77-76  Devil King Visits Again

 Right after the rice planting was over, Demon King Zedan came to visit our settlement again.
 He can come and go to this land using the transition point managed by his demon daughter Verena, so he can come and go with ease.

 Even so, since it's been a long time since he visited us, everyone is in a welcoming mood of great joy.
 The Demon King is a personable person, so he's adored by everyone.

 Naturally, Astares-san, who became the Demon Queen, was also accompanying her, and they were rejoicing at the reunion with their former subordinates, Bati and Verena.

''Lady Astares! Long time no see!
''You've become beautiful again in a little while!''

 This is not a compliment from a former subordinate, but even from me, a stranger, I think so.
 Ms. Astares, who was promoted from one of the Four Heavenly Kings to the Demon King's wife - the Demon Queen, became beautiful as if to match her title.

 She was not only beautiful, but her beauty also exuded dignity.
 The loose-fitting dress (made by Batty) that she didn't wear during her time as the Four Heavenly Kings seems to restrict her movements, but that's what makes her look even more like a demon queen.


''........Who is this?''

 In addition to the two of them, there was another person accompanying them.

 She was a woman.

 However, at a glance it was difficult to determine whether she was a woman or not, a strong woman.
 Overall, she was thick and wild.
 She is muscular, and her dark skin, characteristic of the demon race, is even darker, perhaps due to sunburn.
 She was a wild beauty, with a height that might approach that of a demon king if she were to be poorly built, and she looked large, burly and robust.

''Let me introduce you to her in a nutshell. One of my belly-hearted Four Heavenly Kings, called Grashara of the 'Grudge'.

 Yeah, this guy.

"Let me apologize for not being around before I explain this guy in detail.

 According to the Demon King, he had spent a lot of time cleaning up the rebels that had been roasting out in his absence from the Demon City.
 That was finally finished the other day.

''It was still the other Four Heavenly Kings who were proceeding with the marriage talk with Prati-dono on their own and who were in the dark about Astares' exclusion.
Could that be the...?

 I look at the female Four Heavenly Kings, who has a pouting face.

''No, this one and another one. That guy has already taken full responsibility and stepped down from the position of the Four Heavenly Kings. With that, I hope that the Sage Lord and Prati Lord will also take this as a settlement of the situation.
'It's fine, but...! Then more and more, what is this person you brought in today?

 Everyone's attention was focused on the sulking Fourth Heavenly Queen.
 Of course, she wasn't the one who became the Demon Queen, she was the Four Heavenly Kings.

 And the Demon Queen on the other hand only smiled bitterly.

''Today's visit is about that. It's painful, but once again, I need the help of the saintly lord.''
What do you mean?

 According to the details, this Four Heavenly Kings Grashara.
 It is said that during the Demon King's absence, he revolted against his own accord to take the throne.

 There were many others who showed such a move, but they were all destroyed in this roasting operation.
 It was a really desirable situation to establish a new regime with Astares as the Queen of Demons.

The only problem that remains among them is this Grashara.

 The demon king said with difficulty.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. He's the best of the bunch that plotted this rebellion, and his actions are outstanding. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.
You can't go back on that completely. So, now that you've conquered them, you want to execute them?

 At Prathi's scary question, the demon king shook his cover.

The demon king waved his head in the air as he answered, "I have come to appreciate Grashara's bravado. After all, the others were always plotting and scheming to legally remove me from the throne.

 And so on, the Demon King said something bold.

It's not a good idea to be as outstanding as Grashara, so I've decided to use her again as one of the Four Heavenly Kings. I thought that by thoroughly beating him up and making him accept his submission, I would be able to convince others and maintain discipline.

 Incidentally, all the other people who tried to snatch the throne of the Demon King through a conspiracy or some other means did not get away with it for free.
 They had their lands taken away and were fired from their current positions.
 In any case, they were stripped of any power to plot the wrong thing.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. No matter how many times I urged him to return to his home. No matter how many times I beat him up, he refuses to obey at all. I'm not going to be able to say a single word of apology, so I really have no choice but to execute her if things continue as they are. We are in a bind.

 The Demon King said, looking truly troubled.
 He wants to avoid the death of people. He's basically a gentle man.

''I understand the situation that the Demon King and the others are in trouble, but why did you come to us?''

 You came here to consult with us?
 To hear what the problem is, that's the internal affairs of the demon tribe, and I don't think it's something we as outsiders should interfere in.

The thing is........!

 The Demon King clammed up.
 What on earth is he stagnating about?

'Master Zedan, I'll take it from here.

 Astares-san said with the dignity of a demon queen.
 I feel that a luster seems to be riding on his voice somehow.

''There is a problem........ This Grashara, I'm in love with Zedan-sama.''
He wants to make himself the Queen of Demons, and if he can't do it, he should be executed.

 The rebellion that rocked the demon kingdom took a more mundane turn than expected.