85-84 The strategy begins

 Near the entrance to the mountain dungeon.
 It's a place that should be called the foot of the mountain, so to speak.

 As soon as I entered, a group of monsters attacked me, but with a simple wave of the teacher's finger, they dissipated like smoke and disappeared.

''I knew he was strong!

 As expected of the Immortal King No Life King!
 The magic he controls isn't even an enemy, except for the small examination monster right at the entrance.

 The dungeon attack that the last boss takes on.

 It's a devilish composition to see.
 No matter how difficult or impossible the dungeon is to capture, it will soon become a nullified game.

'Gyaaaaaaahhhh! No!

 But then a dragon form Veerle flew in from the sky.
 What's going on in the sky above the mountain dungeon?
 Don't even think about it.

"Master's mean! ''If you throw in a corpse-mobile, the game will be decided the moment you throw in a corpse-mobile, and it will be a digging match from start to finish!

 Yes, that's exactly right.

''Cheating is not allowed, so I'll confiscate this corpse-modeling! We'll keep it on the mountaintop! I'll keep it on top of the mountain!
Your Highness, I'll wait for you at the finish line.

 And Sensei was grabbed and taken away by the dragon form Veerle, who grabbed him and took him away.
 Well, if the teacher was capable, he could have easily refused it, so in effect, he was ahead of the dungeon master's escort to the final point in the form of an escort.

'........the deepest part of the dungeon where the No-Life King and his dragons are waiting....
Would you like me to leave?

 I can only sense the despair in the words.

'I'm fine! It's okay! The corpse-models are spectators!'
"I'll be waiting for the saint to come to the end of the line!

 It was like broadcasting through the speakers and the voices of Veerle and the teacher came through.
 I don't know how it works, but they seem to be able to monitor and talk to you everywhere in the dungeon at all times.

 They really feel like an attraction.


 'I think it's too much,' said Prathi, calming me down.

'I think it's certainly too much to ask a teacher to help you attack, so this is fine, isn't it? Veerle's in a playful mood, so let's go out with him.

 That's right.
 Then let's all join forces and attack the dungeon in a straightforward manner without cheating.

''Gwahahahahahaha! Come on, you lowlifes! "Every last corpse in that hellish dungeon I came up with is yours to expose!


'Doesn't it mean that Veerle is going to cheat on you?
Well... the gamemasters are always desperate for that kind of help and...

 If they set up a game setting with no humanity or anything else, we can use foul play to break the balance without mercy, too.
 We were once again climbing up to the final point of the mountain dungeon, or in other words, the summit.

              * * * *

 It's a dungeon, but it's a mountain, so it's hard to be intuitive and confusing.
 Normally, a dungeon would be a long cave that goes underground. But when someone calls it a dungeon, even if it's outdoors, I'm confused. And that's a good thing.

 But in the games I played when I was in the previous world, there were a lot of dungeons that looked like "Mt.
 There was usually a flying dragon at the top of the mountain, and you'd ride it to the Demon King's castle or the next continent.

 The actual mountains have complex terrain and forests, so it's easy to get lost, and there's always someone missing at some point.
 Isn't this a labyrinth that is many times more difficult than a bad cave?

 We went through such a mountain dungeon for a while, but I didn't get the impression that it was much of a challenge.
 Viel said that he had put a lot of effort into remodeling the dungeon, but the inside of the dungeon and the monsters that attacked us didn't look any different than before.

 What part of this dungeon did he tamper with?

''Hmmm........What has changed from the previous dungeon? You're wondering, aren't you?'

 Just then, Veerle's broadcast began to echo.

'Don't worry, you're still at the first station.'
The first station?

 It seems that this is the first level in a cave dungeon.

The first stage is the same as it was before the modification, with the interior and the monsters that appear! You don't want Square Boa to be able to modify a dungeon and not be able to catch it!''

 You're right.
 That guy Veerle clearly remembered that the purpose of remodeling dungeons is to find new monsters to use as materials.
 New materials are important, but effective materials that are already in place are also important.

New! My dungeon is a five-area structure from the first station to the fifth station!

 It's not like a normal mountain that goes all the way to the tenth station.

'The first station is built exactly the same as the old one with no replacement, but from the second station, we're going to meet our master with new elements! Hurry up and get up there!''

 Veerle, I'm sure he's dying to show off the new construction part he worked so hard on as soon as possible.
 It's inevitable, let's do it as quickly as possible to live up to their expectations.

''Oh? Are you sure you want to go that fast? If you hurry, you might be walking into a trap.

 Let's take a break before we go.

Well, all right. Now, you may look at it respectfully! A new area created by combining the skills that this Grinzel Dragon's Veerle-sama has, the first of which is the first!

 Whoa, the trees break off from here and it gets light?

...in the spring area!