82-81 Rice balls

 After the god Hades and the goddess Demeter Sepone left, I reforged Grashara-san's sword and revived it from its broken state, as I had promised.

 The Demon King and the others thanked him again and again for this time and returned to the Demon City.

 As promised to the Hades God, they are going to launch the final battle against the human race.

I'm sure it will be the biggest war ever, but I'll do my utmost not to cause trouble for the saintly lord. When the war is won, I will visit you to report back to you.
'Don't say that, come visit us sometimes.

 Even the war wouldn't be something that would end in a day or two.

 When I said that, the Demon King only smiled and didn't say anything, but thanked me profusely and left.
 With his two wives in tow, who were arguing adulterously.

 .........It must be hard to have two wives.
 I'll be careful too.

 By the way, this is a bit of a digression, but in the course of the Demon King's visit and the summoning of the gods, Puffa, Lamprey, Gala Rufa and the rest of the new faces protested, or rather, were puzzled.

''Why is the king of the demon race visiting us salaciously! Why is the Demon God being summoned by the Demon Tribe's gods in a salute!
''I thought I had swallowed that this is an unorthodox land, but please don't go beyond the limit of what you can easily accept!
The "I can't do it anymore! My head is about to explode and I'm going to spread spores all over the place!

 Seriously, was it that big of a shock?
 Both the Demon King and the God of Hades are surprisingly nice and friendly when you talk to them?

 ........Hi, sorry.
 For the sake of their mental stability, I'll interrupt a phase the next time you do something out of the ordinary.

              * * * *

 And so it was time for the rice to be reaped.

...Isn't it early?

 Even if the hyper fish manure that Prathi and his team made to speed up the growth, it's still not even a month after planting the rice?

I don't know. It seems that the God of Hades was blessing this land, so maybe that has a little something to do with it...?

 Is that how it works?

 Well, what has been borne is inevitable.
 Quickly harvested, threshed and milled the rice, and it's pure white rice that I finally got to come to another world to worship!
 The fruit of the earth then.........

''........What is your master frolicking in such a white grain?''
'Isn't it always the case that you don't know what your husband is thinking? I was wondering what kind of awesome crops you'd be able to produce after all that fuss over something so big, but what is this? It doesn't taste good at all when you eat it, and isn't tomatoes and potatoes a whole lot better than that?

 Don't eat the raw rice.

 It's not a choice. Let's show Prati and Veer the true value of rice.
 We've prepared a rice cooker when we built the house, so all we have to do is to try to cook rice with it.

 I'm going to start with a little bit of rice, and then I'll stop crying when the baby cries.

 It's done.
 I served the white rice that shone like a pearl to them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Munching, munching, munching...!

 Both of them were scraping their white rice in unison, but they flattened every single grain and said a few words.

'Not very tasty.'
It was nice and crunchy and all, but it didn't taste like anything. Shouldn't you put some miso or salt on it?

 It wasn't that well received, but I guess that's about it.

 Putting aside what they think of me, I prepare to offer the rice to the other, the person I want to offer the finished rice to.

 I moisten my wet hands with salt and hold the rice.


 That's what I promised myself when I came to settle this land.

I promised myself that I would grow rice on this land and make rice balls. I will make rice rice-ball and offer it to the god Hephaistos.

 Hephaistos is the god who gave me the ability of the supreme bearer, the one I have been most grateful to.
 That's why I want to repay him in some way.
 And I saw that God must absolutely love Omusubi!

 So I grabbed a handful of omusubi with the first rice I harvested, wrapped them in seaweed, and offered them to the improvised altar.

'Hephaistos, thanks to your gift, I've managed to live in this world.

 It is because of your gift of ability that we have been able to expand the frontier so greatly.
 I am a little late, but I would like to offer my thanks for that.
 Please eat your diaper to your heart's content.


 I feel like I've reached a point of no return.
 My otherworldly exploration. End of a chapter! Now we start chapter two! Like.
 That's about as accomplished as it gets.


 Before I knew it, the teacher was right behind me.
 Sensei is definitely the king of immortality and horror, if he were to stand behind you without you knowing it, anyone would say "Hi! If you stand behind me without knowing it, everyone would say, "Hee!

"My dear saint, I haven't had a new hobby in a while.
A hobby?
"It's a summoning technique. Since I called up the god Hades, I think I can do a lot of things. If you wish, I can even summon the God Hephaistos if you wish...!
No, no, no, no, no!

 I know he's busy, too, so no need to call me!
 I mean, don't make a hobby out of weird stuff! I don't know much about it, but isn't summoning a god something that a normal wizard would spend a lifetime trying to achieve!

 When I put all my energy into stifling him, the teacher reluctantly agreed and went back to the dungeon.
 That guy, as expected, doesn't have the guts to summon a god to this world with nothing to do, and he's looking for some kind of excuse.

 It's good to see that the No-Life King still has some sense left in his god partner.

              * * *

 By the way, Prathi and Veer have learned to taste white rice........

''........something is missing.''
'I've been thinking 'I wish I had a meal' every time I eat anything since then! What will you do!

 It seems that my body has become unable to live without white rice.

              * * * *

 I did something I'd personally like to try, too.

 I put the eggs of a chicken-shaped monster, the Yoshamo, that I had collected earlier on the hot, freshly cooked rice.

 I cracked it open, stirred the yolk and the white inside, and poured it over the rice.
 Drizzle some soy sauce over the rice and stir some more.

Tamagokake Gohan!


"Ahhhh! The master is eating delicious food all by himself?
''That's not fair! I'll have some! Mix eggs and rice with soy sauce... When you cross good food with good food and good food with good food...! Of course it's going to be crazy delicious~!

 I don't know, Prathi and Veerle found me.