74-73 Corps

 More monsters.

 Forty-five orcs. Forty-five goblins.

 A total of ninety orcs and goblins.
 Adding the original ten Orcbos to this, the total number of monsters would be one hundred.

 It was quite a drastic increase.
 If I didn't, I realized that I wouldn't be able to complete everything I wanted in my lifetime.

 The provider was of course the teacher's cave dungeon, and perhaps the souvenir that Puffa had given me to carry excessively was effective, and he gladly allowed me to pull out the monsters.

''I knew you would say that, so I've prepared the monsters for you to offer to the saint-sama.

 The doctor said.

I have sworn my loyalty to you and above all, my neighbors help each other. I have sworn allegiance to you, and above all, we are neighbors who help each other.

 I guess the reason everything works is not because the teacher is a genuinely good immortal king rather than a souvenir pooch.

 Anyway, it was a large group at once.
 The new and old combined with the monster army of a hundred people.

 Naturally, the purpose of their operation was agriculture and civil engineering.
 Just in case you're wondering. They won't be used for invasion.

 We decided to leave the commanding and nurturing of the newcomer monsters to the existing upstart monsters.

 That is to say, five orcs and five goblins, led by Oakbo.

 Let me introduce them again here.
 The names of Okubo, the leader of the Orc team, and Goblin team's leader, Gobkichi, have been mentioned many times.

 The other orcs are........
 Oakbo (leader).
 Orc Ninusi.

 Naming, me.
 I hope you don't miss the fact that I'm starting to feel like I'm out of ideas in the middle of the story.
 As for naming the goblins, I couldn't come up with a pun as good as the orcs, so I'll be frank...

 Gob Kichi (leader).
 Gob no Shin.

 Why do I feel like I'm out of ideas from around the fourth person?
 Incidentally, Gobuzaemon's name has been mentioned in the past for his runner-up finish in a sumo tournament.
 His famous match with Prince Arowana in the finals is still talked about to this day, and it is said that he still wrestles whenever the prince comes to visit him in his spare time.

 The newly replenished newcomer monsters are entrusted with nine of these old orcs and nine of the old goblins, one for each of them. I asked them to make one team of ten people, a total of one old-timer plus nine newcomers.

 The Orcbos and the other old-timers would be the captains of the team.
 I hope you will take good care of your first subordinates.

 As for the newly recruited orcs and goblins, I've decided not to get involved in them directly.

 At the time of the very first Orcbos, the monsters that were not naturally self-conscious acquired them through my touching and contact with the 'supreme bearer'.
 Not only that, orcs have evolved into Warrior Orcs and goblins have evolved into mutants called Spartan Goblins, gaining tens of times more strength.

 All of this was a coincidence, and it was a great pleasure to have gained a good companion in the form of Orcbos....
 That's a phenomenon that is in some ways like a pseudo-life coming to life.
 It's like having one foot in God's work and it's scary....
 Anyway, the endlessness of it all is kind of scary.
 I won't directly interact with these new monsters this time, to try to put a stop to it somewhere....
We took care not to let them come to life in the "Supreme Bearer".

 About a month passed........

              * * * *

You guys! We'll do it again today!
"I will work for you, my dear!
""I will work for you!"
And what are the advantages of orcs?
Their strength and toughness!
And what are the advantages of goblins?
Quickness and dexterity!
Who can we put those things to good use?
My Lord, my God, Saint Kidan!
All right, we'll work hard all day long!
Good luck with that!


 Are the new orcs and goblins having a normal conversation with the orkbo's?
 While a bit hot and bothered, there is a sense of intelligence in the exchange.


I've been doing that for days.

 Prati told me.
 While I was hammering mana metal axes and scythes for all of us to go to the new orcs and new goblins, such a thing!

'They say doing that kind of thing at the beginning of the day gets you fired up. It actually makes the work more efficient. The Okura team completed the expansion of the mansion. We can send them to support the other teams.
Also, Gobbler's team is going to be busy, so hurry up and expand the field. That part is completely up to you, sir.

 We are making good progress.
 We are making good progress, but...!

 After all, even the new orcs and goblins are developing an ego!

              * * * *

"You are mutating, sir.

 When the doctor quickly appraised them, I found that the new monsters had also mutated and become enhanced monsters after all.

 Orcs became Warrior Orcs.
 Goblins became Spartan Goblins.

 I wasn't even in contact with them at all!

''Even though we are not conscious of it, we still have contact with each other in the same place. "We may be in contact with each other without being aware of it, but we are in the same place.

 I guess that's the way it should be!
 But now my frontier companions are becoming more and more powerful!

But if the newcomers have mutated, then the original orkbo will be ruined...

 The only advantage you have as a squad leader is that you're senior and junior.

"Those Okubo and the other old-timers...

 The doctor said something terrible.

"They're mutating themselves, sir.
"Two-step mutation..... I've only heard about it, but this is the first time I've seen it in person.

 Warrior Orcs -> Legatus Orcs.
 Spartan Goblin -> Brave Goblin.

 Orcbos and goblins.

'The strength of the monsters that have mutated to two stages is said to be so strong that an ordinary hero could crush them in one hit. They lead their one-stage mutated counterparts to form an army........ ''It's a nightmare from the perspective of the humans and demons.

 No, no, no.........
 It's harmless, okay?
 The Orcobos are just harmless monsters who are good at pioneering, right?
 Now, let's get on with the pioneering work today!