61-60 King's murmur

 I am Genesis XVIII.

 King of the great human nation.

 We are a nation made up of the purest people on earth.
 Hence, it is a human nation.

 That name alone is enough.
 It doesn't need to have a specific name, just like a city or a village.
 It's similar to the demon kingdom ruled by demons, or mermaids ruled by mermaids.

 However, the only country that can truly be called a nation is the human country ruled by me.
 Because the human race is the most superior species in the world.

 The human race is the purest, most righteous, strongest and wisest species in the world, produced by the god Zeus.

 The demon race and mermaids are just a lower race created by the lower gods other than Zeus.
 Normally, they should obey our race of men and serve them like slaves, but they rebel against us, so we only defeat them.
 After conquering the demon race, it's time for the mermaids.
 I'll show the fools who should be the true king of this world!

 Well, they work pretty hard too.
 So it's going to be a protracted battle.
 This is how I've been fighting for hundreds of years, but that battle will end soon!

 Because I ascended to the throne!

 Only in the reign of the wisest king ever, Genesis XVIII, will the war end with the victory of the human race!
 Because that is the destiny of God!

 ...Huh? What?
 Did the previous king say that?

 Yuck, my dad was so incompetent, it's no wonder he got it wrong!
 Huh? Did your grandfather tell you that?
 Oh, well....

 Oh, well, that's okay. Anyway, I'll put an end to the long war in my generation!
 That's why I've summoned so many brave men from other worlds to help us out!

 I heard it's causing the mana circulating in the country to dry up and be in trouble, but no problem!
 If we defeat the demon tribe and uproot their land, we can replenish the deficit and be done with it!
 If only we could win!
 If only we could win!


 I just got a report of a frontline collapse, what does that mean?
 Did you lose? Did we lose?
 When I listen to the report in detail with a cold heart, I hear that it's not so bad.

 I heard that a dragon suddenly landed on the front line of the battle between the demon race and the human race.

 Thanks to that, the two armies were unable to continue the battle and were forced to retreat.
 Since then, although the dragons have left, the once stalemated battle lines cannot be bypassed and the standoff continues.

 I was relieved to hear that our army had not suffered a disastrous defeat, but in the end, it is the dragons that are abominable.

 I don't know if it's the most powerful creature in the world, but on a whim, it's disrupting my plans!
 Your unwanted worming delays the great victory of my people's army!

 I don't like the fact that you're a creature that can't be controlled by the human race, dragon!
 Still, the best people in this world are the human race! Dragons aren't ranked because God doesn't love them! That's the rule!

 According to the generals at the front, we can't move our troops again until we find out exactly what the purpose of this dragon's intervention is, or else they'll complain.
 You cowards!

 The dragon says that he is under the control of someone named Saint Kidan.
 Master of the Dragon?
 Who else but God could be such a person? I doubt very much, but until we find out who she is and confirm that she does not interfere with our people, we will not be able to resume our war with demons.

 The generals say that if they unknowingly provoke her to attack another dragon while at war with the demons, they will be annihilated.

 They have a point.

 He is capable of commanding dragons.
 If we can get him to join our ranks, we can control the dragons and attack the demons, our victory is assured.

 Mm! I've decided!
 I'll call this Saint Kidan himself!

 Get him to come to me as soon as possible!
 I don't know where he is!

 You're useless!
 So what do we do now?
 Organize a search party and scour the globe for him?
 Fine, we'll take it.

 Until we find the saint, the war against the demons is a waste of money, so call it off!
 Hey, we can win this thing with a saint on our side in a heartbeat!
 A civil war breaks out in the capital of the Demon Nation?
 Let me go, let me go, let me go! With the saints on our side, it would be a piece of cake in an instant!

 So, now that we have a search party, how much manpower do we have to allocate?
 ...80,000 people?
 That's a bit much, isn't it?
 They say you have no clue at all, so you have to use that much manpower to find them, but mobilizing that many people would be expensive and troublesome....

 Even though the fighting has been called off, you still need troops to guard the border, right?

 So let's get the numbers down a bit more....
 8,000 people? Let's cut back a bit.
 Eight hundred? One more word!
 Okay! Eight men! That's it!

 Eight Chosen Heroes! You will find Saint Kiddan, but you must bring him down here!
 This is an order from the King of the Human Nation! Because it's a one-shot deal!
 If I command it, you can bet that whoever it is will follow!
 Now go!

 One of the eight chosen search parties is the brave Lord Momoko.
 Are you going with us?

 No, now that the truce has been made, a beautiful girl like you can stay in the palace and make your place in my lap more glamorous....

 The mission of a brave man is to bring peace to the world?
 Are you sure you'll find a saint for that?

 Huh, I see.

 If you're that determined, King, I won't stop you!
 You will surely fulfill your purpose and make a triumphant return to King's Landing!

 Well, but...
 You'll come home from time to time, won't you?