63-62  personnel supplement

We need more people.

 Some time after I started working on the canal with Okubo and his team, Prathi told me.

'The whole thing is starting to get out of hand and the work is getting messy.

 At present, the founder of our settlement, Prathi, who is the founder of the settlement, is the first to be flanked by his wife, Prathi, who is also in charge of fermented food and medicine.
 The five orc team members, including Okubo, are in charge of construction and civil engineering. Goblin team, headed by Gobukichi, is in charge of farm work.
 Of the two newcomers to the team due to the demon race riots, Batty will focus on being in charge of clothing, while Verena will manage the transition points and will be a ranger in various sections, providing backup if there is a shortage of staff.

 Veerle, the dragon, is in charge of eating and sleeping.
 Sorry, lie.
 Right now, he's contributing a lot with his huge dragon body to the digging of the canal, but this guy really doesn't do much when he doesn't have anything to do.

 and each member of the team, although they do the best they can at their posts, their hands are inevitably running out.
 Prathi, the man in charge of communicating with each of the positions, came to take over for me.

The fields are getting bigger and bigger, and it's getting impossible to cover them with just Gobukichi-chan and the others. With Verena's help, we've been able to make it work.

 I'm also planning to take care of the fields in between building waterways, but........

You've also started to produce some for my brother and the Demon King, who asked you to help them out, right? It's not easy for me either, okay? Soy sauce, miso and many other orders went up with a bang...!
Yes, sir.
And your husband keeps making new plans. 'You mean for the crockery? And you haven't even finished that big kiln or that big bath. But you're being a bit too random with your new projects like building a canal!

 I didn't even gag as it passed.
 There's so many things I want to do that I've ignored the plan.
 Prathi was right, we're completely out of things to do.

 For a single field, at this point in time, Govkichi and his team are still managing to turn it around, but if we have to complete the canal and build the rice fields and even take care of them, we will be completely ruined.

 The simplest solution to this is....

"More people?

 Prathi held the tub of kid starfish in front of me.
 She's still pushing this blur, even though she raised the issue herself.
 I silently push the starfish-filled tub to the side.

'Shall we go to the teacher's dungeon again and replenish the orcs and goblins? Leave the direct command to the Orcobos........ It's about time those guys had their own men.

 They've absorbed the lessons I've taught them, and now they can manage their fields and create what they need without me having to tell them what to do.
 It would be cool to have Okubo and the other initial monsters as captains, with more soldiers under them to form a large monster farming group.

''For that reason, I'll have to make sure to give my teacher a heads up.

 The cave dungeons where orcs and goblins occur are mastered by the teacher.

'Prati. Can you wrap the takuan as a gift for your teacher? A little more than that, about five or six.
That's all well and good for the field, but we still have a problem.

 Prathi said, holding her temples.

'The hardest part is Attah's.
For Platy?
Fermented Foods Production Department! I'm going to have to hire more people, I'm going to have to ship to more places, and our production keeps going up, and I'm still the only one in charge! Hey, what's going on? What's going on here?
Oh, yes! Sorry!

 I can't help but apologize with my best effort.

 Fermented foods is a business that started out relying on the pharmaceutical magic used by the Prati.
 A magic used only by the mermaid race, a magic that mixes magic and herbs to create potions. So if you apply it, you can manufacture pickles, miso soy sauce, and other fermented foods.

 Because of this, the making of fermented foods is left entirely to Prati. The breweries that make soy sauce and other foods have become a stronghold of Plati.

The amount of hyper-fish manure they use to make it has gone up because their fields are getting bigger. In order to make hyper-fish manure, we have to dive into the sea to catch Ba Herring G, which is the ingredient.

 So, more and more mermaids are needed.

"Please, sir. I'll give you five ... or three. Will you hire a mermaid to be my assistant?

 It's not impossible.
 Prati's brother, Prince Arowana, comes to visit us occasionally.

 With his power as the next mermaid king, he'll be able to get someone to come and visit us in no time.
 It's also a favor from my lovely sister.

I'll ask him for a favor the next time he comes to visit. Prathi, I want you to prepare some takuan for your brother. Of course, I'll have two ... no, three for souvenirs!
"Aaaaaaaaah! Why do you people always want to eat Taikan? But it's delicious! It's delicious, but I'm consuming it too fast and I don't have enough hands!

 Prathi went crazy.
 I'm sorry.
 I knew we were seriously short on staff in the fermented food department. We'll fill up the staff as soon as possible, and in the meantime, I'll help you as much as I can...!


"Don't take the initiative in consuming them even though they're needed as gifts!

 Yes, you're right.
 I'm very sorry.

              I'm sorry.

 In the meantime, we have decided to temporarily suspend all construction work until we can replenish the workforce and have the orc teams that are free to go to each department to support them.
 The field was now in good shape.

 As we were trying to get by, Prince Arowana came to visit us.
 He came to visit us so often that I asked him if he was okay with his work. What is the mermaid prince so busy doing? I'm worried that the mermaid prince has so much time on his hands.

"Sumo is fun!

 Prince Arowana was the first to tell me that after his visit.
 He had won a sumo tournament held in our settlement the other day and was now hooked on the sport.

 As soon as I heard that, I said, "Kappa?! I tweeted, "A kappa?
"Not a mermaid, but a kappa! I said to myself.