69-68 Witch Roundtable

What do you think of this place?

'The Freezing Cold Witch,' Puffa said.
 She was a wild-looking woman with long, blueish hair that was not even set and shaggy all over.

'Well? It's hard to answer that question in a hurry. But it's a bizarre place, that's for sure.

The "Hellfire Witch" lamprey responds to that.
 She wears her red hair in a ponytail, which burns bright red as her nickname suggests.
 She is an active looking woman whose previous experience was as a soldier.

''It's heaven for me........! I want to work here for the rest of my life...!

 And then there's the 'plague witch', Gala Rufa.
 She has dark, shiny black hair with a subdued color for a mermaid. Cut it short and she looks like a girl with a bun head.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on. This is not a city or a village. It's the land where we're going to build it.
We are, after all, prisoners in prison. Isn't that appropriate for a place of imprisonment?
"Pioneer work is your labor...?

 I saw the girls when I was passing behind Plati's brewery.
 They were holding their foreheads together like the delinquent girls in the back of the gymnasium.

'But that's not the point. If I can work for my beloved Princess Plati, it's no different than when I was a Kingsguard in the Mermaid Palace.
'Keh, I'm not happy with Atay, though. Giving in to the system is a very shameful thing to do.
'You have a rebellious spirit. You're in love with Prince Arowana.
It's pretty obvious from the outside. Mr. Puffa, you like that kind of thing, don't you?
No, no! That's cool, prince. The future king of the world has some dignity!
'Agree with me, royal little shark!

 They are talking about girlish topics.
 It's not.

It's not a good idea to go back and talk about it.

 Reluctantly, but crisply, Gala Rufa said.

We're sticking together here because Prati-sama listened to our wishes to clear our heads. Now, if you're going to do nothing but talk, I'd like to get back here and listen to Master Platy explain all this germ stuff to me.
Calm down, medicine geek!
Oh, sure. Well, I'd like to get straight to the point and discuss my biggest concern.

''Hellfire Witch,'' Lamprey said in a hushed voice.

''........Isn't this the Demon Race's sphere of influence?''


'What makes you think that?'
"The Batty who came for you, wasn't it? She was a typical demon. Moreover, the people who work here are orcs and goblins. They're an anthropomorphic monster that the demon race likes to use.

 Ah, I see.
 So that's what you think.

'The master of this settlement - it seems that he is called Saint-sama, but there is a strong possibility that he is also a demon race. That's where I remember the story of Prati-sama's marriage.
'What? Is there such a thing as a story?
Don't you know?
Because you've been in solitary confinement for over a year. There's no way we're getting anything from the outside world.
''Well, I'm in a similar situation and I have no idea what's going on in the world these past few months, but.... But if Prati-sama has agreed to marry a demon, then...
Does it make sense that Lord Platy is here to...?

 At Gala Rufa's muttering, Lamp Eye reacted vehemently.

''What a poor little Prati-sama! You're at the mercy of politics and now you're being made the wife of a demon tribe! So you're going to live on land without any privileges?
"We feel sorry for you guys, living in a land environment, right?
''It's all right because we have the charges we should be facing! But Prati-sama did not commit any crime, and yet this cruel treatment of an innocent man...!
Do you really think it's true...?
It's just that she's a princess, so she's allowed to tolerate a lot of things. She is also the "crown witch".

 Prathi, the raggedy way they say it.
 But the more you leave it to these girls to talk, the more the speculation is pushed in a serious direction!
 This is where this me, this me who happened to be passing by and overhearing, saw a situation where I should try to brilliantly change course!

'Um, do you have a minute?'

 I think I startled him by talking to him suddenly.

What's up with you, huh? You can't just talk to me like that!
A human race...? I'm not, but he's a bit different in color...?

 The girls seem to think that this is the demon race's sphere of influence, so the sudden appearance of me, a seemingly human race, will be confusing.

''It's nice to meet you. I'm a resident of this place, if you don't mind, can I show you around?

 The three of them couldn't seem to hide their confusion at this suggestion.

"What do you mean by 'guide', we've been waiting for Prathi-sama and I...?
Isn't that right? As a laborer, even if I had to labor, I'd be in a bad position if I did anything of my own from day one.

 Then Gala Rufa interrupted him.

'I think you should definitely be shown around.
Ms. Gara Rufa!
Seriously, man?

 Surprisingly, the most mature girl gave the boldest opinion, and the scene was abuzz.

'We must gather information so that we can continue to live here. I think we should know as much as possible, especially before we come face to face with the saint who is the master here.
'That's right too...! Just knowing ahead of time what the master of this place is like will give us an advantage going forward.
"Let's get to know our enemies before we fight with them, eh? That's a nice idea. I love that idea!


'The human race, would you be so kind as to give us a tour? Could you tell us as much as you can about this place in detail, as much as you can?
However! A secret from the saint who claims to be the master of this land! I don't want you guys to know I'm snooping around like this!
Please! Please!

 I understand.
 All right.

 We'll keep your business a secret from the saints.

 Who is the saint anyway?

 I stubbornly refuse to be called a saint by humans, so I am not a saint.
 So, no problem.

 Well, let's give them a tour of our settlement!