56-55 three numbers

 This is how he entrusts Bati with making his clothes, but of course, it doesn't produce immediate results.
 It will take a lot of time.

 In the meantime, I'll take my time and concentrate on my work.

 I want to extend the house since the number of residents has increased, and I want to finish the kiln I've been working on for some time.
 I haven't even finished the bath yet.

 As I was working to get all that stuff done, I heard something.

"Hey Batty, do you really need to do this?
'We need it! It's essential!

 That was the women's voice.
 Prati, Veerle, Mr. Astares, Verena, and Batty all seem to be here.

The reason for the unreliable presumptive tone of voice like "it seems" is because we are in the mansion and through the door.
 To be more precise, I'm walking down the hallway and I hear voices coming from somewhere and apparently there are women in the room doing something with their geese together.

 I'm in a situation where I'm listening to it through a single door.
 I can't see them, but I can hear them.

'There is no success without it! It's the inevitable Victory Road!

 Is this voice Batty?
 The voice is fierce, and I can see the scene of passionate spitting.

 So, what are you doing?

Let me measure you. Let me measure you all for your size!


I've been appointed by His Holiness as a dressmaker! Allowing me to make your clothes is my sacred duty, so to speak! I ask for your immediate cooperation!

 Did I give Batty that much responsibility and power?
 It can't be said that the person in question is just overawed, but is it good to be motivated?

'It must fit the wearer's body shape perfectly! That's the essential requirement for good clothes!
'Batty is on fire...!

 My colleague Verena's voice is chilling.

'So let me measure it! The height of all of you!
'Let me measure it! Boobs! Hips! And the size of your ass!

 Everyone, except Batty, was astonished at the same time.

 ........three sizes?

 Come to think of it, I've heard it's especially important in women's clothing making.
 This is where I was about to realize my own danger. I've been listening in through the door, and I've realized how dangerous I am.
 If safety is the most important thing, we should leave the site now without making a single sound.
 And yet my feet didn't move.

 They must have been completely oblivious to my presence.
 From the other side of the door came a raspy voice that rang out from the other side.

'Well then, ladies and gentlemen! Please take off your clothes for sizing! Now! Now! All of them!
All of them!
Of course! A single thin layer of skin can affect the perfection of a garment!
"That's why...! It's embarrassing to be naked in front of everyone...!
"What's the matter with you, Master Platy? I've already grabbed the story of facing a saint you've never met before with a lower body spoonful!
''Gyaaahhhh! Stop, don't tell me, don't remind me!

 Some kind of maiden scream by Prathi came from through one of the sliding doors.

'I just didn't know much about Riku's manners back then! Now that I'm used to living here, it's a mess of embarrassment! It won't happen again!

 It won't happen again...!
 It's kind of lonely...!

"Batty. We frequently measure ourselves in the demon army to create uniforms and armor, don't we? We don't need to measure it again, do we?

 This is Mr. Astares' voice.

'What do you say? Do you seriously believe that the size you measured yesterday is the same today?
Isn't the rice prepared by your saint very, very tasty? Master Astares-sama had some more gingerbread this morning.
"What do you want, Batty? I'm not fat! I'm not fat!
But I hear that's not uncommon for people to get fat after they get married, so...?
'That's a case for the gents! No women involved! It shouldn't matter!
Then you can prove it, can't you?
Of course!

 The Four Heavenly Kings being carried by their subordinates.

''I suppose you can take your clothes off! Fine, I'll take it off! Verena! Lord Platy! You guys take off your clothes! We die in this situation, we die together!
Collateral damage?

 From the other side of the door came the sound of clothing scraping and scraping. It's not a good idea.

It's a very good idea to take off your clothes without any hesitation. What do you think you've shoved so many people into such a small room for?

 And Batty is on a roll.
 You can hear it in his voice alone.

'Wow, Master Astares, haven't your tits gotten big again? Did marriage stimulate your female instincts?
''People of the demon race have darker skin, so I wondered what kind of color they have on that part of the body or something like that, and that's the color they have.
That's the way Lord Platy is.
Sleek and smooth.
She's so slippery.
Shut up!

 I'm talking about dazzling romance.
 Gentlemanly, I know that I shouldn't be here any longer.
 And yet my feet won't move!

'Then I will measure it. Major, major....Let's start with Astares-sama!
What? Don't hit me with your skin! It's so cold, you'd be surprised!
...There are more and more of them.
So don't surprise me!

 Mr. Astares.........
 Let's eat less rice from tonight.

But don't worry. I didn't increase my waistline. My boobs just got bigger.
'You're blatantly relieved. And by the way, your hips are increasing too.

 Has marriage led to excessive female hormone production?

'Prati-sama......... But first, what's this feeling on your skin? It feels so good to be slippery!
Not only does Prati-dono look slippery, but he's also slippery to the touch?
Wow, it's really smooth! It's like touching a blue fish. Is this the skin of the mermaid race?

 Batty, Mr. Astares, and Verena, in that order, were surprised.

'Gee! Stop it! Don't touch me! That's where no one but your master is allowed to touch you!

 Where is it being touched?

Then I'll measure it. ..........Prati-sama also has quite a large breasts, doesn't she? As expected of a princess in the land of mermaids........!
You're not going to release the numbers, are you?
It's a warrior's mercy.

 No exact figures released?
 Well, there's also the advantage of not being exactly superior or inferior, and the unit of length would be different than a meter or something, so you wouldn't be able to figure it out if I asked.
 Is that okay with you?

The rest is Verena. No change from the last time we measured her. Poor tits. That's all.
Colleague! Treat me better!

 I mean, does Batty record or remember the body size of his friends, such as Mr. Astares and Verena, exactly?
 That's the daughter of a dressmaker.
 I knew it was a good idea to leave her in charge of making clothes, didn't I?

What a load of crap.

 Then another voice came from inside the room.
 Is this voice Viel?

"Mermaids and demons are all too happy and sad about the slightest bumps and bruises on their bodies. What difference will such a small amount make?

 I mean, Veerle was there.
 I don't know why they didn't speak, they didn't exist.

"d*mn, this transcendent being called a dragon...!
Speaking of which, Veerle. What criteria do you use to determine your body shape when you transform into a puppet form? If I was fat in my original form, would I still be a fat person?

 You can feel the hint of a snicker from Veerle's nose at the question.

'Dragons turn into human beings because of magic, so of course they can set their body shape as they please. It doesn't matter how much they eat or how fat they get!
""This guy...!"

 You can see the hatred of all the girls is focused on Veerle.
 However, the strongest race continues to boast without regard to their intentions.

'I can magically make my own clothes so I don't need to be measured, but to show you the overwhelming difference between me and you, I'll allow you to measure my body for one thing!

 Thud! And the sound of him taking off his clothes.
 You can tell from the sound alone that he has taken off his clothes very boldly.

"You might want to take a closer look at it while you're at it! The Veil of the Grinzel Dragon embodies the female nudity that you people idealize!

 I can hear Veerle's voice through the sliding doors, as if convinced of his victory....

'It's so small,'
It's small.
"A dragon's sense of beauty...! No way.........?

 He didn't seem to get much credit.


 So much for eavesdropping, I left in front of the room before he noticed me.