88-87 Winter bear

Past this point, there's the next area.

 The fifth level.
 Based on the description of the first viel, this should be the last level.

 The area we've passed through so far. Since the first station is for general purpose low levels, and the second station has been named Spring, Summer, and Autumn, it's easy to imagine what kind of area the next five stations will be.


 It's going to be cold as hell.

Should we call it a night and go home?
'Well, I'm not prepared for the cold weather at all. Maybe we should at least wear thicker clothes and get ready for it.

 I heard that Prathi, who was deprived of his energy in the summer area, also left, and the hyricons who joined him in the summer area also said, "Are you going to a cold place? As soon as I guessed that I was going to be able to do that, my tail started to swoop.

'Okay, let's go home!
"Wait a minute!

 I had made a wise decision, and who am I to argue with that?

 But when I turned around, it was a silver-haired girl in a gorgeous dress.
 Veerle (human version). Why are you here?

'That's terrible, master! What kind of a concept is it that you're leaving without clearing all the dungeons I worked so hard to create? I want you to play it to the end!
What the hell are you doing here, if you don't know what you're doing?

 I thought you were supposed to be waiting for me at the end of this dungeon as the final boss.

I got bored waiting, so I decided to join you.
This guy....?

 Free to go anywhere...!

The monster waiting for you at the fifth station is a special quota! You'll be surprised when you see him! The monsters we've seen so far are nothing compared to him! Zaco!

 The wolves were waning and barking at Veerle.
 Is it a protest against being called a zakko? These guys don't recognize Veerle as a member of the pack.

'So, yeah! From now on, I'm going to join you in the dungeon and we're going to ride it out together! Let's trudge together to the summit where the Rathbos are waiting for us!
There's that rascal in front of me...!

 I don't have a choice.
 I'm going to have to go all out with Veerle.

 I'm also interested in the fifth station monster, who is confidently assuring me that he's a special case.


 Then we stepped into the fifth station.
 Winter area as expected.

 The monster that was waiting for us on the snow-covered mountain is....


 Isn't it a bear-shaped monster!

 It's not a group of the same species like the monsters that attacked us until now.
 It's only a single person.
 They are huge and strong-armed, and even though they are just one unit, they are much more intimidating than the other ones we've seen so far.

 When I stood up, it reached a height of three meters, and I felt as if I would be scared to look down at it and lose my balance.

 The wolves surrounded it from all sides, barking at it from all directions, trying to intimidate it, but to no avail.

'Get away from me! An ordinary man would go to the underworld just to be petted!

 Okubo and Gobukichi sent their men down to deal with the bear on their own.
 It's a good thing that they are two-step mutated, and even with the strength that an ordinary brave man can give a twist to, it's all they can do to surpass that bear opponent.

''........Veerle, what kind of monster did you create?''

 Unlike the ones that have come out before, this one is completely stumped.

'Really? I could put out the coals if I got a little worked up, couldn't I?

 The measure of the strongest creature was a messy outlier.

 It couldn't be helped.
 If Oakbo and the others got injured here, they wouldn't be able to play.

''Okubo, Gobukichi, take over.

 As soon as the two jumped away, a flash of the Evil Saint Sword was pulled out and released, running diagonally from the bottom to the top in an inverted manner.
 Along that flash, a diagonal line of wounds were made on the bear's body, and it fell down while spraying blood.

''Oh? Such a powerful enemy!
''With a single blow! That's my boy!

 The Orcobos praise you, but it's all the result of the Supreme Bearer and the Evil Sacred Sword, right?
 The swing of the holy sword that Hades created for the victory of the demon tribe was brought out to its maximum potential with the supreme bearer gift from Hephaistos, so even I was able to kill a powerful monster with a single blow.

 This was not my own achievement!
 Don't you dare lift me!

Not yet.....?
''Not yet, sir........?''

 The bear, which seemed to be able to strike a blow to kill, stood up and stared at me.

 But the wounds are so deep that they won't even be able to move satisfactorily.
 The rest could be left to the wolves to torture them to death safely.

 But that would be too cruel.

''My lord...?''
Are you going to put him out of his misery?

 As I approached the dying bear, I called out to another one.

Give me a pill.

 I'm sure everyone was confused by my request.
 I took the wound potion out of Prathi as I was told and applied it directly to the bear's wound.

"Master! What are you doing?
It's not good. I shouldn't have been able to kill him in one blow.

 I can't help but feel sorry for him when I see him suffering from these wounds.
 I made that wound myself, and while I've killed dozens of monsters for predation and defense, the hypocrisy is just as good as the hypocrisy, but I still couldn't be ruthless.

 Well, there it is.
 Even if I hunted a bear, I wouldn't know how to use its meat and fur. It's just that there's no point in hunting something that can't be used.

'The fur is so thick, it's hard to get the medicine into the wound. You'll feel better, but it's going to take some time.
It's better for you.

 If he instantly recovers fully and attacks again, we'll have to cut him down this time.

The fifth stage is now clear. Let's move on.

 We lead everyone in a daze and we move on.
 A bear looks off behind us with downcast eyes, unsure of what he's thinking.