76-75 Rice planting

 And so it began.
 The first Chitty Chitty Land Girls' Competition, a rice planting race.

 It seems that the winner is the one who plants more seedlings in a hurry.

 There was no prize for the winner.

 We didn't start out with the intention of competing with each other.
 It was supposed to be an event to experience planting rice in harmony with others.

 These guys took the liberty of betting their own prestige.
 So I don't know about it.
 There were no prizes.

"To the victor of this contest!
"More favored by the master!

 What kind of weird prize has been set up by itself?
 Prathi and Veerle create sparks.

I want nothing more than to be of service to you, Prati. If I am the winner, the right to enjoy the saint's favor will go to Prati.

 A lamprey that doesn't blur.
 And the other one, Puffa....

"I don't like the way he burns. I'm not interested in that little land man. Shall I abstain with Gala Rufa...?
If you win, I can set you up on a special date with your idiot brother. I'm your sister!
That's not what I'm talking about!

 Despite his verbal denial, Puffa's spirits clearly increased as he slapped his own cheek.

 Isn't this really too exciting?
 Just don't get hurt, okay?

 That's how the game starts.
 The winner was the one who planted the most seedlings within the time limit.
 Before I knew it, a board was set up to count the number of seedlings planted by each contestant.
 The Orcobos had made it.
 The Monster Legion had already chosen their own competitors to cheer for, and the venue was completely filled with the atmosphere of victory.

 Finally, the competition began.


 The two people who made a dash for the start were the oldest and most promising, Prati and Veerle.
 They bent over and thrust the seedlings into the mud one after another.

 Their speed is nearly twice that of the other players.


 Normally, no matter what kind of match it was, it's hard to believe that Veerle would fall behind the other players.
 Veerle is a dragon.

 Veerle is able to change his form into a dragon or a human at will due to his transcendent magic power.
 Once I was curious, I asked, "What kind of strength is it when you're human? I have asked him about it.
 He said that even in human form, he can use dragon magic as well as the human form.
 So even if I went into battle in my human form, I could wipe out an army of humans and demons with a single hand. In fact, the size of the body is smaller than that of the dragon form, so it is convenient to be able to perform detailed treatments.

 Again, the human form is strengthened with magic to strengthen its muscles and plant seedlings at a furious pace.

 Not to be outdone is Prati.
 Mermaids have strong muscles by nature. Because they swim across oceans, their hips are tenacious enough to wriggle through the water.
 Their strength is proven by the case of Prince Arowana's victory in a sumo tournament.
 His sister, Prathi, also has a strong ass with muscles as plump and strong as shrimp. She sinks her buttocks into the ground and steadily plants the seedlings with a firm and steady feeling on the mud with poor footing.

'Just as the rumors say, it's starting to look like a one-on-one battle between the two wives.
You got a reputation to upstage?
Odds, Master Platy. Double, Mr. Veal 1.5. We are evenly matched on one occasion.
"You're betting on it!

 Live from OkCobo. I'll be doing the commentary for you.

 The strongest race, the dragons, have the advantage.
 The number of seedlings planted by Veerle is gradually increasing, surpassing Plati's.

''This is not good...! At this rate, Master Prati will suffer a defeat...!

 Elsewhere, a lamprey planting a seedling in its own right grunted.

''This lamprey. I'm willing to turn into a snake or an eel for Prati-sama. If this happens........it will be the foundation of Prati-sama's victory!

 The girls are currently planting rice paddies, planting seedlings and retreating, planting seedlings and retreating, repeating the process.

 But Lamprey's retreating speed alone is many times faster than the speed of their retreating speed, and he makes a suicide attack on Veerle with the rush of a bull.
 Veerle was in the middle of planting rice and was in the midst of retreating, so he couldn't see the lump-eye approaching from behind.

 Ass and buttocks colliding head-on.

 But of course Veerle's buttocks, which had been strengthened by dragon magic, reversed the lamprey's buttocks, which had collided with it one-sidedly, and rebounded off.


 Lamp Eye.
 He retired due to a foul and off-field fall for obstruction.

