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 The new additions to the team have been a great help.

 The one who was especially helpful would be Prati.
 In fact, she was in charge of producing fermented foods and medicines, which was overworked in all likelihood.
 On top of that, she was my wife, taking care of everyone and managing the coordination, so our schedule was murderous.

 The support was even harder to provide since I traveled from place to place depending on my interests.
 I should have realized this sooner and made him improve...!

 With the increase in personnel, Prathi has left the work in the brewery to the newcomers, and he's focused on supporting me.
 I guess he's kind of my secretary.

 I know exactly what my schedule is, when and where I'm going to be, and report back to the other residents for their intentions.
 Thanks to that, the department is no longer short on staff, and everyone is very grateful to me.

 And now that the main Prati was out of the picture, the brewery had a new master.
 That was Puffa.

 For example, when I visited the brewery to pick up a souvenir for the teacher, he would say, "Oh?" with a very unhappy look on his face. He glares at me.
 When I tell him what I want, he pulls a few takuan from the pickle tub with a look of reluctance.
 More than the number I gave him.

'You're going to do me a favor, aren't you? Then don't be stingy with it.

 He scolded me.

'I'm sure you've heard from the princess, but Gala Rufa's guy just finished a prototype, so give him a taste. Then I'm going to do some pickling tomorrow, so can you call the lamprey back outside? I need the manpower. Tell the princess to come back once in a while. He's still the head of this place, after all.

 He would give me instructions quickly.
 On the surface, he looks like a delinquent, but in reality, he's the type of person who runs the show well.


 Pfa says, moping.

'When will Lady Arowana be here next...?

 And it was cute.

 Also, I'd like to add a note about the other three new girls.
 Lamp-Eye, the 'Hellfire Witch' who was a Kingsguard of the Mermaid Kingdom........

''Will you allow me to work as a hunter too?

 He said to me the other day, "I'm not unhappy with my duties at the brewery.

'I'm not dissatisfied with my duties in the brewery, but maybe it's just my personality, I have to move my body regularly or I'll be out of shape...! Working in the fields would be fine, but if possible, hunting work that would also allow you to regain your fighting instincts would be preferable...!

 What are you going to do with that feeling back?
 But I wanted to accommodate the residents' wishes as much as possible, so I sent them off to mix with the orkbo on their way to the dungeon.

 I heard that he did a pretty good job.

 This is what I expected from my previous job as a Kingsguard, but as the nickname of the "Hellfire Witch", her handling of flame-based potions far surpasses that of Platy.
 It is said that Okubo and others cheered as he lightly stepped into the bosom of the monster and threw flaming potion at it, burning it to nothing in an instant.

 ........However, she would then burn them all to pieces, so that the prey she defeated would have no use value at all.
 She can only deal with complete vermin monsters that have no usable parts anywhere.

 And the 'Plague Witch' Gala Rufa, but she's still the most terrific.
 She spent the whole day catching me and extracting all the knowledge about germs and fermentation from me.

'Great! Bacteria are great! I had no idea that milk was even involved in the process of turning into butter and cheese!

 Apparently there are dairy products of sorts in this world.
 I want one too, but milk.
 It's just that we don't have a cow to serve it to.
 I've searched both dungeons and doctor's dungeons, but I didn't see a cow-shaped monster that could replace a dairy cow.
 And when it comes to a creature as big as a cow, I can't keep it as easily as I can keep Yoshamo or Silkworm.

 I want it, but this is also a problem in the future.
 There's still a lot of things we want but haven't yet built, like waterways, rice, kilns for pottery, and bathrooms.

 And here she is, sprinkling her greed even more than me.

'Saints! So, there's bacteria involved in making wine as well as butter and cheese?
Oh, wow...!
I want to try my hand at making wine! I want to observe and feel the process of the bacteria breaking down sugar into alcohol!

 Gala Rufa's passion for bacteria is no slouch.


 You're right, I want one.
 The other day's welcoming party for the girls, although there was plenty of food, it wouldn't have been much fun without alcohol.
 Prince Arowana brought in from the mermaid kingdom, and we managed to keep up appearances.
 Now I'd like to entertain you all with home-brewed sake," he said.

 Speaking of booze, grapes = wine, and rice = sake. Rice = Japanese sake. Barley = beer.
 ...none of these things.
 No, there is.
 Barley for beer.
 There is still a lot of wheat grown to make bread, and there are still a lot of wheat that was made into flour or not.

 But can beer be made from wheat?
 There's more than just one kind of wheat. I've heard of barley and rye.
 Which of those can you make beer out of?
 I don't know.
 Oh, well, that's okay. You can leave that to Gala Rufa to study thoroughly.

 Even I can give you a rough hint, and they're so good that they can come up with the right answer with those few hints.

 They, to the Crazy Six Witch Zori, that is!
 They don't like to be called the Six Mad Demonesses and get angry when they are called.

 But if they were to brew a new brewery, would they have to do it together in the brewery?

 I don't like that either.

 We'll have a brewery dedicated to it for brewing.
 I suggest you appoint Gala Rufa as master brewer and let him do all his recent research while you make the booze.

 ...the possibilities are endless.

 Yeah, but...
 Then we'd have to build another one the size of the existing pantry and brewery!

 The waterways, the baths, and the pottery kilns aren't even close to being finished!

 All I want to make is more stuff!

 Somebody stop it!

 This endlessly overflowing desire!