81-80 Oath of Maha

 Using the resurrected holy sword, she would destroy the human race.

 That was the condition for Grashara-san to break the blessing God had given her and marry into the Demon King.
 It might be a reasonable reward for her work, but........

''Now, what do we do? The modern demon king?

 Hades, the god of the demon race, is closing in on Zedan-san, the king of the demon race.
 The great decision to annihilate the human race can only be made by the Demon King, and it's only natural to ask him.

 What answer will the Demon King give him?

After what happened with Astareth, I should have thought harder.

 Gravely, the Demon King said.

''I'm going to marry the girl I've longed for for a long time. There is no hesitation in itself. But even so, I should have stopped and thought about it for a moment. As a person who bears the heavy responsibility of being a demon king, I should have stopped and thought about it. It's because I failed to do so that I'm now in this difficult situation.

 Zedan, the Demon King, who didn't hesitate to receive the "Blessing of the Husband of the Earth Mother God" for having only one wife to love.
 However, it is clear to see that his position as the Demon King and his own brilliance do not stop at making one woman happy.
 So a harem is made to be made!

''My intuition warns me that I shouldn't take this matter lightly either. Ending the war with the human race is the most important duty for those who unite the demon race.

 There is no reason to refuse.

But..........! The human race is now a race that has been living on this earth for thousands of years. Can they be destroyed simply for the convenience of the gods? Even though each and every one of the human race is now born on the earth and living hard on the earth!

 The Demon King barked.
 That's the one who is qualified to live and control this earth.

I, Demon King Zedan, swear here and now that I am worthy to rule this world. I, Demon King Zedan, hereby swear that I will destroy the government of mankind. I, Demon King Zedan, hereby swear to destroy the human form of government.
"The ... government of mankind?

 The Demon King continued.

He continued: "Among the human race, only the royalty and the church think that they are the superior race to the god Zeus. If we slaughter them and dismantle the unity of the human race as a nation, the only people left are those who are no different from the demon race, who try to live their lives to the fullest.
With that, you will do your duty as the Demon King guarding the earth and reward Grashara with a reward.
"But there is always someone in the sons of Zeus who thinks nasty things...

 The Hades God's reaction was not good.

'That's fine, Anata.

 It was his beloved wife, the goddess Demeter Sephone, who interceded for him.

'Since the great destruction four thousand years ago, our gods have been unable to interfere in a major way. Once the king of the human race and the church are destroyed, there will be nothing more Zeus can do.'
''Is that so...?
''Most importantly, isn't it nice that the Demon King makes a gentle decision? Creatures on earth have to be like this.
"Yeah, yeah...!

 God, I'm convinced.

'So, then, Demon King of this generation, I will acknowledge your achievements by destroying the King of Men and the Church as you proposed. I will acknowledge your achievements by destroying the King of Men and the Church as you have proposed. ........or, rather, you and your wives.'
Thankfully, I'm happy!

 Mr. Demon Lord, you kneel down on the spot.

"Let's keep your reward upfront.

 When the earth mother god Demeter Sepone held out her hand, the light emitted from it split in two and enveloped the two women.

''Even me!''

 The two who were wrapped in the light of the earth mother goddess were Grashara-san and Astares-san.
 The two wives of the Demon King.

''I've given you both the Blessing of the Earth Mother God equally. Originally, this blessing was only given to one person in one lifetime. Whoever possesses this blessing will be able to marry a hero recognized by my husband.''

 Grashara was overjoyed at the fact that the earth mother Goddess told her.

'My wife. Aren't you being too generous? You haven't even accomplished anything yet, and all you're doing is rewarding him first.'
''It's okay. The Seven Holy Swords that you gave me as a winning strategy. Originally, only one of them was supposed to remain as a true holy sword, but now two of them will blossom into true holy swords. ''Hey?''

 Jibojin-san's eyes caught me straight in the eye.

'You'll retype it for me, right? That poor girl's broken holy sword?

 I wonder if he's talking about Grashara's holy sword.

''I'll re-hit it. I'll re-hit it, but...!

 Why are you so pressured?

It is said that Hephaistos is the most skilled blacksmith in all the gods, yet he is estranged from his father Zeus because of his ugly appearance. It's refreshing to see Zeus' ambitions shattered by the gift of Hephaistos.

 Even the god Hades chuckled like a child who has just finished reading about the end of a mean old man.

He said, "Called by the miracle of Zeus, and presented with a gift from Hephaistos, you belong to the other side, don't you? Do you have a problem with my children?
It's not a big deal.

 It's true that I was summoned by the king of the human race, but I believe the relationship was severed when I bought this land for nine gold coins.
I'm grateful to Hephaistos for giving me the "supreme bearer", but Zeus and his ilk have nothing to do with it.
 Who's that? I was like.

It's probably a great blessing that he's gotten along with our kids.
"You may be right. "I will do everything in my power to ensure this bond is secure.

 The God of Hades held up his hand, and a light went out and scattered in all directions.

I have blessed this whole land with the blessings of the God of the earth. I have blessed the whole land with my blessings, the god of the earth, and there is no need to worry. A blessing so thin and weak that there is no price to pay.
"You can't give something to yourself when you've already got a gift from Hephaistos," he said. "You cannot give something to yourself when you already have the gift of Hephaistos. That's one of the promises the gods have to keep.
It is a blessing that the crops of this land are only slightly better. I hope you will continue to get along with my children without conflict.

 After saying that much, the Husband and Wife God of the Earth disappeared from the world as if there was nothing more to say.

 The problem was solved.
 Just in case.