 Even though Veerle's human form is in the style of a petite loli girl. It's a good idea to use your small buttocks to flick off Lampey's thick muscle buttocks.

 I guess this is still going to be an overwhelming victory for Veerle.
 I thought the wall between the strongest race was still too thick, but then an unexpected development occurs.

              * * * *

I'm bored.

 Veerle, who was blasting away at the top, far ahead of the second place and below, suddenly said this.

 The only thing the seemingly perfect, strongest species of dragons lacked was the ability to concentrate.
 That was concentration.
 It doesn't have the patience to keep doing the same thing for a long time.

 It hasn't even been thirty minutes since the start of rice planting, and yet Viel looks bored with it.
 If it were done by hand, it would normally take several days to plant the rice.

I don't have time for this kind of boring stuff. I'm going to win and I'm going to play it safe and sound!

 Because they are the strongest of their kind, most of their opponents can be killed in one turn.
 You can't learn the tenacity to sit back and wait for an instant kill.

It's a good idea to have a good time with them. I will use my breath to wipe out all the people who are in the way, and then I will be the winner.

 No, no interference.
 Immediate disqualification. In fact, Lamp Eye was eliminated because of that.

"d*mn, we can't compete in this situation!

 Clever Prati immediately assessed the situation.

All the contestants are joining forces to take on Veerle!
''I understand, Prati-sama!

 The demonic duo of Bati and Verena followed Prathi and pounced on Veerle alone from three sides.
 It takes three people to hold Veerle down with a gusto.

''What is this impotence? Do you think that's all you've got to keep me from doing this?
Just need to change back to dragon form to get this thing off of you. Let's see, now actually....

 Prati said in a voice of great urgency.

It's the first time I've ever run on muddy mud like this with two feet. It's a lot more than I thought it would be.
The more I run, the more I lose my balance!
If you stop, you'll skid immediately, so you'll have to keep running.

 Apparently the same is true for Batty and Verena.

'Oh my god, I'm going down! And then I saw Veerle. Of course, it's a target of attack...!
"So did Master Prati...!
"You can only maintain your position by leaning on Veerle-sama like this...! Even now, my feet keep sinking into the mud and I feel like I'm going to be mossy...!

 As they said.
 Prathi, Bati and Verena, who are leaning against Veerle's body at an angle, are getting shallower and shallower in their slanted positions.
 The scary thing is the muck of the paddy field.

'Idiot! What the f*ck? Get the f*ck off! Let go of me!" "You're all gonna be kicked to death and covered in mud!
That's terrible, Master Veerle!
That's right! This outfit is a workout outfit that I sewed especially for today! I'm too sad to be covered in mud on the first day of having it on!

 Batty, the producer, cried out in grief.

''I don't care! If it comes to this, I'll turn into a dragon and leap with the momentum I have...!

 I say from outside the paddy field.

If you turn into a dragon or use an attack spell in there, you're out of the game. That's not enough, so you'll have to go without food for three days.

 It can't be helped.
 If he turns into a dragon, it will ruin the entire field.

"What do we do then? You guys get away from me! Stay out of my way! Don't grab your tits! Who's that guy with his face pressed up against his ass?
Geez. Ohhhh. Don't move, don't move. Don't move, don't move. The vibrations are making you sink deeper and deeper into the mud!
Master Veerle. Let's get muddy together when this happens. Let's all become manure for the rice paddies!

 Thus, Veerle, Prati, Bati and Verena crushed each other and retired from the game, unable to move.

 I thought it was going to be an invalid match with all of them self-destructing, but there was only one guy left.

 It's Puffa.

 Unmoved by Veerle's outbursts, or by Prathi's instigation, she continued to plant the seedlings, and in the end, she won the race, surpassing the record of everyone who had just retired.

 She was a steady, hard-working girl, despite her delinquent attitude.

              * * * *

 After the event, everyone, including the Monster Army, planted rice in the many other paddies we had cleared. We waited for the ears to bear fruit.
 Thanks to the Hyper Fish Manure I'd already spread, the growth will accelerate, and I'm looking forward to the harvest.