59-58 Return

You know what?

 I asked the Demon King about something that had been bothering me for a long time.

'How did you get here, Demon King?'

 We didn't see any ships like when Astares and the others first arrived, though.
 And it was just the Demon King alone.

 It's not like I haven't wondered about it until now, but I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and don't have anything to talk about, so I tried asking him.
 The demon king answers.

''That is, of course, transference magic.''

 I knew it was there, such magic.

It's a good way to get to where you want to go in an instant, although there are many restrictions. It's difficult to learn and there are only a few users among the demon race, but...
What kind of restrictions?
'You can only transfer to the marking points you set up in advance. In other words, you can only transfer to places you've been once. Well, if you know the coordinate codes of the points, it's convenient to be able to transfer to places you've never been.

 The Demon King also relied on the marking points to transition to this point.

''Wait. When did you get a marking point or something? You mean around here, right?
One of Astareth's subordinates specialized in dealing with transference magic, and was awarded a second lieutenant for that. ........or was it Verena?

 You're not Batty.
 Maybe the first time you were here? Are you sure you didn't put some kind of a secret marking point on it so we wouldn't find out?

"Right before Astares was accused of failing in his mission and exiled from the Demon City, he left me a note with the coordinates of this land's marking points, for my information only.

 And because of that....

"I was able to track them down and marry Astareth, and I'm grateful for it.

 The Demon King said sincerely.
 So you're saying that the love cupid that connected him and Mr. Astares was the second in command, Verena?

 That boy does a good, sober job.

'But isn't it dangerous to have markings like that?

 The users of shifting magic will still be among the demon race, and is it possible that new demon races will visit here after the demon kings?

No problem. The marking points are also encrypted with the coordinate code to access them. It's impossible to tell unless you get it from the person who made the point.

 It's also convenient.

"And with all the clairvoyant magic I've put in place, they won't even know you're here, let alone that you're here.
What, you haven't noticed? You remember the clairvoyant magic we talked about earlier, don't you?

 It's one of the spells used by the demon race, and it can crush places at a distance, right?

''This land is cloaked in a powerful perception-blocking spell that nullifies its clairvoyance. Thanks to that, this whole area is completely out of the sight of magic detection.

 I've never heard of that.

"Who the hell cast such a helpful spell on you?

 The demon king's eyes turn to the side. There is a humanized dragon, Veerle, there.

''What is it, master? You finally noticed? I threw those a**h*les on the battlefield and I welded them right back up.
I'm sure that the perception-blocking wards set up by dragon magic would be impossible for the demons to break. I'm not going to be able to get a hold of them until I actually set foot in there. With the sole intention of getting Astareth back, I jumped in with the intention of taking a chance. Hahahahaha........!

 How could Veerle be so attentive?
 Is it for me, by any chance?

"The master wants to live here in peace and quiet, so I've been smart about it. And yet, the master didn't even notice...!
Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late in thanking you. Oh, yes, yes...!

 When I stroked his head to apologize and thank him, Veerle's eyes narrowed in a pleasant way.
 I felt like patting him under the chin as well.

The same is true for me, I have been able to live quietly. I don't know if I've ever had such a quiet day in my life. And with Astareth, my lifelong companion. I am grateful to the saints for their support. But.....

 The Demon King stood up.

''It's time to put an end to that, too.
The infighting among the well-wishers, who, buoyed by my absence, have unintentionally risen to their feet, must have reached a boiling point. I will return at that time and dispel the careless ones. We will regain control of the entire demon race's human heart!

 So that's why they stayed in this settlement!
 You didn't just want to make out with Mr. Astares as a newlywed!

'I have enjoyed my time here, but I am the Demon King. I must do my duty as a ruler.
I had hoped that he would release those words someday.

 Mr. Astares came out.

''Ever since I pledged my eternal love in front of the Dark God Hades, I have been prepared to keep my body by the side of Zedan-sama at all times. Please take me to the Demon City.

 The demon king hugged Astares-san's shoulder.
 It's like an I-can communicate with you without having to say much.

We'll go with you.

 His second-in-command, Batty and Verena, also knelt side by side.
 The two formerly followed Astares-san to come here. They would be with Mr. Astares when he left.

'Batty. You don't have to do anything.

 Mr. Astares spoke softly to the girls.

'It was Batty's dream, wasn't it, to take over the family business and become a fine tailor? You are here to fulfill that dream. Stay here and keep chasing your dream.
'Master Astares! But...!
Verena, you can stay with them.

 Mr. Astares says with the dignity of a demon queen already.

''In order to come to this land again, transition magic is essential. I want you to be the guardian of the transition point set up here.
Oh, my God, that's...!
The transfer point is designed to be spontaneously discarded if the environment at the set point changes beyond a certain point. It's a safeguard in case the environment at the transfer point becomes uninhabitable. This land is evolving at a dizzying pace every day with the settlement of the saints. If someone isn't in control of it, it will soon be gone.

 Is that right? And Astares-san's gaze was on me.
 No problem at all for me. I nodded deeply and profoundly.

'Master Astares! In fact, I have a dress tailored for Lady Astares! I created this dress to give the queen the appearance she deserves! Please take it off and return to the Demon City!
Verena, I will fulfill my role as the link between the Demon King and this land. Please don't worry, please return to the Demon City and fulfill your duties!

 Thus, the Demon Lieutenant Batty and Verena remained in this land while the Demon King and his wife returned to the Demon City.
 In order to fulfill the role that comes with their position.

 But, well, leaving Verena behind to secure the transition point means that they plan to come back here again at any time, right?