90-89 Reflection Meeting

 That's how the experience of the new mountain dungeon modified by Veerle ended.

 I'd like to get a round of opinions from everyone who experienced it.

'I'm tired.'

 The first person to open up and say it is Prati.

''In the first place, the purpose of modifying the dungeon this time was to check if new monsters that could be useful materials could be generated in dungeons of increased difficulty, right?

 It's true.

And yet, it's exhausting just to walk around at such a ridiculously wide, or rather, swirling elevation. There's no time to be wandering around looking for useful monsters!
It's ridiculously hot and cold in some areas, and it's a lot of energy.

 Lamprey also seems to agree with Prati.
 Well, it's not very efficient to go hunting near the top of the mountain when there's an urgent need for a monster to be used for meat or fur.

 You might be asking yourself if you're not taking nature for granted when you talk like that.
 It's also a mystery from the stage of whether the dungeon is natural or not.

Even if you say that, a certain amount of space is necessary to generate an abundance of monsters. And the mana will be enriched, and the surrounding environment will have a lot to do with what kind of monsters are born!

 So you're saying that you've prepared for a wide range of monsters to be born in a variety of environments?

"The reason we divided the dungeon area into four plus one is because we wanted to create a completely different environment with a wide variety of monsters! There's actually quite a bit of difference between the spring area and the fall area in terms of humidity and such!

 Viel defends himself.

'So what's the actual use of the monsters you've caught?
I'll get back to you.

 Okubo speaks on behalf of the monster team.

We will start with the dozen or so square boas caught at the first station, but as always, we will take them apart after draining their blood, and cook them as needed to enjoy them.

 I'm sure those guys are familiar.

"Next stop, the first Lotus we've encountered in the second station.
That spinning turtle.
The meat inside the carapace has a strong odor and is not edible. However, the shell is hard and well-shaped, so we're trying to see if we can convert it into something else. Maybe a plate, a shield...!

 I see.
 It sounds like a shield in the shell.
 I'll have to participate in the prototype later.

"The third station........the hyrichaon we met in the summer area....... That's a problem that's beyond the effective use of the product.......!

 They followed me alive on their own.
 Those wolf-type monsters, with their canine animal instincts, looked up to me as their master and willingly accompanied me until I cleared the dungeon and willingly settled on this farm.

''How many of them were following us?''
'There are about eight of them. Now they seem to be circling the farm of their own volition and claiming their territory.

 Well, that's okay, isn't it?
 Our farm has grown quite a bit in recent years. Wolves that attack and eat rats and other animals that target our crops are frankly a beneficial animal.

 If you raise livestock, though, you have to be careful not to attack them.
 You have to be careful not to eat the Yoshamo.

I shall welcome the hilikahon as a new addition to our farm. Also, what about the Obake Mushrooms in the fall area?
It's that thing that spreads spores that drive people crazy. I can't eat it because it contains ingredients that aren't good for the human body.

 Prathi reports for me.
 It's true that those mushrooms were too creepy to eat or not to eat.

 But I still want to eat the mushrooms.
 I'm beginning to miss the crunchy texture of the mycelium. It would be nice to grow them in cooperation with Gala Rufa.
If you touch a tree that will become a nursery in the Bearer of Excellence, you might be able to grow shiitake or enoki mushrooms.

Lastly, we met Kumamon at the fifth station, but as expected, there is no sign of him remaining in the dungeon.
It's like a journey to the outside world. A journey of discipline. Someday I shall be strong enough to see you again...!

 That's okay.
 We'll see each other again.

 Well, let me give you my overall impressions of the film.

It's a bit too much of an attraction for me. It's inefficient for the purposes of acquiring new materials.

 Veerle sounded like she was about to cry.
 She must have been having fun while making it herself.
 I wonder how we, the people who will eventually conquer the dungeon, will react to this trick...? I must have had a lot of fun creating dungeons with a certain amount of excitement.

 I have a great deal of sympathy for the fun of creating such things, but the problem is that I was pulled away from the purpose of 'creating an efficient hunting ground' because of that fun.
 This needs to be corrected.

It was interesting to divide the dungeon into different areas and create different environments for each. There were a lot of new things that came to mind after seeing that.

 The first station is the normal area, the second station, spring. The third station, summer. The fourth station, autumn. The fifth station, winter.
 The only difference between them is the temperature, which is the most basic aspect of the environment.
 The average temperature throughout the year will probably change the crops we can produce.

I hadn't thought about it before, but...
Farming dungeons is one way to go.

 Some crops will be better suited to summer areas with warmer temperatures throughout the year, and some will be better suited to winter areas with cooler temperatures.
 We'll have to figure out exactly what we're going to grow.

'That means you've done well, Veal,'

 Then I patted Veerle's head.


 And Veerle laughed heartily.