83-82 There is a cutlet in the bowl

 With rice in hand, I'm going to try to unlock another thing I've been wanting to try but haven't been able to step up.

 Heat the oil in a deep-bottomed frying pan struck with manna metal over the fire.

 In the meantime, slice the meat of the horned boar (formally known as a square boar) from the pantry into moderately sized pieces and dust it with flour, beaten egg, and bread crumbs, in that order.


 What are we making?

 The answer was tonkatsu!

 At last, at last!
 Our frontier lands have reached a level of civilization that allows us to make pork cutlets!

 Ready to cook!
 So now I've done this!

This is the best way to eat square boa meat?
I always heard that! You're making me wait in vain. My patience was on the edge!

 Prathi and Veer are also looking forward to their pork cutlets, so they stay right next to the frying pan.
 But let's get out of the way.
 It's dangerous if there's a splash of oil.

 Both of them have known about tonkatsu since they started cooking with horned boar, but due to lack of ingredients and equipment, they haven't been able to see them in person until today.
 That's why our expectations have been growing until today.

 I was getting a little anxious to see if I could properly get over the taste of tonkatsu, which had become the maximum expectation in my imagination, in reality.

 And then it was fried.

 A tonkatsu.


 I cut it into bite-sized pieces on the cutting board with a zapper.
 It would have been complete if I had garnished it with shredded cabbage, but there was one problem.

 But there was one problem.

 I had no sauce, but I had to use Tonkatsu sauce for Tonkatsu.
 It is indispensable, but we haven't made it yet.

 Unlike soy sauce and sugar, I don't know how to make it clearly.
 I don't even know what to use as an ingredient, and in the end I haven't made it to this day.

 So, would you eat pork cutlets without sauce?

 I'm going to make one more effort here.
 Prepare the eggs again!
 Combine the beaten egg and pork cutlet, cook it out, and put it on a large bowl of rice!

 It is a pork cutlet bowl!

 This is one of the ultimate systems that have been created in the pursuit of pork cooking.
 A dish that was finally made possible by tilling the rice paddies, growing the rice, and taking the rice.


"What is this? How can square boa meat have this kind of texture? The white rice mixed with the broth also tastes good, oh my god!

 Prathi and Veer were also delighted and scraped into their katsudon.
 I'm glad they were pleased.


 I wonder if my frontier has come to be able to make even a cutlet bowl.
 I feel that it was a long way.
 I need many ingredients.
 Rice and pork as staple ingredients, egg, flour and bread crumbs to make pork cutlets.
 Even after the tonkatsu was finished, we still needed dashi broth, soy sauce, mirin, and onions to make the egg mixture.
 ...although the mirin is a "mirin-like" condiment that we asked Gala Rufa to improvise for us.

 Whether we can produce the real thing or not depends on our future research.

 However, since we have achieved this level of success, our frontier area may no longer be at the stage of being called a frontier.
 From now on, we'll call it a farm.

Let's call it a farm...!

 A farm and a farm that is self-sufficient in all the necessities of life.

A saint's farm!
'It's a farm ruled by the master! It's the perfect name to distinguish it from the rest!

 Don't interrupt me while I'm talking to myself, you guys.
 And you've got grains of rice all over your cheeks. How good was that katsudon?

 The farm of the saints.

 I don't like being called a saint, but I think we've come to a stage where we have to accept it.
 I guess we'll just have to accept it.
 I'll just accept it.

 No, I knew it.

 The day passed by with just cooking for all the battis and puffers who had packed the place after the existence of the katsudon became known.

              * * * *

 This is what we have been building up here at the Saints' farm so far.

 The fields have expanded a lot and we are growing a variety of crops.
 Tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, eggplant, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, leeks, corn, soybeans, red beans, wheat, barley, and many others.
 Recently, they have been growing rice paddies, and these farms are mainly manned by a team of fifty goblins, who have become mutated into Brave Goblins.

 They are a reliable companion, led by goblins who have mutated into brave goblins.
 The crops in the fields are fed with hyper-fish manure made from the fish monster Ba Herring G, which grows at an astonishing rate so that the crops can be harvested many times a year.
 The crops are stored until it's time to eat them, but some are sent to a different department for processing.

 The breweries and breweries are commanded by Prati.
 The breweries are managed by the mermaids Puffa and Gala Rufa, and the breweries under Puffa's care produce miso, soy sauce, and other seasonings, as well as pickled vegetables such as takuan, which is important because it is a favorite food of both Sensei and Prince Arowana.

 Takuwa is important because it is the favorite food of both the teacher and Prince Arowana.

 The brewery is a new facility that I just started teaching and is in the testing phase, although I left the management of the brewery to the highly motivated Gala Rufa.
 Right now, research is underway to make beer from barley or wheat.

 In the center of the farm is a mansion where we sleep and wake up, where Prati, Veerle, Puffa and the other mermaid girls, and Bati and the other demon girls also live.
 Every time the number of inhabitants increases, the house is being built up, and it will probably continue to grow.

 The monsters that live here live in a separate building, the Monster Tenement, which is quite a large house.

 In one corner of the mansion, there is a silkworm room where a kind of monster insect is kept that is very similar to a silkworm, spitting out high quality yarn.
 It is the job of Bati, the daughter of the demon tribe, to make clothes out of the high-quality Kongo silk made from the threads of the monster silkworm and cotton made from the cotton flowers grown in the field.

 I'm really glad she has talent in that direction.

 Even if I'm the bearer of supreme, I can't make good clothes if I don't have an aesthetic sense myself.

 Along with the Goblin Team, another monster army. The work of the orc team of fifty people was mainly building.
 Building mansions and opening waterways could not be done without their help.

 Recently, they also built a large kiln, allowing them to try their hand at pottery making.
 When I don't have any building work to do and I have a free hand, I'll have them hunt in the dungeon, and they're very reliable guys.

 But, well, soon I'll want to build something new again, and they'll have me wielding the canine cudgel again.

 What shall we make next?