60-59 The King Comes Again

 I'm Grashara from The Grudge, the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings.

 I'm the one who will become the new Demon King.

 The current King of Demons, Master Zedan, said, "I don't care about the position of Demon King if I want to take back Astareth. I've been losing my mind.
 If you're willing to renounce your title of Demon King, I'll take your title instead.

 They are the chosen ones to inherit the Holy Sword of Resentment, the Hunfviollet.
 Even if the sword itself was broken in the past, it's still fully qualified!

 The demon king's throne that Master Zedan threw away, I will take it in return!
 So I stepped forward as the post-Demon King, but there are surprisingly many idiots who think the same thing.

 It's fine for Zedan-sama's brother who lost the battle for the succession, but what kind of deliberation is it that an ordinary demon tribe that has nothing to do with him would want to ascend to the post of the Demon King?

 The Demon King's name is not that light!
 Qualification by bloodline, of course, but you have to be stronger than that to serve!
 Other than that, you need humanity, intelligence, and the dignity to subdue everything in one look!

 It was Master Zedan who had all of these things, and now you guys are so presumptuous that you're going to take Master Zedan's place!

 I'm going to kill you all!

 .........and so on, a civil war broke out, and some time passed.

 Due to the dragon commotion that occurred on the front line, it was predicted that the human tribal army would not take action without a second thought, but that doesn't mean that everyone is too relieved and rampant.

 Although it's a civil war where self-proclaimed upcoming demon kings who are buoyed by ambition are intermingled, unexpectedly the other four heavenly kings -, Ravilian and Belphegamilia - didn't take it lightly, and cooperated with the regular army, concentrating on maintaining security and protecting the citizens.

 .........What, I'm the only one who's floating around?

 The self-styled incoming demon kings, who also got carried away, didn't have the guts to fight their way out of their ambition, and after a few skirmishes between their private armies, they immediately went into a stalemate to see how things went.

 If it were true, I would have killed all of them, but I myself couldn't move as I would have liked because I was being held back by the Ravillians.

 It's a real stalemate in this situation.

 When I was holding back like that, he came back.
 Zedan-sama, the disappointed bastard who threw away the heavy responsibility of the Demon King and disappeared.

 But that man's decisions and actions are different from those who only call themselves the Demon King.
 He led the Demon King's army, which had been dedicated to protecting its citizens, to round up all the rebel forces in the blink of an eye.
 They used this as an opportunity to wipe out all the disruptive elements.

 I was one of those disruptive elements.

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I was brought before Zedan, who had returned after being arrested by the regulars.

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I was brought in front of Zedan, the demon king.

 And what's she wearing?
 What kind of sickening makeover is the Teme of the female general's army without a shred of pliability?


 The Demon Queen?

 You're going to be the queen of Zedan?
 Don't play games with me! When did that happen?
 You're an incompetent woman who failed in her mission, got fired from the Four Heavenly Kings, and was exiled to somewhere else!

 And now she's back in business in a way that surprises everyone!

 I don't get it! Game on!
 I wouldn't be in awe in front of Master Zedan!
 The reason for Master Zedan's disappearance and the outbreak of civil war in the first place is because of this stupid b*tc*!
 I will judge the tilted nation that disgraces the demon race into chaos here!

 Don't stop, Master Zedan!
 I'm betting my life on this game!

 Well..., do you accept it, Astares?
 You've got some guts, don't you?
 I'm going to test you in public to see if you're worthy of becoming the queen.

 Take this! My ultimate inner sanctum, the Prison Fire Magic!
 My real flame has dissipated before it reaches its body?

"As expected of the saint's homemade vajra silk, Batty's dress is the Demon Queen's Dress. Even the magic of the Four Heavenly Kings class is completely blocked...!

 What the hell are you talking about, Astareth?
 If the magic doesn't work, it's a direct attack! I had a master dwarf strategist strike down with a sword of magic and silver, cut you in half!

 Oh no!
 That's a fine sword! A great sword that breaks into pieces!

 Astareth! What is that sword you wielded?
 The delusional holy sword, Zexhuys?
 You're full of shit, you lying bastard! Aren't all of the swords held by the Four Heavenly Kings were smashed by the Demon Lord's furious Holy Sword a long time ago?

 He's back?
 By the power of a saint?

 What does that mean...? And the blessing on Lord Zedan and Astares is the blessing of the Earth Mother's husband?
 The finest breath of the demon race, celebrated directly by the underworld god Hades?

 Was it this saint that did this to you...?

 What's the matter? What's the matter with you?

 I'm the fourth king of the four kingdoms, and my family is just like yours.

 Master Zedan is always favoring Astareth...!
 What's so great about your childhood friends! Just because you happened to meet him first, you can't beat Astares in anything you do!

 I've tried my best too! You worked as hard as Astareth to serve Master Zedan, so why doesn't Master Zedan pay attention to me?

 All I see is Astareth! All Astares!

 Enough! You should have executed me! I also rebelled against Master Zedan while he was away, hoping to take his place as the Demon King!
 I don't give a d*mn about a demon king who only favors Astareth, without knowing how I feel.

 If you can't be Master Zedan's wife, there's no point in living!

 Execute her!
 If you can't do that, then you can have me as your wife, too.

 I want to be Zedan-sama's wife too!