78-77 Fuwa Execution

''In the first place, this Grashara's plan to rebel wasn't seriously aimed at the Demon King's throne, either.

 Beside the Demon Queen Astares-san who was speaking indifferently, the person concerned, Grashara, was puffing up her Buddha's face more and more.
 She was glaring at Astares-san with a sideways glare as if she were the very thing Astares-san was doing to her eyes.
 If this person's grumpiness is what it is........
 It's not a sense of frustration from a failed rebellion or anything like that.

''Apparently, she had feelings for Zedan-sama for a long time ago........ She's also from a family that inherits the broken holy sword, the Grudge Holy Sword Hunfvioret, so she's fully qualified to marry the Demon King........

 Miss Grashara's parents gave up early on, believing that she wouldn't be able to win the favor of the Demon King with her manly and crass personality from an early age, and they didn't try to imitate the other aristocratic girls by letting her move up to the court like they did.

 Thanks to this, the young Miss Grashara grew up with her innate tomboyishness intact, became skilled in the martial arts, and rose to prominence through a different route.

 She officially entered the Four Heavenly Kings.
 It was there that she met Demon King Zedan for the first time.

''It was love at first sight, she said.
Shut up!

 Here, Grashara raised her voice for the first time since she had come here.
 It was a solitary wolfish voice, befitting its wild but beautiful appearance.

'Mostly you're the only one cheating! It's the same Four Heavenly Kings! Why do you always get the Demon King's favor? Are your childhood friends so important to you?
You can talk to your parents. It's a very good idea to have a good idea of where to start. It's your parents' decision not to assign you to Zedan as a child.
"You don't need much time to fall in love with Master Zedan, you know! It's only a question of who loves Master Zedan more than anyone else!
Then I love Master Zedan as much as anyone.

 They started arguing about something.
 I can guess that this kind of argument has probably been repeated dozens of times.

''Keep it up like this........!

 When I listened again, the Demon King's voice was heartily gesticulating.

''Grashara's motive for revolting was also apparently not because he really wanted to be the Demon King, but because he was apparently angry that he threw everything he had at me and went after Astareth.

''If Astares is more important than the title of Demon King, then I'll take the place of the Demon King myself?''

This guy is the most thoughtless guy among the Four Heavenly Kings. What was he going to do if everything went well and he really did become the Demon King while Zedan-sama was away...?
''At that time, it was until I approached Zedan-sama head on! You only have to choose one thing: the Demon King's throne or Astares!

 That's not what happened in reality.

"The demon world has successfully cleaned up its grievances and eradicated its internal grievances. But we can't get rid of the problem of Grashara.

 It was the first level of exhaustion I had ever heard from the demon king.

'If I had been dazzled by lust enough to say that I didn't need anyone else as long as I had Astares, I could have said no more easily, but I don't think I'm built for a head that can be that ripped up, either.
"What did you say, Master Zedan!
"If you are such a wise man, then I am willing to give my body and soul!

 The four female Heavenly Kings all prostrate in unison.
 The way they breathed together was not too much of a hump.

''Grashara is considered to be the best of the four Heavenly Kings in terms of military prowess. She's a gem that's too good to be discarded. You can't be a good example of a person who has a strong feeling for me.

 She is gossiping about, 'If you can't be the Demon Queen, just kill her.

What are you going to do?
The majority of the opinion from the vassals is that 'it's better to have them on your side'.

 That's the Demon King. He is the king of the demon king's country.
 So he can take many wives.

"Grashara's argument is that it's the only way to make everything right. Of course, she is guilty of rebellion, so she will have to apologize sufficiently and become a slave to me as a wife...!
Still, you are more than generous in your kindness. He's convinced that no matter how stubborn Grashara is, he couldn't have asked for better.

 I'll check, but Grashara didn't look very convinced.
 However, I have to admit that there is no better compromise than this. So, he's just puffed up and went along with it.

"But here's the big problem.

 You don't have a problem with that?
 The demon king will just get two wives and be very happy, won't he?

'Oh, if Mr. Astares is against it?'

 I'm sure you don't want your loving husband to cheat on you in general.

''Please don't overestimate me, saint. As I am married to the ruler of the demon race, I understand my husband's position.

 I see.

"In order to bring together different factions with different ideas and make them a force to be reckoned with, you can't help but have a few wives with special connections.
"Ha, you're just a married man, that's all.
'What did you say, Grashara? A combat idiot whose only job is to flail in the front line?
You're not the only one! You know what we're both called on the battlefield, don't you? "I'm in charge of the brain trust of the Four Heavenly Kings!
You're one of those "Brainiacs", don't act like it!
I'm just sayin'... I mean, don't be so brazen as soon as such a combat idiot becomes a queen! Barker barker!

 The Demon King said with a reluctant expression.

The reason why these two people don't get along with each other is because of the original reason. It's never because of this commotion...!

 No, even so, one of the reasons why they're not getting along is because they're love enemies to begin with.

 ........So then, what's the problem in the end?
 Why don't you just marry Grashara as well and make a harem?

"I have been indebted to the saintly lord for many things in the past, one of them being.... Do you remember your audience with Lord Hades, the Underworld God?

 That's because the event wasn't so thin that it was easily forgotten.
 The No Life King's teacher had summoned a god named Hades in a momentum boost to celebrate the two Demon King and Astares who were getting married.

 Hades, the Underworld God, was also the god who created the demon race.
 By receiving a direct blessing from Hades, the Demon King and his wife obtained a bond that no one could tear apart.

 A blessing from a god is a powerful thing.

The 'Blessing of the Husband of the Earth Mother God' given by the Dark God Hades is the strongest marriage blessing a demon can receive. Its effects are many and varied, but it is one of them.

"Blessed is the man who is unfaithful for life.

There's a thing called ...