91-90 Crisis creeping

 I am Verena.

 I'm a soldier in the prestigious Demon King's Army.
 Moreover, I'm the second in command to Master Astares, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

 In other words, I'm an elite.

 There aren't many people as young as I am who have been recognized for their talents and chosen to serve as the Deputy to the Four Heavenly Kings.
 I myself had a reasonable amount of confidence in my sword, magic, and tactical eye for helping Master Astares move his troops.

 I knew that one day I would leave the service of Master Astares and become an independent warlord, leading my own army to fight against the human armies.
 I was a young soldier who dreamed of that day. That was me, Verena.

 Then a sudden turn of events came.

 It all started with a strange order issued to Master Astares.

It was a strange order from Master Astares: 'Capture the mermaid princess.

 In retrospect, I would be remiss if I didn't think that such a strange order had some kind of strange smell.
 Because of that, I drove Master Astares into a corner.
 Even if I regret it, I can't regret it, but I never thought it would lead to such a result on the contrary.

 Master Astares, you married Demon King Zedan.

 How did that happen?

 The developments were so rapid that my brain couldn't keep up with the thoughts very well.
 Next to me, I was quite pissed off that my second-in-command, Batty, who was of the same rank as me, was accepting beyond thought that it could happen.

 Some time later, Astares-sama and His Majesty the Demon King, who had become husband and wife, were to return to the Demon Kingdom.

 However, I wasn't able to accompany them.

 It was because I was entrusted with managing the transition point to connect the place that triggered the turning point of everything, the farm run by Saint Kidan-sama.
 I didn't expect the transition magic I honed thinking it would be advantageous for my career to be avenged in this way...!
 It's true that Saint Kidan-sama's existence is so important that it can affect the fate of the Demon Race.
 It will be an essential part of the demon tribe's strategy from now on to maintain a strong connection with that person.

 If you are entrusting me with the physical aspect of it, this second in command, Verena, is the ultimate in honor.
 I will be the caretaker of the route between the Demon Kingdom and this farm, with my bones and bones ready to crush you!


 Her main job is to manage the transition points where only the Demon King knows the code.

 I'll explain again here, the transfer point is a kind of magic coordinates created by a completely different magic than transfer magic.
 By incorporating a complex coordinate code consisting of 176 digits into the chant, you can jump to the corresponding transition point.

 This is important because you can only visit places with transference points using transference magic.

 However, there are some caveats to those transition points...
 If the environment changes drastically due to accidents or weathering, there are cases where the transition points will disappear, so a caretaker is essential if you want to ensure that they are kept intact.

 The one who was entrusted with that role was me.

 It's an important job to connect the demons and the saints, but speaking of the job, I have to check the transfer point once a day.
 I check if it's functioning properly, and if it's cleaned and dusted, it's done immediately.

 To be honest, it's all done while I'm humming one song.

 That's all there is to it, it's a simple job.
 Once it's done, there's nothing to do for the day, so of course I'll help the saints with their farm work.
 I'll work in the fields, hunt, collect at sea, clean my room, I'll do anything.

 I'm alone and I'm not sure where to put myself, since Batty, who is my equal, found a job early on, just the guy who makes clothes.
 Still, it was still good when we first moved here.
 At that time, there were still few people to work for, and every department was in chronic need of help, so I was very useful as a ranger who flew around to help out.

 However, Saints-sama wasn't foolish enough to leave this shortage of manpower unattended for any length of time, so he immediately replenished the system by replenishing the personnel of the mermaid race and even monsters.

 The result.
 Finally, my work was running out.

 The field work was fulfilled by the expanded goblin team.
 The hunting and construction work was also fulfilled due to the expansion of the orc team.
 The work in the brewery has also been supplemented with new mermaids, which has made the work more and more specialized, and it's no longer a job I can touch as an outsider.

 This is where I start to get impatient.

 What's the point of me being on this farm?
 Isn't there anything we can do?

 I was sitting on the status of a jack-of-all-trades who could do everything in one way, and before I knew it, I'd fallen into dexterity poverty!
 If I don't, I'm going to end up unemployed with no role on this farm!

 Big trouble!
 Unemployment is not allowed by my elitist mindset, which has risen to the rank of Four Heavenly Deputy in the Demon King's Army!
 It's an identity crisis!

 My sense of crisis was extremely high the other day when I challenged the Master Veerle modification dungeon.

 Back then, I had joined the attack team as a representative of the demon race, but I couldn't play any role.
 The entire second half of the game, my existence was in the air.
 A lie.
 I was in the air pretty early in the first half!
 The saint-sama hardly called my name, and the others didn't even notice my presence!

 It's pretty seriously bad.
 I was also a soldier who served in the Demon King's army, so I was reasonably confident in fighting monsters, but that's where the air is!

 If this continues, I'm going to completely roll over as just an unemployed bastard.
 That's just bad!
 We have to do something about it ASAP!

              * * * *

Is that why you came to me?

 Like me, Batty, who was Master Astares' second in command, is now an indispensable figure in the farm's wardrobe.
 The saint has given him his own dressing room, and he has permission to use it freely.
 It's a far cry from me, who is on the verge of falling into unemployment.
 We started at the same place, so how could it be so different?

"...I'm just so f*cking busy ordering more work clothes because of the sudden increase in the number of people, and the amount of insane amounts of work clothes I have to order.

 So long! I'll help you with that!
 We've worked hard together under Master Astares, not us!
 The duo reunited here!

No. You're so clumsy. You're so clumsy.

 That's true.........
 You don't have to say it so clearly...!

'It wouldn't be twice as bad if the stitches were so rough that I had to re-sew them. I know after all these years of working together that you're not cut out for this job.

 This buddy.
 He is whispering with a murderous workload, or he is completely unforgiving in his words.

 Then what am I supposed to do!
 I don't want to be unemployed!
 I don't want to be unemployed!
 I'm the one who led the elite way in the Demon Lord's army, so my pride won't let me!

"It's so bothersome to be an elite...!

 Don't give me that look of abandonment for your comrades in arms, Batty!
 I beg you to help me in my time of need!

Then why don't you just ask the Witch King and Master Astares to relieve you of your duties? So I'm going back to the Demon King's Army.

 But what about managing the transition point?

I'll clean it and check for abnormalities, that's all I can do. If there's a serious breakdown, we can consult with the doctor or Master Veerle.

 I can throw whatever it takes to those two ultimate beings!
 You can't just take away my last meaning!

 We will not throw away our beloved Astareth's job!

Well, why don't you just enjoy being the saint's night owl? You've got a nice face and small tits.

 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, what are you talking about?
 My pride is not going to allow me to use gimmicks to get a better position without relying on my own strength!

"..................... ........it's a pain in the ass.

 Did you just call me a pain in the ass?
 Didn't you just say you're a f*cking pain in the ass?

Yeah, I know. Isn't our saint trying to start something new?

 Don't change the subject!
 You're saying this is a hassle for a partner who has worked so hard for so many years...!

 What's new?

You recently completed a large kiln that you've been working on for a long time. Saints, it looks like they're going to use it to do something new.

 What's new?

I don't know that much about it. How could I, an ordinary person, possibly know what's going on in the mind of a saint?


But won't you give me a new job if I get involved early? Why don't you go and ask the saint now?

 That's a lot of information!
 Thanks, Batty! That's my heart, my friend!
 I'm looking for a new job, and now I'm going to go to the saint!

'If I consulted the saint in the first place, I'm sure he'd turn in some work for me if I consulted him in the first place.

 My partner's voice no longer reached me as I ran away.