68-67 Biography of Three Witches

 It was the same time that Prati was entertaining the newcomers. I was entertaining Prince Arowana, who had accompanied me.

'Mad six witches' quarters?'

 What's that uncool name you're giving yourself for being a chutzpah?

"That is the name of the six potion mages who have made our mermaid kingdom infamous. All of them are women, hence their name: witches.

The Witch of the Frozen Cold.
The Fiery Witch.
The Plague Witch.
The Witch of the Crown.
The Witch of the Dark Witch.
The Witch of the Abyss.

 The Abyssinian witch.
 It's as if another eighth grader has summoned all his wits...

And half of those people are here today?
Yeah. Of the six witches, three of them were imprisoned for doing things. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well. We had no choice but to restrain them because they could cause a great deal of damage if left unchecked.

 Oh, no...
 I continued to ask each of the girls who were to become the new inhabitants of this settlement about their backgrounds.
 One could call it a criminal record, but...!

 First one.
Puffa, the "Frozen Cold Witch".
 She focused on the global flow of undersea mana, and set out to develop a spell to artificially manipulate it.
 The magic was deemed too large to be perfected, but her ideas were so radical that she was imprisoned.

''Why were you called 'The Frozen Cold Witch' or something like that for an episode like that?'''
''I don't want to bore you with the difficult logic, but I heard that they can turn the whole world into an ice age by manipulating the mana on the ocean floor. If you do that, the demon race and the human race will be annihilated," he said, spreading the ultra-radical theory that this is the direct cause of his imprisonment. That's also the direct cause of their imprisonment.
And it seems that she herself likes to use ice-cold potion. I've heard that she's also a very skilled magician.

 Then the second one.
The "Hellfire Witch" Lamp Eye.

 She used to be a Kingsguard in the mermaid's palace.
 She uses medicinal magic in battle and specializes in flame-based attack potions. Her explosive potion burns even in the water, and it burns and spreads at a higher temperature than the same potion made by any other researcher, making it difficult to handle and only the creator of the potion could use it.

 The end result was the title of the strongest Kingsguard in the palace.
 And at the same time, she joined the ranks of the Six Witches.

"According to the rumors on the street, she was the only sensible person in the Six Witches. The incident overturned that reputation.
The case?
"I'm sure you're aware, High Priestess, of my sister Prathi's marriage troubles.

 Prati's reputation grew so much that another race, the demon race-human race, also offered to marry her, and even if she accepted either marriage proposal, it would result in a war with the one who refused, an unavoidable situation?
 That commotion itself was resolved when Prathi married me, who is neither a demon nor a human race.

At that time, the public opinion in the mermaid kingdom was split in half. The debate was whether Prati should marry into the demon race or into the human race.

 A mermaid aristocrat came to the mermaid king to confer with him.

He was also concerned about her marriage, but he was unusually neutral. He was opposed to Plati's marriage. The risk of failing to get a bride from the demon tribe and the human tribe is unpredictable, so they will back off if they buy enough time.

 What. That's a pretty calm opinion.

'But. The nobleman got carried away and slipped up on the way. 'Princess Prati is a pharmacy nerd who doesn't even know how to be polite anyway, so there's no way she'll be able to marry anywhere.'

 The misfortune for that nobleman was that among the Kingsguard guarding the audience room was the 'Hellfire Witch' lamprey.
 Those words, which could be considered an insult to the royalty, entered her ears perfectly.

''Lamp Eye.......it's a good thing for a Kingsguard to be loyal to the royalty.......! I pounced on them on the spot and beat them to a pulp.
This nobleman is one of the most powerful people in the mermaid country, or rather, he is a relative of the royal family. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it is. You can't even get away with it because you were violent in front of the king.

 As a result, Lampay was seized and imprisoned on the spot.
 After that, Prathi's marriage turmoil was settled without marrying a demon or a human as the nobleman had said, so she was more and more out of position.

''At worst, it's a death sentence. At best, she would be executed, at worst, she would be dismissed from the Kingsguard, but since she never bowed down to say she was not to blame, the worst was now possible.

 So you brought her here to cool off.

It's partly because they don't want anyone to die, but it's also true that the Six Witches are valuable people who should be spared. Half of their imprisonment was also meant to protect them from the conflict with the public.

 The one whose intentions are the strongest is the third and final person.
''The 'Plague Witch' Gala Rufa.

''What can I say, her nickname is the most disturbing...?
"Gala Rufa used to be a member of the Mermaid Medical Society, you know.

 Magical medicine is also 'medicine'.
 That's why the most active stage is medicine, and the Mermaid Medical Society is the highest authority on pharmaceutical magic.

'Gara Rufa had a rather unusual theory there. According to him, 'Most of the diseases are caused by organisms so small that they are invisible to the eye' or something like that?

 Isn't that quite normal?

 No, wait.
 Isn't this world a place where bacteria and other microbes are still not accepted?

 Even Prathi, who is probably one of the smartest people in this world, was terribly surprised when I told him about koji and yeast.
 In such a world, we talk about a future that is not yet generally accepted.
 It's natural to be treated like a freak.

"And then she said something even more outrageous. 'The human body learns the characteristics of a 'small creature' once it's taken in and becomes resistant,' and other nonsensical things...!

 It's about the immune system.

'She stuck to the time period and did a hell of a lot of things during a certain plague outbreak.
They drained the blood of those who had recovered from the disease and injected it directly into the body of the afflicted!


'How dare you treat a sick and weak patient when putting someone else's blood in your veins can kill them! ........and Gala Rufa was restrained. She's the only one who went into a frenzy for purely crazy behavior.

 To me, as an otherworlder, it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.
 Was it hasty for me to try to hit him with antibodies at random, without taking his blood type into account?

''........So, the most dangerous person in that group is undoubtedly Gala Rufa. But she's also top-notch in her knowledge of magic and her mixing skills.......! More attention, please.

 But, well.
 You've brought a bunch of crooks with you.

Multiple people with a lot of quirks and quirks. I wonder if Prathi can manage them all by himself?  I'm starting to get a little worried...!
'I'm sure that will be all right. In fact, who else but Prati could lead the Six Witches?
"The Crowned Witch, the first of the Six Witches, is my sister.


It's a very troublesome existence that has developed a number of new drugs, including a complete version of the Land Humanification Potion, that have left their mark on the history of mermaids, some of which are so dangerous that they are banned. But because she is a princess, she cannot be imprisoned like the other witches.

 That's how I got the nickname "The Crowned Witch.

 My wife was a witch.
 This is the real "My wife is a witch".
 I'm not.