, they just need to stretch their wings where I can't see them once in a while.

 I'd like to think it's my imagination that he has a black smile.

 Now, the Demon King and his wife did not regard themselves as customers, but took the initiative to participate in the work on our frontier.
 The demon king himself was engaged in farming with a hoe and worked with me and Okubo and the others to make kilns.
 We were worried that it was not right for the leader of the demon tribe to do this kind of physical work, but he was satisfied with his work, saying that he could work up a good sweat.

 On the other hand, his new wife, Astareth, was learning to cook while doing half of the work in the fields and half of the hunting, just as she had been doing during her period of demise.
 It seems that she is talented enough at such a young age to take on important positions such as the Four Heavenly Kings, and she has quickly mastered the art of seasoning.

 The seasonings themselves are only made here, so it would be meaningless if I leave this place....
 Oh, I see you plan to buy from here.
 Thank you for every time.

 The two of us plan to return to the demon race's home base one day and walk the path of the tamer together.
 But for now, it seemed as if they had forgotten that for a little while and were enjoying the life they were running together.

 However, that doesn't mean that they have completely forgotten their duties as the Demon King and his wife.

 From time to time, the Demon King and Mr. Astares would be seen in between jobs, standing side by side, receiving some kind of lecture from their teacher.

 The teacher of the No-Life King, who has lived for over a thousand years, is not a metaphor or anything else, but a living breathing person.
 He has most of the mysteries of this world in his brain and has a lot to learn.
 Naturally, the magic he uses is powerful, and he's begging for a lot of things to be taught to him.

 A demon king under the guidance of an undead king, isn't that the most evil of all, even if it's only in the literal sense?

 I was so inspired that I started taking classes at my desk. It was good for training in the history of this world and general knowledge, but I had no idea how to practice magic.

 The gift I was given by God, "The Supreme Bearer," apparently doesn't work on magic.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have a magic wand or a grimoire to draw out more than enough of its performance to become a master of magic, but the magic in this world is done on its own without using any such assistance.

''There are three main strains of magic,''

 The teacher gave me a lecture at a very elementary level, at my level.
 It's general knowledge that everyone else knows, so well, it's embarrassing.

''The magic magic magic used by the demon race. ''The legal magic used by the human race. And the medicinal magic used by the mermaid race. There are many other types of magic, but they're all subspecies that branch off from one of these three.''
The biggest difference is which species uses it?
''That's right. There is an affinity, and even if you learn the magic of a different race, it is very difficult to master. It is said that it is probably the difference in the gods that receive the blessings. The magic also manifests itself through communion with the gods and spirits that protect it.

 The human race is Zeus.
 The demon race is Hades.
 The mermaid race is Poseidon.

 I just met one of them in person the other day, so I can't really feel it.

I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them. There are many things you can do more. It is the magic magic magic of the demon race that has a wide range of effects.''
''Because there are many of the Underworld God Hades' military gods that protect the demon race, and they can also sympathize with the spirit kind. From the point of view of Hades, who is also the god of the earth, the spirits on earth are also of a lower level of the military race.

 The Demon King provides a supplementary explanation.

The human race's legal magic is quite limited. With the demon race, anyone can use magic magic with training, but with the human race, only a few priests and priestesses are able to use magic.

 It seems that not only the number of people who can use it, but also its effects are limited in various ways.

You can use the magic of the demon race in a wide range of applications from attack and assistance to daily life, but the legal magic of the human race is limited to a small number of techniques and what they can do.
Not much to do, huh?

 For example........." the Demon King explained again, adding.

''The reason why our demon tribe was able to discover this place where the saint's hall dwells is because of the use of clairvoyant magic, a type of magical magic. It's a magic that is exercised with the help of the god Aiacos, the Military God of the Underworld God Hades, the god involved in the judgment after death.
They say you can look anywhere in the world as if it were right in front of you, in one place. Well, it's not unlimited, of course, but it is very much dependent on the skill of the surgeon.

 I see.
 The demon tribe used its magic to discover Prati who lives here and sent Astares-san here?

''Can't the magic of the human race do something like that?
So it's unlikely that a human would find this place and come here.

 I'll be relieved to hear that.
 When you're just rattling around with the demon tribe, it's troublesome if they even barge in on you.

''That's why there are so many things that can be done by the magic of the demon race and not by the magic of the human race. Instead, the legal magic of the human race has spectacular techniques that surpass human knowledge.''

 Such as the magic of summoning heroes.
 You mean the technique by which I was summoned to this world?

It's great to say it's great because it twists time and space to connect different worlds, but........ I'm not sure how it will work, but it depends on the wisdom of the user.
''That's the tendency of legal magic. Rather than helping the user, the human race, it's more concerned with demonstrating the authority of the god who is the source of its power...''

 What's that?

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. The magic used by the No-Life King is the same as it was when he was alive, but at the end of the day, all of it is the same as it was when he was high.
'That's a line that only someone who has reached the top of their game would be able to say.

 The teacher and the demon king started laughing all at once, hahaha.
 It's a high level conversation.

''Lastly, the pharmacological magic used by the mermaid race, you should have the person in question explain this to you.''
'What? Me?

 In case you're wondering, Prathi, who was with me from the beginning, shakes me off.

The mermaids use pharmacy magic to make potions. That's the biggest difference between it and other magic.
'All the effects of pharmaceutical magic are exerted by potions without exception, but they are not magic in themselves. We make potions. That is the magic of the mermaids.''

 It's complicated.

'When mermaids make a potions potion, they mix their magical powers into the potion. That's what makes it a potions spell. Of course you need herbs to make potions, but even if you have the ingredients and know how to prepare them, you can't make potions for humans and demons.

 Because only mermaids can use the key pharmaceutical magic.

'I don't know why the sea god Poseidos-sama gave the mermaid a magic with such a complicated mechanism. There are many theories, such as because it's more convenient for the underwater environment, or because it's easier to handle the power and prevent them from becoming arrogant, but we'll have to ask him to find out the truth.
"Do you want to take a priesthood?

 Doctor, have you been addicted to summoning God since you summoned Hades the other day?
 I don't want it to be a big deal, so I'll stop it as much as possible.

''Well, something like that is a basic course in magic. I hope it has helped you in your quest for knowledge of the Saint's Hall.''

 Yeah, I learned.
 I'm sure it's easy to forget.

 Well, I guess this is enough of a lesson for now, huh?

"Wait a minute!

 I was just thinking, "Hey, wait a minute!" when Veerle burst in.

'You still haven't taught me the point! We dragons use dragon magic! Explain to your master!
"There's so much magic that you use, it's hard to explain...!
'The dragon race itself is a mystery to other races...!

 The doctor and the demon king are both troubled by Veerle's threats.

"You are useless! Well, I'll explain it to you in person! Listen to me, master! The most powerful magic our dragons have ever used! The power of dragon magic! And I want you to take a good look at me!
It's time to get back to work.

 Learn well and work hard.
 That's important.