79-78 One God

The three gods, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, are said to have created the three worlds. These three gods created the three worlds of land, sea and air, and are commonly called the Three Realms God.

 I asked the teacher who had rushed to me with an urgent problem to explain.

Among the three gods, Tenjin Zeus and Poseidon, the god of the sea, have many episodes of infidelity in their myths, but on the other hand, only Hades, the god of the underworld, has almost no stories of infidelity. He is only in love with Demeter Sephone, the earth mother goddess who is his wife.

 Hades is a single-minded god.

'To begin with, the Underworld God Hades never calls himself 'Underworld God' at all, but almost always appears with the title of 'Husband of the Earth Mother God'.

 Earth, ocean and sky.

The connection with Demeter Sephone, the mother of the earth, is important to Hades in order to claim control over each of these realms, which may be why cheating is out of the question.

 God has a lot of work to do.
 And that's why he forces those who receive his blessing to continue to love only one wife, just like him?

I feel it's quite normal...!

 You're not supposed to cheat on your wife once you're married, right?
 It was meant to be a common-sense soliloquy, but it got a lot of people tsking at me.

'Sir, what is common to the majority of people can be different to the chosen ones!

 First of all, Prati was angry at me.

''The Demon King is the king of the Demon Race. That's why he has to unite many small groups with different ideas and lead a large group. To do that, he sometimes has to marry a number of queens who have special ties to the king!
In fact, that's the vast majority of cases.

 Even the teacher.

Maybe it was just my imagination...!

 Even the Demon King himself is in a self-doubting mood.

"I thought I was fully aware of the heavy responsibility of the Demon King, but my feelings for Astareth had grown so much that I may have made a rash decision as a person to bear the responsibility. And to think that I didn't even realize that Grashara was so devoted to me...!
''Master Zedan!''

 The muscular one of the four female Heavenly Kings is in tears.

''What a waste of words! This Grashara, I have no regrets if you cut off my head with those words alone!
''You must not die! Like Astareth, I'm going to welcome my wife and show her, I promise! Good, Astares!
"As my lord Zedan wills.

 Mr. Astares is a good listener too....
 Are you sure? I could have the Demon King all to myself....

              * * * *

Well, I suppose there's only one thing to do then.

 Saying that, the teacher summoned the Hades God again.
 Isn't this immortal king a bit too casual in summoning the god?


 While explaining the situation to the god, the god of the underworld wrinkles his brow the more he listens to the story.

The more I listen to you, the more I despise you. You have received a personal blessing from me, the god of demons, and now you want to revoke it in less than a year.
I'm at a loss for words.

 Mr. Hades is furious.
 The opposing demon king is now lying down flat and doing his best to pass off the wrath of God.

''Please wait!

 Then Mr. Grashara, the Fourth Heavenly King, interrupted!

"The problem with this is that it all comes down to me being selfish! Demon King Zedan-sama was merely accepting my feelings!
"Let the punishment of God fall on me! If you can't marry Zedan-sama, then please just take me to the underworld where you rule!
''No, that's not...!

 The resolve of a maiden in love is amazing.
 Even God is having a hard time with it.

''Isn't it nice, Anata?

 Such is the voice of a woman who is called upon to intercede with the god of the underworld.

''It's because you give inflexible blessings that this has happened, isn't it? It's only natural that you're limited to those who are worthy of direct blessing, the ancient and modern warriors' heroes.''
I don't know...
''It's only natural that he would be a hoarder because he's such a hero. Imposing harsh restrictions will only cause women to cry more tears.''

 Who is she to say so much to Hades, the Dark God, who is she to say so much?
 It's also divine.
 She is a majestic goddess who stands side by side with Hades, just like the dolls' uncle and chicks.
 She is youthful and bountiful, and her beauty, which always praises her smile, gives her a tremendous maternal feeling.

 She seems to be the wife of Hades, the goddess of the underworld, Demeter Sepone, the earth mother goddess.
 It seems that when she summoned her husband, she even summoned his wife while doing so.

''Oops! My summoning technique level has gone up!

 You immortal king.
 You're not trying to test your magic skills on the Demon Lord and his friends, are you?

''My people are.... It's a good thing that our people love me, but they're just too serious and inflexible for that.

 And the earth mother goddess, like a housewife in the area, speaks out in a light-hearted manner.

The fact is, cheating is like a god's worthiness, and to the extent that you don't despise me, I don't mind playing with you. You're competing with those idiots Zeus and Poseidon, or you're just pushing yourself too hard.......''
"Don't listen to those people! You're the only one I love until the end of the world.
''You only cheated on me once, thousands of years ago, didn't you? That earth spirit called Mentei...

 According to my teacher's explanation, the god of the underworld, Hades, seems to be a god who doesn't cheat on his wife at all. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

''I think it's fine, though. I'm an earth mother god, and I should encourage you to marry a lot of women, impregnate a lot of women, and give birth and reproduce a lot of children.''
''But I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I'm also the wife of this god, so I can't disrespect my husband's wishes. If I do that, I won't be able to show you guys that, will I?

 No one could say anything to the truly irrefutable assertions of the Earth Mother God.

'God's blessing is a kind of promise between man and God. If it is easily broken, the value of all covenants will be destroyed thereafter. To break a covenant while maintaining the value of the covenant would require a certain amount of specialness...'

 The Earth Mother God swept her gaze here and there to see what was going on, but then she stopped at one point.

''Oh, dear, dear.''

 Take stock of me.

What about me?
"Are you one of Zeus' household? No, no, someone from outside our dominion. You're getting a good one from Hephaistos.'

 You're not talking about my superlative gift?

This is getting interesting. This will hopefully allow me to make an exception for you guys.