72-71 Witch's Pajamas Party

 Atai is the "Frozen Witch" Puffa.

 The first day of work is over.

 The work itself was finished relatively quickly, which wasn't enough for us, but Prati's princess let us leave, telling us that there's nothing else to do today.

 After that, we were relatively free to have dinner with the rest of the guys who had come back from their stray work - which was good enough to make me cry - and then we wiped and cleansed ourselves before going to bed.

 The bed is shared with Lamp Eye and Gala Rufa.
 The main house where the saints live? He opened up a room at a place called "The World Bank" for Atai and the others to use.
 He said he would eventually expand it and prepare a private room for each of us, but....


 He consults with Gala Rufa, the lamprey who will be his roommate for a while.

'Isn't that too blissful?'

 When Athey broached the subject, they responded with a very sour look on their faces.

'I was just thinking the same thing.

 Saying that, Lamp Eye picked up the hem of the pajamas he was wearing.

''This pajamas........! I heard it was handmade by that Bati-san or some other demon tribe, but it's a very high quality product. The materials are different.
'I didn't observe the nobility as a member of the Kingsguard. None of the mermaid aristocrats wore such smooth, shiny fabric.

 'I heard it's called silk,' the guy from Gala Rufa added.

It's the fabric, but the design is also amazing........ It's like this, it's pretty and full of frills...!
...What is it?
"You look spectacular in a rump-eye suit!
I don't think that's true for you either!

 Don't say that. I'm wearing a pair of frilly pajamas right now and I'm feeling very uncomfortable," he said.

The clothes you're wearing, but the bedroom itself is quite luxurious. Especially this tatami? It's too rare to find a floor that says, "I'm not sure.

 TATAMI seems to be a special floor made of woven grass.
 If you stroke the grass along the grain of the weave, it gives you a unique sensation and you get addicted to it.

'Your bedding is clean and fluffy, and you are truly too blessed. Even in the most blessed days of the Kingsguard, we have never been this blessed.
The place must be even more amazing than you guys realize...!

 This settlement.

"....all of this must be due to the power of the saint who claims to be the first to settle here.
You guys thought I was your manservant at first, and I was rough with you.

 Was it the brewery? A man I met in the back of the place where we were to work, a man with no aura at all, who looked like a human race.

 He was a saint.

 It's hard to imagine a mere mortal being at the top of a frontier where demons and monsters are stationed.
 After I woke up after being knocked out by a dragon or a no-life king, all three of us apologized as best we could.

''After inquiring from Prati-sama and others. It turns out that Saint-sama's true identity is a summoner.
'Summoner? What's that?
You are so ignorant in a field that doesn't interest you, aren't you? As a researcher, I like that.

 According to Lamp Eye's explanation, the meaning of the summoner is this.

 It's an otherworldly person who uses the magic of Zeus, the god of heaven, to distort space and connect a world that is different from this one, and then summons them from there.
 It is said that they are the helpers that the human race calls up to win the war against the demon race.

I'm not sure I'm going to be the only one. The other world's guys have their own reasons.
"This isn't the first time humans have been so vulgar. Anyway, the saint has abilities and knowledge that he brought from another world. This land has developed to this point in time due to his power.
''Saint-sama is too awesome!''

 Gala Rufa, who had been silent until now, suddenly shouts out and I'm scared.
 Oh, you've been looking for the right moment to join the conversation.

''Saint-sama is! I knew what I was advocating for, the 'little creatures'! It's called a bacterium! Organisms are made up of hundreds of thousands of very small cells, and bacteria are organisms that operate on a single cell! 
Calm down, calm down...!
'I'm glad to hear that you've been proven right...!

 For Gala Rufa, this place would be a utopia and a frontier that would let him prove the correctness of his own theory.
 Even if he had to leave this place, this guy would surely resist with all his strength.

''........But what do you actually think?''
What do you mean?
Life here.

 To be frank, Atai and the others were sent here as punishment for their crimes in the mermaid kingdom.
 The penalty for their crime was being sent to the mermaid kingdom as a punishment for their crime, which would have been hundreds of years of imprisonment in jail.
 I wonder what kind of hell they'll send us to when they tell us that. I shuddered, but when I got there, it was not hell but heaven.

 The food was good, the beds were fluffy, and the work was fun and rewarding.
 There are even jobs that are fun and challenging.

 I don't feel like I'm being punished at all, it's just too comfortable.
 I'm sure Gala Rufa would agree with me, and as for the lamprey guy...

I'm ready to bury my bones here.

 I know.
 You have a princess to honor, right?

If there's only one person I'm worried about, it's you, Mr. Puffa.
f*ck you, Atty.

 Well, Atai is bored easily, so maybe he'll escape?

But here's something for you to know.
Prince Arowana comes to visit here at least once a week.

 Prince Arowana comes around that often?
 No, no, no, no. What do you think you're talking about?

How could you tell him that? This has nothing to do with it!
'Are you still talking about that? Almost everyone knows about it. Except for Prince Arowana himself.

 That's so sad!

To be frank, there is no advantageous environment in the mermaid kingdom where you can meet a prince at least once a week. As a former member of the Kingsguard, I can attest to that.
No, just...!
'Master Prati seems to agree with you, so why not take the plunge? Do you know? When a witch marries a mermaid, she is called a demoness. It's the Demon Queen of the Frozen Cold. But I think you're confusing her with the Demon Queen.

"The Frozen Demon Queen Puffa!
The Chilling Devil's wife, Puffa!
"Demoness of the Frozen Cold" Puffa!

 I ruminate in my mind.
 I roll around on top of the futon, suppressing my bright red face!

'You're lucky the futon is something to lay directly on top of the tatami. If it had been a bed, I'd want to roll down now.
'No, but no!'
That's why. A lot of people don't like you because you've been reckless in the past. Prince Arowana will be in trouble if you give her this value.
That's so unlike the way you use your mind...! Then would you like to give up the queen and become a member of her entourage?
The queen is the official partner of the king, which makes her a bit of a liability. If you are the future leader of the mermaid kingdom, you will have no problem having four or five members of your entourage.
Why? I think it's a good idea, if I may say so myself?
I'm not a very good romantic!
Virginal brain.

 It's okay. Atai would be happy to sit here and look at Master Arowama's face once a week!
 So don't even mention it again!
 From tomorrow, we'll do our best in the brewery!

'Oh? What's the matter, Gala Rufa?

 Didn't you just stare at me like that?

"I can't believe they're going to talk about love...! It's like a real slumber party!

 I don't know.