71-70 Work of a witch begins

 The next morning after the welcome party.
 Finally, the girls begin their work.

'I'm sure you already understand what this place is and how it came to be...'

 In front of the three ladies, Puffa, Lampuai and Gala Rufa, Prati stood in front of them like an instructor.
 Since they were called in as personnel for Prati's direct use, he's going to leave them in charge of the entire operation.

What I want you guys to do is to assist me in my work. Making fermented foods and mixing medicines. I will also research and develop new food products in response to the master's request. It's hard to do all of these things by myself, but if I can share the work with you guys, it will be easier for me...!

 Prati was a bit teary-eyed.
 I'm sorry, I'll make it easier for you. I'll make it easier for you from now on.

I've already asked my idiot brother to bring in the blending equipment for you guys, so we'll start working on it...

 Krulli, Prati interrupts his exhortation to the newcomers and turns to me.

"Why do you people keep looking at us?

 Behind Prathi, all the inhabitants of the place were gathered behind me, Veerle, Batty and Verena, and a team of monsters, including Okbo and the rest of the team.

 Prince Arowana and the doctor left last night in a tipsy mood.

What are you all doing here? Don't you have your own job to do? Come on, let's go to work!

 It's true that I have to take care of the fields and stuff, but....

But.... As the master of the land, I thought I'd see how the training of the newcomers was going...!

 I was a bit of an excuse.
 In fact, I just wanted to watch, because it was a rare sight to see the newcomers I welcomed.

''Ma'am. We are planning to replenish our staff in the near future, so please allow me to observe to learn how to teach the newcomers.

 That said, it's Okubo and his team of monsters.
 These guys are really the most serious about a lot of things.

 Then Batty and Verena.

''I thought it sounded interesting,''

 Very straightforward and good.

 Finally, Veerle.

"There's nothing else to do.


 That's just the way it is, Mr. Prathi. Please allow me to watch and observe.

I'm not an amateur, but they have the right kind of background. I'm not going to give them any particular guidance, but I'm going to have them work for me right away. So I don't think they will be of any help to you, Okubo-chan, but........!


 The six witches are assembled here in the mermaid world, the Crazy Six Witches' Band.
 It's not a cool name, no matter how many times I say it.

 They are four of the six, including my wife.

I'll show you how to do the basic blending process in no time. "I'll show you the basics in a jiffy. Three times the normal amount.
'I have neglected to concoct anything but offensive potions during my time as a soldier. I would appreciate it if you would give me a few moments to get my hunch back.
'Koji! Yeast! I would love to see the culture of...!

 The newcomers are too dependable.

 ........By the way, all of these girls were originally imprisoned as criminals in the land of mermaids.
 Coming here was also a kind of plea bargain.

 Some of them have complicated reasons for coming here, such as to avoid conflicts with certain forces and to cool down the heat of the moment.
 It's because they are such people that they ask, "Are you sure it's safe to hire them easily? I was worried, but Prathi, the person I was hiring, seemed to be fine.

'It won't be a problem. All three of us have a reason to be happy to work here.

 Prati had said as much last night.

 First, the 'Hellfire Witch' lamprey.
 She used to be a Kingsguard of the Mermaid Nation, and that's why she's loyal to Plati, the Mermaid Princess.
 After all, the reason she came here is because she beat up a mermaid nobleman who spoke ill of her to Plati.

 I'm sure that a man with such a deep sense of loyalty would not run away and do whatever he wanted against Plati.
 In fact, he'd rather bite into the happiness of life by obeying Prati like a dog?

 Next is Gala Rufa, the "Plague Witch".
 She is a truly gifted woman who foresaw the existence of bacteria in this fantasy-heavy other world. However, it was her fault that she was forced to leave the mermaid kingdom and ended up here.

 It was my idea for her to make soy sauce miso, which was Prati's idea. The dried yeast she uses for bread is proof of the validity of her theory.

 It's gospel, so to speak.

 He would rather take the initiative in his work at home because of his researcher's nature to prove the validity of his theories and take them further.

 I had heard this from Prati last night, and I thought to myself, "I see.

 Finally, there's Puffa, the Freezing Cold Witch.
 I think she's the most difficult one to find. I think.
 It's a blatantly rebellious vibe. She gives off an aura that says, "Try to make me obey her by force.

 At first, Prathi also seemed to be wondering how to handle her, but after last night's banquet, she seemed to be completely at ease.

''She's the most okay. It's no problem.''

 I wondered at the time what could be so problematic, but I was beginning to understand.

 I realized that the sharp-edged knife-like girl, Puffa, was sitting next to Prince Arowana at the banquet and wouldn't leave.
 She was drinking from the wooden cup of Prince Arowana.

 As they don't produce liquor in our settlement, all the liquor is from Prince Arowana.
 The prince's liquor was all from him, as they did not yet produce any liquor on the frontier. I gave him a drink.
 He was so drunk that he wanted me to attack him.

 Even I could understand this.
 And I am sure Puffa will be able to do the job well.
 He will not be disliked by Prince Arowana. And if possible, raise his favorability.

''The Six Witches may have some behavioral problems, but it's because they're excellent pharmacy wizards to begin with that they're chosen as witches.

 Prati muttered meaningfully.

''I'm fully qualified to be chosen as the Mermaid Queen on merit. You might want to take action as soon as possible since your brother's matchmaking with the next mermaid king is in danger of being used even more than I am for political purposes.

 There were all sorts of things like that at last night's banquet.

 And let's bring the consciousness back to the present.

 Prathi seems to immediately give instructions to the first subordinate who has it for the first time.

'Then puffa! I need you to do something for me!
"Keh, I don't like being told what to do, but I don't care. What's going on? I'll show you what it takes to be called the Frosty Witch.

"Confession practice!

What the heck?

 Ms. Puffa, you're as distraught as a live girl.

What do you mean by that, huh? Who do you think is going to confess to whom?
My stupid brother, of course. Now repeat the words. "I love you, please go out with me. "Sunhigh!
"Can you do it?

 I called you to work for me.
 I'm fast becoming distracted by other things.
 That's what makes it fun.