57-56 Sumo

 While the women were mingling in the room, the men naturally began to gather around the men.
 It didn't sit well with the women, so we decided to stop our work for the day and play.

Let's wrestle.

 Why sumo wrestling?
 It's just that it's a game or a competition that can be played easily and without tools or cumbersome explanations, and this was the first thing that came to mind.

What's that?

 I knew it, or rather, I didn't know about the Demon King and the Orcobos, who were residents of this world.
 For now, they drew a circle on a wide, flat area of the ground.
 This is the ring.
 I don't know exactly how big the actual ring is, but I think it's an area that won't hinder a heated match.

It's a game of "Whoever falls down or leaves this circle loses. We'll play one on one.

 There are a total of twelve people in this room, including me, the Demon King, Okubo and the other ten monsters.

That sounds interesting.
It'll be a nice change of pace. Let's do it, let's do it.

 It's gonna be a lot more fun with their enthusiasm.

 Except you.
 Put down the sickle and axe.
 You can't use weapons in sumo.

"Oh, yeah?

 The Orcobos reluctantly followed the support honestly.
 I didn't miss the fact that the demon king also tried to pull out his rage holy sword and gently sheathed it with joy.

 What is it, guys?
 If you take out such a sharp object, it's bound to cause bloodshed, right?

 Apparently, I should start explaining the rules from a more basic point of view.

 First of all, sumo wrestlers are not allowed to use weapons.
 This is an important point, so let me reiterate.
 This is a very important point, so I'll say it again: Sumo wrestlers must fight with their bare hands only.

 But it's only for fun, not for real.
 It is important not to get injured in a fight, and this is the rule to guarantee it.

 No kicking or punching while competing.
 And it's a different kind of martial art.
 The main thing is that you can throw and put your opponent's back to the ground or out of the ring.

 Got it?

 Again, no injuries, no fatalities, and it's outrageous.

 Do you understand?

Yes, my Lord!
"All you have to do is beat them until they can't move, right?

 You don't understand it at all!
 These guys are monsters after all! There's so much blood!
 We have to instill the spirit of competition in these guys before something irreversible happens.

 Therefore, let's give up sumo wrestling.

 And the Demon King.
 After shadowboxing with a fist filled with magical power, he said, "What? I'm not allowed to do it to the hilt? Please stop making the face that says, "I'm not a fan of this.

 Let's add a rule.
 It's forbidden to use magic.
 It's just for fun.
 It's just for fun. Any activity that is not in the category of fun is forbidden across the board.

 I've decided to demonstrate it to someone else.

 Me vs. Okubo.

 Being the leader of a monster team, he wouldn't have a problem with it, sensibly.
 He and I were trying to achieve the ideal sumo match.

"Hokey-okay, I'm here!

 At the same time as I shouted the signal to start, a tensioner aimed at my face attacked.


 I avoid it just in time.
 I've heard that our monsters have mutated and become stronger, so even with a slap, their skulls might cave in if they entered your face properly.

"No face-attack! It's too dangerous!
You struck it with the palm of your hand as you instructed, my dear.

 That's right!
 Speaking of wrestling, it's papier-mache! If you're wondering why papier-mâché is used in sumo, I'm guessing it's probably to keep people from getting hurt!
 That's exactly what I'm feeling right now!

'You must be joking. No matter how serious I am, I can't let you get injured, my dear.

 So it's okay for them to come and kill you?
 Please don't do that. You're doing a good job of killing people!
There's no way that I, who can only be an instant expert with the "supreme bearer", can compete with them properly, but these guys are holding me up for something!

'If it comes to this, I'll do it!

 Deciding that I had no choice but to attack to survive, I dashed in and closed the distance and got into Okubo's bosom.
 I grabbed my opponent's trouser area as if I were grabbing a mawashi.
 Finally, it's getting into a wrestling-like shape.


 Okubo takes my waist as a counterattack, but his grip is still lax, as he is an amateur.
 Since Okubo has an overwhelming advantage in terms of strength, I thought that if I took too long, I would lose the power, so I went into the game in one fell swoop and pushed him off with a lower hand throw.

 As Okubo's huge body rolls over the ring, everyone around him shouts in admiration.

'Great! Their leader was thrown away!
That's my saint! The saints are the best after all!

 As soon as I had the image of taking the mawashi, a number of sumo techniques I hadn't learned popped into my head and I chose the best one.
 The rest of my body just moved on its own.
 How much more versatile are you, 'supreme bearer'?

'Let's see, as you just saw, the basic strategy is to grab your opponent's waistband and throw or push them out. I hope you can continue to compete safely and without injury at this rate.

 Thus began the competition.

              * * * *

 There were a total of twelve people in the original team of me, the Demon King and the monster team.
 We can play six matches in pairs.

 The monster teams are neatly categorized into two types: speed-type goblins and power-type orcs, and the best of each is developed by utilizing the strengths of each.

 In the case of a matchup between orcs and goblins, the difference between the two is whether the small goblins can exploit the small gaps in balance while using their speed to scramble for the win.
 If they could crush it with their power before that, the Orcs would win.

 Some people have already taken in techniques and come to me for tips and detailed rules.

 And among them, the one with an overwhelming presence was Demon King.
 He was new to the sport of sumo today, but he grasped the gist of the game after watching a match or two, and even devised a decisive move that he shouldn't have known about yet, defeating orcs and goblins.

 Initially there were twelve of them, but after a round, there were six of them.
 The six of us played one more match each, and three of us survived.

 One of them was me.
 I've managed to save the reputation of the master of this settlement.

 The second one was the Demon King.
 He was a stable winner. He's also betting his reputation as a Demon King.

 And the third one was the last survivor from the monster team.
 Goblin Gobuzaemon.
 He figured out the knack of wrestling early on and defeated the two orcs by making full use of the goblin's unique quickness and the ease of movement of the small army. He survived to this point.

 If things continue as they are, I'd like to have one more fight to determine the strongest position....

''How half-assed the numbers are!

 Three left.
 If two players fight, there's one more.
 I suppose they should have treated someone as a seed, but it's a very unpleasant combination.

 At the very least, if one more person is added to the team to make it four, it will feel like a semi-final.

''Oi, Saint-dono, we're back to play!

 Then Prince Arowana appeared.
 It was good timing.

'Everybody! A jumping challenger has appeared!

 The monster team gave a hearty cheer.

''Huh? What?

 Prince Arowana is puzzled.
 But he doesn't have time to calm down.

''The three of us who have won so far, plus Prince Arowana, will team up to form a total of four! The strongest Yokozuna in our frontier will be decided here!
No........... I don't know what the hell is going on here! And that's the Demon King? What's he doing here? Why are there so many VIPs from all over the world converging on this place? To fight? Impossible, impossible, impossible! None of these men can stand up to him! Me! Stop it! Don't let me get in on the crazy game! Oooh me!

 In the end, it was surprisingly Arowana Prince was the winner.

 The reason for his victory, he said, was the strength of his back, which is used to swimming in the ocean.