62-61 Bread making

 Bread making is currently the rage in our frontier.

 I've been trying my hand at bread since we originally grew wheat.
 We even built a big oven in the kitchen, and we didn't actually lack anything to produce bread.

 As an otherworldly person from Japan, I regret having to bake bread before rice as a staple food, but I still want my staple food as soon as possible.
 Bread is good too.

 That's why, right now, all the residents of the settlement are trying to make bread.

Kone Kone.
Bread dough, sweetie.
I'll put a little water in it and you'll love it.

 The women were doing it rhythmically.
 Bread itself seemed to exist in this world, and Batty and Verena, who were from the common people, were familiar with the movements.

 However, Prati, a princess from a mermaid background, and others were struggling. Even her face is white with flour.

"Mu Mu Mu Mu Mu........?

 And as for Veerle, he couldn't see a thing.
 It's not just that his body is completely white, it's that he has less than a few percent of the flour on the table, and the dough is squishy.

''Ughhhh! I'm a dragon, I can't be bothered to do this kind of inconvenient stuff! Give me the finished product! I'm just a glutton!

 I'm not allowed to do that, though.
 The more you know about how hard it is to cook, the better your food tastes.

They say the dough should be about an earlobe in hardness. You can touch your earlobes and compare them.


"Why do you have to touch my earlobe?

 You have something of your own, so why don't you touch yours?
 And now you've turned my ears white with flour.

I don't want to compare earlobes, I want to compare the softness of your tits. Veerle, why don't you compare your tits to your own?

 Big titty Prathi was teasing poor Vaal.

 The dough is baked by adding various steps other than kneading it.
 It is a great way to get a good idea of what you're looking for.
 We taste the freshly baked hot bread together.

It's so good! It's so good!
The outside is crispy! The inside is fluffy and chewy and soft!
'Why is it that bread baked in the land of the saints tastes so good? This is no longer bread! It's something more than just bread!

 I knew that freshly baked bread was delicious.
 You don't need to put any jam or butter on it.
 It's a hit with the ladies as well.

 They said, "It's completely different from the bread of our world! They will eat it like a target and devour it, but is it that different?
 This is different.
 I know this because I have bought and eaten bread from this world as a portable food on my way to this settlement.
 This world's bread is not bread.
 It's a hardened barley flour.

 To begin with, the barley they use for this bread is different.

 In the world where I originally came from, various ingredients have been tried out as history progresses, and it's been determined that wheat flour is the best material for baking.

 However, in our world, they don't do this kind of trial and error, relying only on the methods they discovered at the beginning.
 That's why the cuisine hasn't evolved at all.
 By the way, they don't even use yeast to swell bread in our world, so they just knead barley flour with water and bake it uncooked.

 On that note, we have a compounding pharmacology expert, Prathi, at home, so it was easy to combine my knowledge and the 'supreme bearer' to cultivate yeast.

 All the more so since I already had experience in making koji, the process of making miso and soy sauce.
 That's why the bread made from wheat by yeast fermentation was a big hit with everyone.

 I made a lot of bread and saved it for tomorrow's meal.
 Even if it cools down after a while, it's delicious again if you make it into toast.

 I didn't make any jam or butter yet, so I put some miso on it for seasoning, and it was surprisingly tasty.

 However, as I'm originally Japanese, bread is good, but I also want to have rice.
I haven't forgotten to offer a rice ball to the god Hephaistos, who gave me the "supreme bearer" gift.

 We have more food stockpiles, a house, and many roommates who are willing to help us.

 Should we be full of hope for the future?
 To grow the rice we've longed for.

 Growing rice is not the same as growing other vegetables.
 We have to water the fields and stretch them.

 A lot of water is needed to do that.

 Currently, the water situation in my settlement is completely dependent on the power of my 'supreme bearer'.
 My "supreme bearer" changes seawater into fresh water with a single touch.

 But now that the number of people living in the area has increased and the number of fields to water has grown, it's not feasible for me to provide for the area by myself.

 Regardless of whether we build or not, we'll need other means of obtaining water in larger quantities.

 We will build waterways.

 Build channels and bring clean, drinkable water into the settlements.
 We would also use that water to build rice fields.

 A new goal has been set.
 The selection of rivers to be used as water sources was already completed. There was a large tributary about two hours' walk in the opposite direction of the teacher's dungeon from the reclaimed land.

 Let's dig a branching waterway from here and pull it to the settlement!

 They have already become professionals in building construction work, but now they are going to become professionals in civil engineering.
 Let's take our frontier to a new level!