86-85 Harugame

This is the second station...?

 So, what's the second area?
 But there's nothing unusual about it.
 There is no change in the type of trees around us, and the climate is the same. There's no sign of a distant presence...
 ........slightly tense?

Saints I'd appreciate it if you would take care of yourself.

 is a mermaid lamprey who has been named in the dungeon attack group.
 He used to be a soldier in a castle or something like that, so he has high fighting power and I expect that he will be reliable in this event.

''This sign. There's definitely a powerful monster nearby.''

 I guess.
 Even I can actually feel it, so I'm sure something is out there.

 Finally, the real battle is about to begin, and everyone's spirits are tense.

 Once again, the dungeon attack team consists of me, Prati, the mermaid representative, Lamprey, and the demon representative, Verena. And an orc and a goblin were in each team.
 The leaders are Orcubo and Gob Kichi.

 This group formed a tight group and proceeded with caution in all directions.
 Then they immediately came out.

 Something came from the front.

 Something spinning at a high speed comes flying in at high speed!

What was that? That's dangerous!

 Is this fast-rotating object about the size of a human shield?
 The detailed shape was hard to discern because of the rotation, but it looked like a flat, circular shape.
 That's why it's a shape that rotates easily in an economic way.

Hello UFO!

 That's what I thought when I saw the flying object.
 An unidentified flying object.
 Well, it's probably not true.

 In addition, UFOs seem to be super hard. As it spun at high speed, the trees in its path were being knocked down one after another.

You won't be safe if you collide head-on with that thing!

 At least it doesn't look like you can manage a broken bone.
 That terrifying rotating object is coming towards you as if it has a mind of its own!
 And not just one! What, four or five of them?

 Does that thing clearly know who we are?

Everybody! Intercept!

 The one who moved first was the mermaid lamprey, known as the "Hellfire Witch".
 I'm going to take out a leather bag the size of a cue ball and pull out a pin that looks like a safety device....

 He threw it away!

 The leather bag explodes violently and bursts into flames at just the right moment, just as it is about to make contact with the approaching rotating object.


 I was rather surprised by the intensity of the explosive flame.
 That leather bag was filled with Lamp Eye's pride and joy: explosive potion.
 The heat of the flames may have scared off the rotating objects, but they slowed down and crash landed here and there.
 When the rotation was gone, I finally figured out what that thing was.

 It's a turtle.
 The turtle's shell was spinning at high speed, and it was flying like a UFO, attacking us!

"You see that? This is the highlight of the second station! Its name is Lotus!'

 Another Veerle broadcast echoed from somewhere.

''A tortoise-shaped monster, Lotus's shell is one of the hardest of all monsters! This is a guy who is good at using that trait to rush forward at breakneck speed!

 It's a good thing that he's so pleased with himself.

That hurts your confidence.......

 Lamp-Eye said with a grunt.
 He bit his lip, looking really frustrated.

'But stop spinning and it's ours. ........Orc Squad!

 I call out.

"Use your huge bodies to crawl on top of the turtle and hold it back! As long as we stop the movement, it's ours!

 Immediately carrying out my instructions, Okubo and the rest of the Orc squad fell on the fallen turtle's shell on the ground.
 I'm not going to be able to move anymore, now we can boil or roast it as we please...!

 ........and then something came out of a hole in the four corners of the shell.
 That's a hole in the structure of a creature called a turtle, where the limbs and head come out, right?
 When a turtle is in danger, it retracts its limbs and head into its shell to protect itself.
 That's the hole that those limbs come out of, right?

 But what came out of that hole wasn't a turtle's limbs.


 Long, thick tentacles with the texture of an earthworm crawled out of the hole in the carapace where the turtle's limbs were supposed to come out, all without a single one!

"That's disgusting!

 The tentacles are wrapped around the orkbo that is perched on top of its shell and are trying to pull it down!
 Watch out! Don't make me do it!
 Gobbler! Platy and Lamp Eye!
 Cover the Orcobos and cut off those tentacles! The shell may be hard, but those tentacles look soft and should be able to attack!

''Saint! It's hard!

 Lamprey, who was paying attention to his surroundings, said in a tight voice.

''It's a new move!''

 The Rotating Flying Tortoise Lotus was approaching with a sizzling, spinning sound.
 About six new ones!
 We're too busy with the first ones to deal with them!

I'll take care of the new ones! You all need to kill the first ones steadily!

 The evil holy sword Dry Schwartz that is unleashed.
 I feel like it's been a long time since I've treated it as a weapon.

 It's a holy sword whose roots were discovered in the recent commotion over the Demon King's marriage, but this guy seems to have hidden power to the extent of being able to annihilate the entire human race, depending on the case.

 Normally, it is said that by destroying all the holy swords of your own race and absorbing their power, you can release your full potential, but if you have the 'supreme bearer', you can do that by simply holding it in your hand.


 All the flying turtles were cut in half simply by sending their blades in line with the trajectory of the incoming new Lotus.


 People were surprised, but not awesome.
 It's all thanks to the power that Hephaistos gave us.

 The first one that came out also stopped moving when Okubo, Gobukichi and the others painstakingly cut off its tentacles, as if it had lost its life force with it.

 We successfully defeated the spinning flying turtle Lotus.
 We were able to clear the first barrier that Veerle had prepared for us.