58-57 Kongo yarn

'It's done!'

 Batty exclaimed.
 She had been working on her clothes all these days, and it finally paid off.

'Master Prati! Try it on! It's a fluffy, spring-colored ilehem skirt created just for you!
"Huh? For me!

 Prathi was puzzled when pressed.
 But a skirt with a pompous title........!

I made the hem of the dress asymmetrical to match the image of Lady Platy, the Little Mermaid, and to give it a wavy look. By measuring Prathi's hip size beforehand, we've established a flowing line when she wears it, giving it a heightened sense of trendiness! Blue to match the top. I imagined the color of the ocean, the home of Lord Prati!

 I don't know what she's talking about 80% of the time.
 But the intensity of her passion is hot and bothering.

''It's very comfortable to wear. And the design is so stylish. I feel like I'm getting dressed up for the first time since I came to your husband's place.......!
'Yes! I've received a compliment!

 Batty, raising his hands in the air and rejoicing.
 I'm glad your efforts were rewarded.

'But next time I make one, I want something more mobile for work.

 It's true that skirts are hard to move around in.

 However, this means that the frontier area can finally produce a piece of clothing that is popular with the young and trendy.
 Another step forward!


 Veerle, who was watching from the side as I was, had a difficult look on his face.

What's wrong with you, Veerle? Are you jealous that only Prathi can wear fashionable clothes?
That's not true. Hey, master, that piece of cloth that's made of clothes is the thread that that that disgusting insect threw up, isn't it?

 Disgusting insects, that's blasphemy.
 It's true that the silk woven from the threads spat out by the monster silkworms found in the dungeon is the raw material for the skirt.

 The silky sheen is beautiful, and I'm impressed with the way you've done it.

"....dragon fireball.

 Something Veerle generated a ball of fire from his fingertips.
 It's about the size of a baseball.
 Is it magic?


 The fireball is thrown out with the movement of his fingertips.
 It flies up to the skirt that Prathi is wearing.
 He was hit.

 What are you doing, you stupid dragon!
 Is it really so bad that you always dress up in platitudes?

Don't panic, master, I've adjusted the power. Don't look so hard.

 The silk skirt that touched the red lotus flames, however, bounced off the flames without flaring up in the slightest.


 The flames completely shattered and disappeared, but there wasn't a single scorch mark on the surface of the skirt.

''As I thought.......this cloth is an extraordinary counter-magic power, right?
It's probably a lot more physical defense than the rest of the armor. I'm sure it's a great deal better than most armor. I'm sure that this is the effect of the thread that the insects spit out, then I'm sure that's a very good idea from the master's point of view.

 No, I wasn't aware of that.
 I wasn't aware of that at all.

 Just because there was a caterpillar that spit out yarn, I thought, "Maybe you could make silk? I was just hoping that it would be a good idea?
 And yet, the fact that it even comes with such practicality as a bonus is a true monster bug in the fantasy world.

There's no way.

 Prathi's tweaks came from Prathi's side as well!

''No matter how much of a monster you are, if you can spit out such a strong thread, you'll surely climb the rumors in some form or another!
So what's this skirt you've actually got that's as protective as your armor?
''I'm just guessing. Didn't Orcbos mutate into Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins when they came in contact with their masters?


''Those insects must have been carefully raised by their masters to mutate, too. Did that change the quality of the yarn you spit out?
By leaps and bounds?

 Have I created a hell of a new species again...?

 After that, I just experimented with the leftover fabric. This mutated monster silkworm silk was found to be a strong fabric that couldn't even be key-cracked by normal level attacks.
 Magic systems are completely disabled.

''Another legendary-grade armor has been created!
''It's not a martial artifact! It's a fashionable fashion item!

 The creator, Batty, had protested, but this was obviously a big deal again.

 Originally, this monster silkworm was a dwarf being that people couldn't even give it a name, but now I'm going to give the mutant a name.

 Since it was a species without a name to begin with, it couldn't have a name only for its mutant species.
 And since I was the one who mutated them, the theory goes, I should have the right to name them.

 The threads these guys spit out are white and shiny, and have more strength than steel. It's like a diamond, so I named it "Kongo Silkworm".
 The silk woven from the threads they spit out is "Kongo Silk" or "Kongo Silk", I guess.

 Anyway, I'm very happy to finally get Prathi dressed up in some stylish clothes.

 I'm sure Veerle is looking at it with a frustrated look, but I guess he's just jealous.

'Master! Always cheating on your platies! Do something for me!

 Even so, you're a dragon and the most powerful race, so there's nothing in particular I can do for you.......

"Is it bad that I'm a perfect being myself........d*mn it!

 I couldn't help it, so I decided to pet Veerle's head for a while.
 It seems that the person in question is not unaware of it. It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.