80-79 Amnesty conditions

I'll make a special exception...?

 What is this goddess saying?
 I'd start whispering to Hades, right next to me.

"Mm....! What? What?

 God be d*mned!
 What in the world are you up to, Mother Earth?

"I have a hunch that you are the children of the people in this room.

 The Dark God Hades said solemnly.

''You have the owner of the Seven Sacred Swords that I gave you. Raise it up.''

 I was surprised to hear you say that all of a sudden, but you're talking about the Holy Sword, right?
 It's our side that's doing the begging, so let's just go downhill and follow it honestly here.

 I raised the evil holy sword Dry Schwartz hanging from my own waist.
 The Demon King is the Angry Sacred Sword Einrodt.
 Astareth-san is the Zexweis, the delusional holy sword that was just resurrected by me a few days ago.

You will be able to see that they are all in the same boat. They don't listen to me, they don't care what I tell them. Nuh?

 And one more thing, the sword that had been bobbled off from the base was held up by our Mr. Grashara.
 What a sense of déjà vu.

"The sacred sword with a grudge that has been passed down in my family for generations, the Humviolette. Since it was broken in a past battle, it has been a token of my loyalty to the Witch King.

 It was the same with Astares-san's sword.
 Until he was struck by me and revived.
 It seems that the current Four Heavenly Kings family of the Demon Race have all carefully inherited their broken holy swords like that.

''Our Demon Tribe's God. What kind of holy sword is this holy sword...?
"These holy swords were given to you by me.

 Ooh, a shocking fact.

Once, when Our Gods decided to rule this world, Zeus decided to rule the heavens, Poseidus decided to rule the seas, and this land, and in each realm they created their own race of warriors. The life that I have created in cooperation with Demeter Sephone. This is you demon race.

 He started talking about the creation myth all of a sudden.

But Zeus was not satisfied with the sky he ruled, he sent his men to rule over the sky as far as this earth. That's what we call today's race of men.
"Are you saying that the human race are invaders unleashed by the god of the sky...?

 I feel like I'm being accused of something, but I'm not involved, am I?
 They may be the same person, but they are from a different world.

The long battle between the race of humans that Zeus created and my children, the demons, is still going on. This is no fun for me either. So I've decided to give you a little help.


The Holy Sword.

 Was this sword made by God?

But they are not that good. It's not that good, however, because when it comes to modeling, there is no one who can compare to Hephaistos, the son of Zeus, the god of modeling. In order to give my sword the power to rival Hephaistos' work, I took the longest route possible.

 A daring move.

''First, they will create seven holy swords, then destroy each other and devour each other's souls. Then, the last remaining sword will join the souls of the other six to become the most powerful sword in the history of war.

 And the completed true holy sword will exert its strongest power to destroy the human race....

'According to my calculations, this was supposed to be settled in a hundred years or so, and the True Sacred Sword would be born to contribute to my children, the demons. But it should have been over a thousand years ago. What have you been doing?
"Look at you.

 Earth Mother God Demeter Sepone pointed at the destination, Astares-san's delusional holy sword Zexweis was there.

''That sword, it has already been perfected as a True Holy Sword.''

 You scared the hell out of me.
 No, we're surprised too.
 What do you mean it's complete?

'Indeed.... this is the true holy sword, completed after devouring the six holy swords! But how come? Two other holy swords are still alive and kicking!
He must have given them to you.

 And the Earth Mother God's fingertips now indicated me.

''This guest from another world has been given a gift from the example Hephaistos. His power must have boosted your imperfect holy sword to perfection in one fell swoop.''

 How is that possible?
 I was just fixing Astares-san's sword for good reason!

(Hey, visitor from another world. I'd like to ask a favor, but would you do me a favor and fix your broken holy sword as well?

 That's what you're talking about, right, Grashara-san's broken holy sword?

''Of the seven swords, I can only complete it by crushing six of them, so two True Saint swords should be enough.
"To destroy the human race.

 God said something outrageous.

''You can attack and destroy the human race with the holy sword that your guest has reheard. And then the forces of Zeus will be eradicated from the earth where my husband should rule. Don't you think that's a big deal?
'It hasn't been thousands of years since this earth was restored to the complete reign of my husband. Shouldn't we rightly reward the one who achieves that first accomplishment in thousands of years?

 So this is what you're saying?
 Grashara-san and Astareth said to make a special exception so that she and Astareth could marry the Demon King.

 That's why the eradication of the human race is such a big deal.

 If you've done that much, they'll allow you to get special treatment to modify your contract.

 And the way to do that?
 The holy sword to be repaired by me.