55-54 The inspiration of the aide

 Although all eyes are on the Demon King and Mr. Astares, they are not the only new residents of the city.
 The Demon Lieutenant who rolled in with Astares-san. Batty and Verena are also sitting here as usual.

 A change had begun to occur to them as well.

              * * * *

Saints, I need to talk to you.

 It was Batty, one half of the two girls, who said to me.
 It's rare that she and Verena usually work together.

'I understand that the saint has requested clothing.
You know your stuff. Who told you that?

 To be precise, though, they are fashionable clothes for girls like Prati to wear.
 The clothes themselves can be made by me, but the part that requires fashion sense is not something that even the supreme bearer can do anything about.

 It's not an option, but the "clothes that only function as clothes" that I made are exclusive to me and Okubo.
 These days it's not just Prathi, but also Astares-san, Verena, Batty in front of me and more female members, so the purchase of fashionable clothes that I had put on the shelf has become an increasingly urgent problem....

"Actually, my family runs a sewing business.
''But it was just a small shop mending things in the countryside. When the shop went under, I joined the Demon King's Army for dinner, and when I was fortunate enough to rise through the ranks, I caught the eye of Master Astares, and I was even able to become the Four Heavenly Kings' deputy.
I see.

 I have a goofy feeling that something is coming.

'But my hands still haven't forgotten the sewing skills I learned from my parents, and I've worked for Astares-sama with the dream of someday making clothes of my own design come into fashion. I was thinking of opening a clothing store with my retirement money if I could safely serve in the military, but...!

 Great, I like this trend.

'Will you let me make it here? A garment that will please Master Prati and Lady Astares?

 That's what I'm talking about.
 The solution to a problem we'd been putting off for so long came from the other side.

Make what you will! You can take a break from working in the field if you want to focus on making clothes! Because that's what we're looking for most right now!

 Negotiations have been made.

'Anything you want to use, just let me know! I made all the needles and scissors, and I have the raw materials, thread and fabric.

 Cotton fabric made from primarily grown cotton!

'About that, my saint...!
'What? In a revised tone...?
'Dough made from the mysterious plants grown by the saints would be nice.......... There's more, right? And others.

 You're so cunning! You say you noticed that?

 It all started when my teacher handed me the Yoshamo, a bird monster that lays eggs.
 The discovery of the Yoshamo made me think.
I thought to myself, 'There might be more useful monsters in the dungeon.
 So I went back to the dungeons in my teacher's cave and the mountain dungeons in the Veerle Mountains to see if I could find any more useful monsters.

 That's where I discovered them.

 My curiosity was piqued by the kind of monster that Prati and Veerle had dismissed as being of no use to me.

 It was, at first glance, just a caterpillar.

 At first glance, it was a useless caterpillar, with a slow, ugly movement and no parts to eat.
 Its size was only one size bigger than an ordinary caterpillar. Because it's a monster, it doesn't hatch into a butterfly, it just crawls around in dungeons and it's meaningless.

 The caterpillar monster was so meaningless that we couldn't even give it a name.
 That thing spat out a string.

 --That's silkworm-sama then!

 You screamed, the moment you found it.

 In the world where I used to be, the highest quality silk of cloth products is silk.
 It is made from the cocoons that a type of moth called silkworm makes when it is a larvae.

 The caterpillar, which, like the silkworm, spits out a thread, and that's when I got the idea.
 I immediately decided to take as much as I could carry with me and keep it at home.

 I couldn't keep them in the yard, because I'd been looking at them with the eyes of a hunter as they picked at the soil and ate worms and the like.
 I turned an entire room in the mansion into a 'silkworm room' and raised them carefully, and they spat out yarn, just as I had intended.

 I used the thread to weave and create a silk fabric made by the monster silkworm.

 The actual thing is already there!

So that's what they're after. Don't do it Batty...!

 I don't mean to hide it, but Prathi and Veer didn't understand me for a long time and told me "bugs are weird" and "don't waste the room" a lot, so I'm glad to finally meet someone who understands what I want to do!

'You're a real saint for making fabric from the threads that bugs throw up. The idea is too original! I got a glimpse of the actual item, and it looked more beautiful and durable than any high quality fabric in the Demon City. By all means, let me make clothes out of that fabric!

 There was no reason to refuse.
 Even if you make the finest silk fabric, it's no good if you don't have a tailor to turn it into clothing.
 That tailor appeared from the other side without having to look for him!

 I've decided to let her do everything!
 The silk fabric that I grew and created, Batty, I leave you with!