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 As we passed the fifth station, the landscape around us changed again.
 It wasn't hot and it wasn't cold.
 And the view is good in all directions.
 The ground we were standing on was only a small area, with a sea of clouds stretching as far as the horizon.

''This is..., the end point?''
'Yes! We're at the top!

 The creator of the game, Veerle himself, says so, so there's no doubt about it.
 We've finally conquered the dungeon.

Ha, I'm so tired.

 Prathi and the other members of the team are also feeling tired.

''Saint Lord, you have done well to come here.''
Hey, Doc.

 I was able to meet up with the doctor who was boshed near the entrance.

'Well, when you're done, let's get the hell out of here. I need to wash up before dinner.'
I'm tired, too, after all these years.

 and Prati & Lamprey.
 Climbing a mountain is just exhausting, but the heat, cold and fighting monsters must have worn you out.

'We would like to sort out the monster material.

 And the Orcobos are diligent.
 That's how they all get in a good mood....

'What do you mean? Isn't there still one last battle left to be fought?

 And Veerle started to say something bloody.

'One last fight? What?
"If you say you've conquered a dungeon, you're going to have to defeat its master. In other words, this me!

 At that moment, the atmosphere at the top changed.
 With a caustic fighting spirit, a dragon with silver scales flew in from the sky.

 Isn't it a Veerle in dragon form!

''Oh, but there's a Veerle in human form over here too!

 There's a Veerle over there and a Veerle over here.
 Two Veils?

The one in dragon form has a body I shared with mine.
Hasn't he done that before...?
It's so diluted, it's only 1/100th as strong as the original. It's just right for the final stage of this event.

 Still, don't think you have enough power to decimate a city or two!
 Please don't make me do this again, we're all so exhausted!

 When I was puzzled as to what to do with it, its dragon form alter ego, Veerle, sprayed me with flaming breaths without a second thought!

 Is this really only one hundredth of what it is?

 If this was the case, they would all be extinguished in an instant, so I was on the verge of trying to cut down the flames with the Evil Saint Sword.
 Some huge shadow rushed towards the flames!

 And then a flash of claws, shattering the huge flames!

Is that...?

 Is that the bear monster we saved?

 He chased us here and saved us from dragon fire?


 The bear bravely barked at the dragon.
 It's a huge body that reaches three meters in length, but it's still about the size of a rat compared to the dragon.
 And yet.........!

 You're gonna fight him, aren't you?
 Don't tell me you're going to fight her to repay me for saving your life?


 The two giant beasts are staring at each other.
 However, the smaller one is at a huge disadvantage in terms of form.

 However, even if you are on the weaker side, the fierce beasts will not be intimidated.
 They do not let their pride in their strength cloud their ability to boldly stand up to it.
 And then.........

              * * * *

I got it.

 After a fierce battle, the fierce beast defeated the giant dragon.
 The altered body of Veerle, whose nucleus was destroyed, was unable to sustain itself and fizzled out, returning to pure mana.

''How could I win...!

 Even Sensei, the Immortal King, seemed to be surprised at the result.

''The altered bodies created with mana have a weakness that they can be easily defeated as long as the nucleus is destroyed, but even so, I didn't expect them to defeat Veerle, the Grinzel Dragon.......''
Sir, is that bear monster a very powerful species?
I don't understand.


I've never seen this kind of monster before. "If you don't recognize it, it's probably a new species. But even though you are an alter ego, you are still one of the strongest dragons ever to slay a dragon.

 To have a teacher who is the No Life King say that much.


 A bear came this way.
 He's wobbly from the fight, but he's got a good step to take.

 He came right in front of me and bowed.
 What are you doing?
 Are you saying thank you for saving my life?

Do you want to come with me?

 I tried to pat him on the head, but the bear quickly turned on his heel and walked off to wherever it was.
 Are you leaving?
 Where the hell are you going?

My Lord I see the same monster in you.

 Okubo says.

'He is a proud beast. He will not allow himself to be defeated by the military.
Is that so?
''It looks like you're going on a further solitary journey as a thank you for saving your life in the current battle. I will gain experience and become stronger and stronger, so that one day I can become the strongest man you can recognize...!

 You don't have to do that to admit it.
 But there was a solitary glow on the back of the departing giant bear that was hard to risk.

 There will come a time when I will see him again.
 Until then, be strong.

 Bear Monster.

 Bearmon for short.