84-83 Dungeon Hard Mode

Shall I turn up the dungeon's difficulty?

 I didn't know what that meant when Veerle suddenly told me that at dinner.

'What? What? Difficulty? What do you mean?
"The dungeon I rule," he said. The meat isn't replacing the square bore alone anymore. If we change the difficulty, there will be different monsters and maybe some of them will taste good.

 I'm not sure what Veerle is trying to say.

'Sir, Veerle is the master of the mountain dungeon, isn't he?'

 Prathi, who can't see it, comes around to follow up.
 Our farm has two dungeons in the neighborhood, a cave dungeon that is mastered by a no-life king teacher and a mountain dungeon that is dominated by this Veerle.
 We hunt the monsters generated by the dungeon and use them for meat and fur, and we also take out and raise useful monsters.

 In short, dungeons are already an integral part of our farm life.

Dungeons are created when the flow of mana circulating in the world becomes stagnant. The stagnant mana turns into otherworldly mana, and the mana that condenses inside it becomes a monster.

 I've heard that one before.

"The dungeons vary widely depending on the situation here. They are divided into cave dungeons, mountain dungeons, and ruin dungeons based on the environment they rely on, and the size of the mana reservoirs makes them vary in difficulty.


''Naturally, the more mana that stagnates, the more powerful monsters will be born and the higher the difficulty level. I heard that the human tribe that organizes adventurers ranks such difficulty levels in detail, but...''
'You know how sometimes the dungeon terms they use are naturally transferred to other races and used on a daily basis?

 Oh, I know.
 And Japanese English is especially like that.

The difficulty of a dungeon depends on the amount of mana that flows in and accumulates, so it usually doesn't fluctuate as it did in the beginning unless the environment around it changes rapidly. But there is an exception.

 When a dungeon has a Lord.

"You can either be a Dragon or a No-Life King to be the Dungeon Master. They're both super-powerful disasters. Mana control is a piece of cake.

 So you can use that ability to manage the mana concentration and change the strength of the monsters produced?

That's not all. The structure of the dungeon is also flexible.

 The dungeon is basically a distortion of space-time caused by concentrated mana, which apparently has nothing to do with space in this world.
 So if you have a lot of mana accumulated, you can create vast dungeons in response to it.

 And the master of the dungeon can artificially modify it to create a dungeon of the size and structure as desired.

''Aren't they all-powerful, Dungeon Lord...?
''Originally, both the No-Life King and dragons are all-powerful in their existence. Did Veerle also artificially set the difficulty of the mountain dungeon he controls?

 Prathi asked, and Veerle nodded without stopping to scrape his food.

'Yeah, it's a pain in the ass to manage. I kept the difficulty pretty low, you know.'

 The master of the dungeon is said to keep the difficulty level rather low in order to make the dungeon a comfortable place to live.
 The more impregnable the dungeon is, the less comfortable it is to live in.

 It's not uncommon for adventurers to wander into a dungeon and easily find themselves in the deepest part of the dungeon, only to run into their master and kill him instantly.

However, if you raise the dungeon's difficulty level, you'll find unusual monsters that didn't exist before and you'll have a wider variety of prey to choose from. There might even be some tasty monsters you can cook!

 I see.
 We have a lot of things here on our farm, but there are still things that are missing.

 Cows, for example.
 I need milk.

 Up until now, the livestock breeding relationship has been completely dependent on dungeon monsters, and it would help if the dungeons with increased difficulty had monsters that were in order of the dairy cows.

''Yeah - we can give it a try.

 In a dungeon of increased difficulty.

'So it must come! Then I'm going to go mess around with the dungeon as soon as possible!

 After finishing his meal completely, Veerle immediately ran outside, turned into a dragon and flew away.
 He's as free as ever........

              * * * *

 A few days later, the ban came from Veerle.

"My dungeon has been modified! Now come on! I'll stand up to anyone's attack!

 It was said in a very challenging way.
 I don't know what it is, but I'm also interested in the unknown, so I decided to select a group of people who are also interested to take on the dungeon.

 The Viel's Mountain Dungeon (Hard Mode) capture team.

 Me as the leader.
 Prathi as an assistant.
 Lamp Eye from the mermaid group. She used to be a Kingsguard of the Mermaid Kingdom and is good at fighting, so it's only natural.
 Next is Verena from the demon side.
 And from the monster army, a goblin and an orc each.
 The above personnel were to take on the challenge.

 Puffa and Gala Rufa were busy making fermented food and wine, so they didn't participate. In addition, Bati also withdrew from the challenge due to her work in making clothes.

"Hahahahahahaha! Come on, you lowlifes! Can we clear the dungeon ruled by Grinzel Dragon's Viel?!

 Something about the Veerle guy was getting a bad ride.

 Is this an event where we all try our best to get through the dungeons that he's modified with his flair?

It's all right. Why don't we let him see the new mountain dungeon while we break through the barrier he's prepared for us?

 I thought to Prathi, "That's what I'm going to do.
 Let me challenge you to feel like an attraction.

 Okay, wait for me, Veerle! You're so proud of your dungeons, we'll make sure to conquer them ourselves!

 That's why.
 In fact, there's another member of the attack team that I haven't introduced yet, so I'm going to ask him to take the lead in making an appearance.

''Well then, Sensei, it's nice to meet you!

 No Life King teacher.
 He happened to be visiting us before we left, so I asked him if he wanted to join us and he agreed.