75-74 Completed rush

 As we were immersed in the work, many things were completed.

 First, my home, which was extended.
 In addition to the private rooms where the newly welcomed Puffa, Lamp-Eye, and Gala Rufa would sleep and wake up, I also made a large space for Batty's own clothing room.
 We had Bati make clothes for the new army of monsters, so we gave her a reward for that as well.

 Plus a brewery.
 Parallel to the brewery, the brewing process begins in earnest.
 The first goal is a beer with affordable ingredients. Prathi and Gala Rufa will make it through trial and error, with Prathi and Gala Rufa guessing at my random suggestions on how to make it.
 We started with wheat as the first ingredient.
 At the same time, we try making barley.
 When I first grew wheat and soybeans, when I reminded the soil with 'supreme bearer', "Barley and red beans growing! And I grew up making mistakes.

 Will the time come when it will finally be useful?
 The result depends on the hard work of Gara Rufa.

 Gara Rufa was officially appointed as the brewery's manager. With that opportunity, the brewery was handed over to Puffa from Prati.
 Puffa has been busy making miso and soy sauce, and of course, he is also busy making new pickles.
 When she learned of Prince Arowana's fondness for takuwanas, she was determined to make pickles that would suit his tastes even better.
 Is this the true wife of Kasuya?

 Prati has been given the position of overseeing and managing the sake brewery, brewery, and food storage facility. Of course, he'll also serve as my assistant, the landowner.
 The remaining lump eye was assigned to a role that could be used to support any part of the operation, depending on the situation.

 Finally, it was completed.
 I had been working on the pottery kiln for a long time.
 So far, we have used plates brought in from the royal capital or made from wood. When the number of people increased, we used leaves as a substitute for them, but now we can finally make ceramic plates and bowls!

 We'd imitate the potters and if we didn't like it, we'd break it into pieces with a snap!
 No, right?
 We have to take care of our stuff!

 To tell the truth, with the monster team swelling to a hundred at once, many places are under strain.
 They don't have enough places to live, and daily necessities and food are in short supply.
 In the beginning, the newcomer monsters started out like normal monsters, absorbing mana, but as they grew in on themselves, they began to need more food.

 They make do by hunting in mountain dungeons and gathering shellfish and fish from the seaside.
 I got Batty to work very hard on making clothes, and I also expanded the monster tenement.

 When the chaos caused by the rapid expansion had somehow subsided in such a way, the last of that thing was finally completed.

 The waterway.

 The water drawn from the tributaries finally flowed into our settlement.
 As expected, there were a hundred more of them at once, and if I used my "supreme bearer" to filter the seawater every time, it was going to be too late. Thank goodness.

 Now we could secure a water source suitable for a large family, and finally we could get on with it.

 For rice farming!

 Speaking of the Japanese, rice!
 Now the fruits of the earlier largesse and mass replenishment of personnel will show up!

The soil plowed by the "Supreme Bearer" works perfectly as a paddy field, and even if water is drawn in from the waterway, the soil does not absorb it.

 A large amount of hyper-fertilizer, which promotes the growth of crops, was also added to the soil to plant the seedlings that had been grown in advance.

              * * * *

 All the inhabitants of our settlement gathered at once to plant rice.

 It would be quicker and more fun if we were all together.

 That's why we gathered in one field.

 First lane, Prati.
 The second lane, Viru.
 Third lane, Bati.
 Fourth lane, Verena.
 Lane 5, Puffa.
 Sixth Lane, Lamp Eye.
 Seventh lane, Gala Rufa.

 It's going to be a target.
 Me and my monster army are in the gallery.

 When we finish planting this one, we scatter and plant another rice field all at once.
 In other words, this first piece of rice planting is a ceremonial event.

'Yes! Saint! I will abstain!

 Even before we started, Gala Rufa came to declare his abstention, but I dismissed it.

'Please! If I were to participate in a competition in which Prati-sama and Veer-sama are participating, I'd be killed instantly!

 Gala Rufa complained in tears, "I'll be killed instantly if I participate in a competition like Prati-sama or Veerle-sama.
 It's not a competition. It's not a competition, it's an event where everyone works together to plant a seedling.
 It's not a competition for speed or anything like that...

"Veerle? Looks like it's time to find out who your husband's real wife is today, doesn't it?
Mermaids don't stand up to dragons. Let's show them how different we are from them.

 Something about Prathi and Veer was making the sparks buzz with a bee.
 It's not a competition, okay?
 You know that, don't you, guys?

'I just wanted a chance to clarify who's the best here. Let's get excited.
My power and my life are for Lady Plati. I will support you as you take on the world's most powerful dragon!
'Verena! I'm going to show you exactly what I mean as a demon race!
Sure thing, Batty! If I back off here, I won't have a face to match Astares-sama!

 Garra Rufa's abstention was granted.
 She will be the emergency medical team instead.

 This rice planting race.
 This race won't go off without a hitch. How bad could it be?